Wednesday, January 30, 2008


You would NEVER know by looking at the papers (Post and Courier, Charleston, SC, the front page of AOL, the front page of, or, that Hillary won Florida, and won is BIG!! There is one little (offensive) tagline on that Hillary was "trumpeting her win in Florida, even though there were no delegates at stake". EXCUSE ME??? If this had been Edwards, and ESPECIALLY if it had been OBAMA, he would have been on the front page, they would be talking about him endlessly, claiming his LANDSLIDE victory was the result of Ted Kennedy's endorsement, and on and on and on. Hillary? Nothing.

Now John Edwards is pulling out of the race. I am going to be REALLY angry if he gives his delegates to Obama. Obama has everyone else in his hip pocket already, it would seem - he sure doesn't need any MORE support!

How many times, how many ways, can I say I am SICK AND TIRED of the way the media treats her?? Do not tell me there isn't some MAJOR sexism going on here, too. It isn't ALL about her being a Clinton. (The whole issue with Chris Matthews bears that out.)



Dr. Bookwoman said...

Hey Reverend Amy, I enjoyed reading all your posts. I think Keith Olberman should connect with you. Your thoughts are clear, articulate, on target...

There has been little positive press for Clinton--she's Mrs. Bill and she's Mrs. are two reasons I think.

The front page of our daily paper screams "Florida's Winner-Take All: McCain. Romney a close second; Guiliani is third and out of gas. (I suppose there are things to be grateful for.) Good bye to Rudy got top billing over the Clinton win in the sidebar. The inside politics page with the headline "Clinton 'Wins' Florida" startst to talk about Clinton on the second column, second paragraph down! The article I thought was going to be about her was 3 paragraphs about her and 13 about Romney, Obama, and McCain! Then, McCain has his own separate article about himself below the other. To even find news about Clinton, on the blog, I had to drill, but here's the link:

Anyway, I am glad you've started a blog.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, Dr. Bookwoman!

Thank you so much! I am AMAZED you have already found this blog. Wow!

I know - I just cannot believe the lack of coverage Clinton is getting. Frankly, I don't know how the woman does it. She is so upbeat and enthusiastic in person, even when dealing with all of this crapola. It is simply unacceptable that a candidate of her stature is being reduced to a couple of paragraphs in HER OWN STORY!!! Sheesh!

I have to say, one thing that gives me some hope from looking at comments being made at places like the NY Times and Media Matters, is that MANY pepple are fed up with this obsessive Obama love fest. My question is: What has he done for you lately?!?!

Sherry said...

Hi Rev. Amy,

Thanks for your kind words on Sen. Edwards. He was my guy and I'm saddened beyond words that he's made the difficult decision to leave the race. He and Elizabeth are truly special people and I hope their voices will continue to be heard. I am leaning towards supporting Sen. Clinton now that JRE is no longer in the race. I hope by the time the primaries are over that I can be as whole-heartedly supportive as you are, but I need to know that she will continue to press for the progressive agenda JRE brought to the contest - single-payer health care, helping the poor and protecting the environment.

Congrats on taking a step into the big blogosphere. It can be scary out here. You may want to check out the community at DailyKos. Democrats of all stripes visit daily to debate, kibbutz, call to action and generally enjoy a sense of community. Your voice would be welcomed there.