Thursday, January 31, 2008

Letter of Support...

To Senator Clinton as she prepares for tonight's debate:

Dear Senator Clinton:

Congratulations on your outstanding victory in Florida! Despite every attempt by the so-called journalists and pundits to diminish your victory, the voters of Florida have spoken loud and clear. You worked for it, you deserved it, and you will be victorious again!

In anticipation of tonight's debate with your opponent, I would like to offer the following thought, presented by a colleague of mine in a sermon: Just because someone tosses you a hot rock does not mean you have to catch it.

You and I know that Obama will continue his ad hominem attacks upon you. I urge you to let them hang in the air, saying more about HIM than you. When he attacks your POLICIES, by all means, stand firm, and stand up for yourself. But make it clear tha OBAMA, with his spoken attacks, and his mailers full of blatant lies, is playing dirty. In other words, Obama is NO JFK. He violated the FLorida campaign pledge, and he has violated the pledge to keep this campaign a positive one. YOU, however, have continued to abide by the rules. Thank you.

I would also like to thank you for your VERY classy response to John Edwards. I can definitely see him having a place in your administration. I hope you can, too.

Good luck tonight!! Your supporters are with you!

The Rev. Amy

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