Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Let Me Get This Straight...

Obama signs a pledge to not campaign in Florida, then has radio and tv ads air there. Obama signs a pledge to run a positive campaign, and continues to include ad hominem attacks on Clinton. There is an article right now about him calling Clinton divisive, and mocking a line from her standard rally speech. Add this to his SOTU snub, the attacks in the last debate, the two NEGATIVE responses after she beat him in NH and FL (because you know - if she wins, then the Clinton Machine must have done SOMETHING to steal the vote. If HE wins, it is because the people are speaking. Grrr.), along with his patronizing comments to her, and it paints a pretty negative picture to me. He continues to break campaign promises, but is NOT being held accountable (I tell ya - they will ream CLINTON for sending him a memo about breaking the "positive campaign pledge," and totally excuse his behavior).

I am so sick of hearing crap from him. The two rallies I have personally attended, as well as the one I just watched on, I ASSURE you, not one time did Clinton EVER make a negative remark about Obama. She talks about the ISSUES: health care, interest rate caps, bringing people out of poverty (yes, even before her commitment to Edwards to do so), making sure that veterans and their families have the services they need after returning from war, etc., etc. Nary an attack on Obama.

Since Obama is all talk and no action, I guess it makes sense that he has to turn to attacking Clinton instead of talking about the issues. And, with the media's lack of true journalism, he knows he can get away with it.

I still don't get it - why are these young people and progressives so enamored of him?? Is it because NO ONE in the media is talking about his relationship to Lieberman? Because they didn't really want to believe what he said about Reagan so they twisted around what he said so they wouldn't have to really accept what he said? I don't get it. Someone explain it to me, and not in an Anti-Clinton kind of way. Please!

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