Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I have been having fits over the incredibly biased reporting on MSNBC. Just now, for example, one of the panel discussing the Floriday primary argued that Obama's numbers were down among white voters because he wasn't allowed to campaign there. NEWSFLASH!!! He DID have tv and radio ads there, in direct violation of the no-campaign pledge among the Democrats. And, NO ONE ELSE campaigned there! Clinton SMOKED him down there, plain and simple. JUST ADMIT IT!! YOu were GLEEFUL over her losing to him in SC, and he is losing MUCH bigger to her in FL. It was NO Contest! Sheesh!

Prior to that, Keith Olbermann was interviewing Sen. Clinton after her win tonight. He could not even make himself say that she was beating Obama by a LOT. And, he read to her a statement on air he had just received from the Obama campaign in which he said that Clinton had said Florida didn't even count, and now she was acting like it was a big deal. It was quite petulant and childish, I thought. He is a SORE loser. Never mind that this is the SAME network that falsely accused Clinton of not congratulating Obama by phone when he won SC, even though they announced on their own network that she had CALLED him. Yet, he sends this, and they say NOTHING abt his not congratulating HER! Grrrrr.

So, below, a letter sent to Tim Russert a little while ago after catching some of his "analysis":

Dear Mr. Russert:I caught two different comments you made tonight in regard to the Democratic primary in Florida. First, you said that many of the voters of Florida were making their choice today, and were going to go for Barack Obama. The NY Times (online) tonight
paints a different picture:

Decided whom to support Clinton Obama Edwards
10% Today 35 27 31
7% Within three days of primary 40 45 14
6% In the last week 31 38 28
15% In the last month 42 46 12
31% Before that 64 25 9
31% Voted absentee 49 29 17

The next time I heard you speak, you said that the Democrats made a pledge, and it was a "pledge of character," and they needed to uphold that, and not award any delegates. Barack Obama had ALREADY broken that pledge by running tv and radio ads in Florida.So, in the two times I actually heard you speak, you were right not once.

As for the pledge, perhaps you are unaware that it is not unheard of for states to have their primaries without the sanction of the DNC, and then appeal to the DNC for their delegates to be seated. Once the committee is assembled, those states are being encouraged to do just that.

I, for one, as an American, count the right to vote to be one of our greatest assets. I do not want ONE of my fellow citizens to be disenfranchised from the democratic process, much less two STATES! If the RNC is willing to compromise and award at least half of their delegates, the DNC should be willing to do at least as much.

I have to say, I am shocked by your blatant bias toward Barack Obama, as well as MSNBC's in general. I was under the apparently false impression that journalists were to remain neutral. Yet you and your fellow commentators have been anything but. Clinton's SIZABLE win over Obama could not even be acknowledged as such. Clinton wins, and wins BIG, and she gets a couple of minutes of air time. Meanwhile HOURS have been spent on your network hashing and rehashing Ted Kennedy's endorsement of Obama. Here's a little newsflash for you - Robert Kennedy's children ALL endorsed Clinton. Just so you know. Perhaps one of you could work that into your "analysis."

I would ask that you try to be more unbiased in the future, but I fear it is a waste of my time.

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