Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I DO Know How To Quit You...

Stephanie Miller! Let me say - again - that I have been a HUGE supporter of Stephanie Miller, have listened to her FAITHFULLY. She is a major Obama supporter, and her shows have essentially become one long advertisement for him. It has become intolerable, especially after her response to the caller below, and her essnetially saying that Hillary neds to play by the rules of the Pledge, EVEN THOUGH OBAMA ALREADY VIOLATED IT!!! (And again, in case anyone is wondering, it is SOP for the DNC to organize a committee to hear appeals about the designation of delegates. As I said last night, I do not want ONE of my fellow citizens to be disenfranchised of their vote, much less two whole states' worth. But, since Obama LOST SO BADLY to Hillary, the Obama supporters are trashing Hillary for wanting to reinstate the delegates from MI and FL. Had Obama WON, you bet your LIFE that Stephanie would be demanding, along with ALL the other Obama people, that the DNC give out those delegates! So freakin' hypocritical.) Anywho - this is what happened:

But just now, this morning, an Edwards supporter called and said that he had YET for an Obama supporter to tell him just what CHANGE Obama was going to bring, that he ALWAYS talks in generalities, and no one can answer his question. He went on to say that Obama stumped for LIEBERMAN, that wolf in sheep's clothing, in CT in 2006 (and Obama has said Lieberman is his mentor. Lieberman is, for all intents and purposes, a Republican war hawk.). HE STUMPED FOR LIEBERMAN AGAINST THE ANTI-WAR DEMOCRAT, NED LAMONT!!!!! Obama, the one who keeps claiming he was against the war from the beginning (even though he voted for funding ever since he was in the Senate).

Stephanie's response? "Are you saying Hillary is any less right-wing than Obama?" Note, she did NOT ANSWER THE GUY'S QUESTION, and immediately turned it into an attack on Hillary. So, Stephanie, I do know how to quit you - I turned you off. Sad day for me, but I am sick and tired of the constant cheerleading and dismissal of the REAL issues surrounding Obama.

HOW is it that Obama is appealing to all of these young progressives?? Because NO ONE IS LOOKING AT HIS RECORD AND ACTIONS!!

After last night, when Obama could not even muster a cursory "Congrats, Hillary" after her LANDSLIDE Florida win, and his BLATANT snub of her at the SOTU addres, I am having serious thoughts about if I can even vote for this man. He cannot show his Democratic opponent the least bit of civility. Sure makes one wonder how he'll deal with people like, I dunno, say, Kim Jong Il?!?!?!?

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