Thursday, January 31, 2008

Letter to Olbermann

I wrote this in response to the 1/30/08 broadcast of Countdown:

Could you POSSIBLY be LESS objective about Clinton and Obama?? A "self-declared victory" in Florida??? A RECORD number of Democrats turned out, and she won by a LANDSLIDE, not that you and your MSNBC cronies could EVER acknoweldge that! It was a HUGE victory, and NOT self-declared. The VOTERS declared it, Mr. Olbermann, NOT Senator Clinton. That is blatantly dismissive of her and her campaign. Sadly, what I have come to expect from MSNBC during this election.

WHY do you think John Edwards should endose Obama? Unlike Obama, Clinton did not just drop poverty into her speech like Obama did yesterday. She has been talking about poverty, about our troops, about services for our veterans and their families, for QUITE some time now. See, if you ever COVERED her rallies, you would KNOW she has been saying this for MONTHS. Her message is MUCH closer to Edwards in that she contains CONCRETE solutions!

By the way, nice that you didn't bother to mention the nasty flyers being distributed bu the Obama campaign in CT, filled with blatantly FALSE information regarding Clinton and her record when you discussed his improved poll numbers there. Or that maybe his numbers are high there because he stumped for LIEBERMAN, the foremer Democrat and Obama's mentor, against the ANTI-WAR Ned Lamont! But, hey - maybe if you started mentioning the attacks by Obama in his rallies, his very close connection to Lieberman, the snubs Obama has made toward Clinton, and the lack of actual CONTENT in his rally speeches, this would be an actual contest. Instead, it is the very clear annointment by you and many others at your network of someone who has not been the LEAST bit vetted by the media, which, by the way, IS YOUR JOB!!!!!! Not telling US for whom we should vote!!!!

When you could not even get out of your mouth that Clinton SMOKED Obama in Florida Tuesday night, I knew you had lost all objectivity. I guarantee you, if OBAMA had won, you would have been touting the Kennedy endorsement, the SC primary, etc., etc. How sad - not just for you, but for those of us who actually thought of you as a real journalist who could contain his own bias.

On the verge of being a former loyal viewer,
The Rev. Amy

IF anyone else wants to write, his email address is:

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Suzy said...

Couldn't agree more ... here is my letter to him:

Dear Mr. Olbermann,

Or should I call you Mr.-All-Obama-All-the-Time?? As cute as your man-crush on Obama may be, it would be helpful if you were to actually cover BOTH candidates in the Democratic race. And no, mentions of Clinton’s name via discussion of Obama’s attacks on her do not count! I just finished watching your show from Jan. 30th, and I was appalled at the disparity in the amount of coverage, both verbal and visual.

Go back and watch last night’s show, and then put yourself into one of the spots in your worst persons in the world segment. You deserve it.

And please, for the love of all that is, or SHOULD BE, democratic about our election process, try to play journalist instead of cheerleader in your future coverage. I have been an avid viewer and have counted on you for truth-in-coverage, and it seems all I am seeing lately is spin.

You have been sucked into the Obama vortex sir, WAKE UP!

And as a last point, please do not refer to Sen. Clinton as the “self-declared” or “self-appointed” winner of Florida. It is an insult to every voter who exercised their right to express their choice for the next President of our country. And to the argument that many of the votes were cast early and therefore should somehow carry less weight, perhaps you could touch on the fact that people who vote early tend to be firm in their choice of a candidate and have no problems committing to them. There may have been no delegates awarded, but over 1.5 million votes were cast, and there was indeed a clear and decisive winner in the contest. Report THAT tonight.