Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Debate Is Over...

And yes, I think Clinton won. Obama was much more cordial this time, but he still got in some jabs. Fortunately, Wolf Blitzer surprised the crap out of me and even called him on it. Clinton brought down the house though in response to a Politico question. This woman said that in her adult voting life, she had the choice of a Clinton or a Bush. Clinton said that it took a Clinton to clean up after the first Bush, and it might take another Clinton to clean up after this Bush. The auditorium ERUPTED in laughter, and was te biggest applause moment of the night. It was pretty funny!

Of course, the pundits are all touting that Obama's big separation point from her is the Iraq War, continuing to ignore, as even Clinton pointed out tonight, that their policies have been the SAME since he got into the Senate.

And, she scored BIG points on the issue of Immigration. Specifically, Obama was tlaking about all of the work he and Sens. Kennedy and Durbin have done on Immigration together since he got in, clearly throwing out the Kennedy endorsement. Clinton responded that she had an Immigration Bill before the Senate in 2004 before Obama was even IN the Senate. So, that went pretty well for HER!

In terms of the Immigration Issue, I think both have landed at John Edwards' idea about how to deal with the undocumented workers in the country, and that is to GET them documented, FINE them for breaking the law, and put them on the path to citizenship (Obama NOW favors giving them driver's licenses, but he even wiggled around on that after Clinton spoke about HER plan. He then brought up her saying she would consider it before to which she responded that she wanted to support the NY governor, who was considering it, but she thought it was a bad idea. She reminded him that he had previously opposed it, so...In other words, people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, and they SURE shouldn't throw the FIRST one!! Ahem.).

And speaking of endorsements - again, at least on CNN, they mentioned the Ted/Caroline endorsements, but NOT the other half of the Kennedy Clan. Fortunately, Clinton mentioned it, and got a lot of applause on that, as well.

Overall, it was certainly less contentious, and once again, when Clinton actually gets to talk without being interrupted, she does pretty darn well!

Of course, now I made the mistake of switching to Countdown - goddess only knows why. They will take ANY opportunity over there on MSNBC to hammer away on something that happened a long time ago, when they keep claiming they like Obama because he is forward looking! Gee willikers, people!! LET IT GO!! She said she made a decision based on certain criteria at the time, and she had NO idea that Bush would go to war as the FIRST resort rather than the LAST resort, as most people did not...(And I wasn't happy with her decision at the time EITHER, but she has since acknowledged why, and what the problems were, and realized that things need to change NOW! She wants to pull the troops, and over 100,000 civilians there, beginning 60 days after she gets in, and hopefully, full withdrawal in a year. Obama says 16 months. So - she's got the plan to get it done sooner - sure would be nice if they focused on THAT!!!

Okey dokey - I reckon that's it. I thought she did a great job, she did not get distracted by his attacks, and focused on her policies. Couldn't ask for more!!

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