Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Thoughts on Hillary and Barack

This is taken from an email I sent to my cousin 1/28/08:

Abt Hillary - sigh. I tell you, I am so, so sick of the media pouncing all over her. They have been saying all KINDS of crap abt her, AND Bill, over the SC vote. I'm sick and tired of Clinton having to fight the candidates on BOTH sides, and the media. (By the way, what did Bill say that was so wrong about Obama? He DOES have the same voting record on Iraq as Clinton! Not that anyone seems to care...) I used to like Obama more, but after the snide comments, and unprovoked attacks on Clinton, not so much. And it would sure be nice if he was vetted BEFORE becoming the nominee, should he do so, rather than AFTER when it is too late to change anything. Have we learned NOTHING from Bush's candidacy and the media's poor job? I am glad he brings hope to people and all that, but given the mess this country is in from Bush and his minions, I, personally, want someone who has concrete plans to FIX it!

Take a look at Media Matters and see the crap Clinton is having to deal with, and that's not even from Fox Noise!!! What really gets me, though, is that everyone is saying, "well, the right wing has it in for her, so we shouldn't pick her!" Since WHEN do we allow the Right-Wing of the Republican Party pick OUR candidate?!?! And why SHOULD we?!?! Grrrrrr.

Oh - and WHY was it so bad for Bob Johnson to make a slight, passing comment abt Obama's drug use?? Everyone talks abt Bush's drug/alcohol use, and Bill's, "I didn't inhale" thing, but for some reason Obama is COMPLETELY untouchable even though he has admitted it!. What is really getting me is that people are depicted as racist if they don't want him, and they are quick to say it isn't abt color, but it sure was HERE in SC - he got 80% of the black vote, and 25% of the white vote. Yet, when Clinton wins NH, the women's vote is completely dismissed, as though we shouldn't even be voting! It is making me crazy.

(I might add here that to NOT question someone because of their race IS racist. It is not treating them the same as anyone else. Why SHOULDN'T Obama be held accountable for his record?? Everyone else is! He can get angry when challenged about it, or start trying to revise what he said, but he STILL should be questioned on it! Like him allegedly being a progressive when he said Joe Lieberman was his mentor? Lieberman?? He isn't even a Democrat anymore, and he is Obama's mentor? Wanna take another look at Obama's remarks about Reagan and the Republican Party of Ideas now?!?!)

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