Friday, August 22, 2008

"We WIll Not Be Silenced"

I have just watched a very disturbing video. It is a preview, actually, of a documentary coming out about caucus fraud. I am practically speechless. I knew it was bad, thanks to the work of people like Dr. Lynette Long and Peniel Cronin, but to hear and see these people, to listen to their stories, is mind-blowing. There is no doubt that this election was stolen, since Obama's primary source of delegates was from caucus states (and VERY interesting information on Gary, Indiana, too. As many of us suspected, a city and mayor known for voting irregularities did not fail this time, either. There was a reason why they did not report until very late, and it had NOTHING to do with absentee ballots.). It is downright shocking that this is going on in the United States of America, and by the DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

Here is the link to the organization. The documentary preview is about 30 minutes long, but it is riveting. Tell everyone you know about this. We cannot allow this to happen in our country. We cannot.

We Will Not Be Silenced, click on the Preview button on the upper right hand side.


Anonymous said...

It is true; this video is extremely disturbing. I sent it to some people in my local UU church.

The entire election process over the last 10-12 years has been very disturbing.

How can it be fixed?

I do not think putting John McCain in office is going to do that. I don't know if this is "worse" than frauded elections, but I won't vote for McCain because of the question of war. He's a major hawk (but I will give him this - he's honest about his hawkishness).

I seriously believe we could face nuclear war against Russia if he's in office, and that scares the dog crap out of me.

I was talking to my honey Joe the other day, and he still thinks better to get a huge wave of people to push even someone as dishonest as Obama through, if only to completely stop the Republican juggernaut for the time being. We need them out of Congress, out of the Senate, and out of the Oval Office. The housecleaning must commence. That housecleaning, getting all those old bastards out and putting new bastards in, would be priority 1.

Beyond that hurdle, then we can look to fixing this broken system somehow.

I am sure you hate the very idea of doing that, but sometimes things get really down and dirty, dirty, dirty...and only after they get to that ridiculous point can they be fixed.

It's like the draft. Joe, as an Army veteran, says, "Yeah! Bring it on! Especially if we go to war against Russia! And make sure that every able bodied American between age 18-30, male or female, MUST sign up for combat duty only! NO exemptions of any kind. NO alternative service of any kind. You go and you get on the front lines. Period."

Because that is the only way things will get so bad that everyone will start pulling in the same direction to change it - no matter how wealthy they are or are not, no matter what race or religion they are, etc etc. Send the sons and daughters of these cocksuckers over there to serve as bullet-stoppers, as USMC or Army only.

Once their kids are at risk, you'll see all talk of war come to a screaming halt inside of a week.

Daaaayum, I wish Dennis hadn't been forced out of the race! "Strength through peace" was his motto.


Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry about the swearing, but I do get so angry about politicians expecting everyone else's kids to serve and possibly come back dead, whereas their own kids stay safe at home and they risk nothing.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, Tracie -

Thanks for coming by! I do enjoy reading your comments...

Frankly, I don't want McCain, either, but I do think he is a more honorable and trustworthy man than Obamarosa could EVER be. Yestreday, I read a piece his wife did as an Op-Ed at the Wall St. Jounral. I have to confess, I was impressed by her. Kinda like how the main reason I liked John Edwards was because of Elizabeth. Apparently, Cindy McCain has done a lot of work in Rwanda, and has an organization that sends medical doctors to war-torn countries. And her piece yesterday emphasized that if we want to help countries get back on their feet, we need to focus on the WOMEN, because they are the backbone. Who knew?!?!

TO Joe's point, hell to the yeah, I agree. Instate the draft. It would be a HELLUVA lot better than what tey are doing now, which is allowing in very suspect people so they can fill their quotas.

I dunno, Tracie - this has been a difficult season. I hate for anyone to be rewarded for cheating their way into the nomination. (And with Biden by his side, we have not one, but TWO plagarizers! Whoopee!!) It's like making someone valedictorian when they cheated off of the saluditorian to get there. Onl;y in this case, a number of people, including elderly people and many women, were verbally abused and threatened. A number of people have been harrassed by Obama people. Then add in the whole caucus thing, and it just makes me ill.

See, I just cannot believe, cannot BELIEVE, that this is the Democratic Party. It is acting more like the RNC all the time. With absolutely NO remorse. You have Nancy Pelosi swooning that "God has given us this great leader," while Obama says, "this is the moment that the rise of the oceans slows..." I mean, c'mon - if that was a REPUBLICAN, we would be screaming our HEADS off abt how delusional they were, and what crazy religious nuts they were. And now we are supposed to be okay with it?? Add to that all of the backtracking Obama has done along with a call to return to the Foreign Policy of Bush I, and I just do not think we can count on him to not throw ALL Of us under the bus, you know?

It's a quandary, I'll grant ya. There is still time for the SDs to come to their senses, right??

Oh, and I honestly do not know why Dennis Kucinich is treated with such callous disregard. You would THINK that progressives would FLOCK to him, but no - they just laugh at him while agreeing with all of his policy stances. I don't get it. He is also a man of his word, and I have a lot of respect for him.

Btw, I went to see your profile, and just cracked up. We like SO many of the same things! Like CLANNAD!!! How awesome that you like them! Are you a Corrs fan, too?