Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Seems Like Business As Usual...

For Obama, that is. Larry Johnson has a great piece at No Quarter entitled, "The Obama Messiah Is A Whiner. The title gives it away a bit - it is about Obama's new claim that McCain "cheated" during the Saddleback Church Forum on Saturday night on 8/16/08. Yes, he is claiming McCain cheated, and THAT is why Obama bombed in comparison. It has nothing whatsoever to do with his prevaricating on every single question asked of him, even going so far as to make shit - uh, I mean, stuff up (the guy was NOT in the Senate when the Resolution which led to Bush declaring war came to a vote no matter HOW he wants to spin that one as a "gut wrenching decision. Uh, yeah, Obama - just keep telling yourself you have been in the US Senate longer than you have, sure, go on ahead, that is just peachy keen. No, really - go right ahead. No one will notice that you were not really there for that vote. Yikes. Scary.). Oh, wait - not every single question - there was at least one when you showed your truly narcissistic, superficial side. Wanna guess which one? That's right - about his moral failure was in drinking and doing drugs as a teenager (a TEENAGER - nothing since then!!! Wow, he really IS Obush!!), a direct result of his mother being a poor sharecropper who didn't have a row to hoe----oh, wait - that's not the right meme. No, his mother was a poor, single mother with no resources whatsoever who reared him all by her lonesome living hand to mouth his entire life until he somehow, someway, through his own sheer grit and determination, got into an Ivy League University. The rest, as they say, is history. Hey, wait - he prevaricated there, TOO!! A twofer! Woohoo! In this case, I think it is safe to call that a fairy tale. But never mind - all politicians embellish just a little right? RIGHT? That's all it was, not flat-out lying!!! Oh, sure. Ahem.

Let us put to rest the Obama (false) charge that McCain cheated, and heard Obama's "conversation" with Rev. Rick Warren. Warren HIMSELF said McCain was sequestered away, and could not hear anything. Freakin' enough on that crapola, Andrea (Mitchell, NBC shill for Obama - see link at "cheated" above). Unless Obama has a teleprompter in front of him with a speech written by his 20-something white speechwriter (I am not kidding - CHECK it out for yourself), he does not know WHAT he thinks or for what he stands. Whatever YOU are for, so is he, until the next person comes along and supports the exact opposite. And that is McCain's fault HOW, exactly?? Because he actually DOES know what he thinks and for what he stands (and no, this is NOT an endorsement of McCain - just making a point here)? Yeah, what a JERK!!! No WONDER Obama did so poorly! Harrumph!!

Never mind that in this Forum, ONCE AGAIN, Obama was throwing people under the bus (fleet) left and right. How about the issue of when a fetus is viable? Obama passed on that one in a heartbeat, with his "that's above my pay grade" comment. Because there is no WAY he could have anticipated THAT question coming from a minister. In his church. In a "forum" designed to question the candidates. Heckfire, who could have seen THAT question coming???? NARAL? Planned Parenthood?? Got anything to say NOW???

Or how about throwing gay marriage under the bus - again. I mean, really - in a state that sanctions gay marriage, on the same evening that two of America's most famous lesbians are getting married, he denigrates it, but magnanimously suggests he would be willing to extend civil rights to us. Why thank ya so MUCH, Senator Obama, but they are not YOURS to CONFER (read a whole bunch of expletives right about there).

Oh, but wait - Obama does have SOMEONE who thinks that he did a SWELL job at this event on Sat. night. Yes, Sally Quinn of the Washington Post, in her piece, "Worlds Apart," essentially claimed that while she wants to live in McCain's world, that she thought Obama did a good job. And it wasn't a debate, dammit! She actually said, "There was not a winner or a loser." Um, yeah, Sally, there really was. And it was McCain. The one who reminded you of your father in your recurring dream of him flying in with a winged horse's body to save you from an earthquake (I am NOT making this up, people - I swear, she really SAID this! Click on the link - you'll see!!!!). He was the winner because he was able to talk coherently, succinctly, and knowledgeably. Obama? Not so much. And so what did he do? Attacked McCain as soon as it was over. Gee - who could have seen THAT coming??

Well I can tell you someone who could have seen all of this coming, the attack on McCain as soon as the cameras were off of their big hug. Oh, yes - the person who has seen him for who he is - the sorest loser on the face of the planet. Hell, I have seen athletes in the Olympics who have trained for years and years and YEARS handle defeat with a TON more grace than Obama can even imagine. Yes, that would be Hilary Clinton. Here she is speaking to her supporters after a debate in which she, once again, schooled Obama:

Yes, no doubt she could have warned McCain, as this article shows, Clinton: Obama Going Negative After Bad Debate:
Her explanation for Obama’s recent negativity? A poor performance in last week’s debate. “It’s no wonder that my opponent has been so negative these last few days of the campaign. Because I think you saw a big difference between us,” she said. “It’s really a choice of leadership: I’m offering leadership you can count on. You know where I stand.”

Well, there is no doubt about that. She said what she meant, and meant what she said:
“While my opponent says one thing and his campaign does another, you can count on me to tell you where I stand, and you can count on me to tell you very specifically the solutions that I offer for America,” she said.

While the final quote has to do with a Clinton ad that was about to come out, I think the content sums up the issues surrounding Obama PERFECTLY:
At the same time, the Clinton campaign announced a brand new :30 second ad in PA making the same argument. “He couldn’t answer tough questions in the debate. So Barack Obama is making false charges against Hillary’s health care plan,” says the narrator. “There are more and more questions about Barack Obama. Instead of attacking, maybe he should answer them.

(Italics mine.) Amen. Couldn't have said it better myself. Yes, maybe he SHOULD answer the questions about him (passport? birth certificate??? Citizenship????), and actually tell the TRUTH for once. Now THAT would be a Change (not sure I could believe it though, but hey - I'm willing to give it a shot!). Frankly, we deserve nothing less!


Anonymous said...

As Precious continues to act like an ass, we have to hear people actually suggest that Hillary wear a smile and bring a casserole to the Convention!

So, Now Hillary Should “Bring a Casserole” to the Convention??? (Update 1X)


: This convention is Obama’s moment — his hour to welcome America into his home, the Democratic Party — and he deserves to set the table any way he wishes.

Hillary’s job is to bring a casserole dish and to serve it with a smile.

Jeebus, what did I just read??

Ok, so what kind of casserole should she bring? Isn’t that the crucial question we should be asking now??

Should it be the ever-popular cream of mushroom soup/tuna casserole? Perhaps the classic green bean/cream of mushroom side dish?? Something with a little leftover turkey in it, perhaps?? Should she wear a pink, frilly apron when she delivers it? Or perhaps she should serve it in stilletos and a topless French maid’s outfit?

Shoot, Hillary doesn’t like baking cookies, and you expect her to bring a casserole??? How about bringing her brain along as an appetizer??

Ah, but Zito does recognize that Hillary might have another role: She thinks that Hillary could “go with the ‘nuclear-unity option,’ withdrawing after her name is put in nomination and having the New York delegation move to make his nomination unanimous.”

OOOH, and then Hillary could “top all of that by becoming the surrogate anti-McCain hit man.”

How about THAT? Bring the casserole, then act “manly” and do all the dirty work for Obama, who can’t possibly STOOP to that level! I’m surprised Zito didn’t suggest that Hillary wipe his ass for him!"

I don't usually use "offensive language" but Salena Zito's piece really ticked me off!


Mary Ellen said...

Oh man, I really miss Hillary. It breaks my heart to know that she had to endure such hatred and corrupt campaign tactics by those kool aide drinking Obamabots.

grl-insightanalytical- I don't care what kind of casserole she brings, as long as it's laced with cyanide and Obama gets the first helping. Howard Dean, Donna Brazile, and Nancy Pelosi could have the rest of it.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, Grl - I saw your piece - the sad thing is how TRUE it rings. Sheesh! She is just supposed to smile and offer drinks, like a Stepford Wife or something. Grrr.

ME - I miss her, too. That's actually the hardest thing abt findin these videos - hearing her speak so compellingly, brilliantly, with humor. No "uh, ah, um, I, I, I, I..." crapola spewing from her mouth. Dammit.

Thanks for coming by, y'all!