Sunday, August 3, 2008

Christina Applegate and Hillary Clinton

No, they are not related, though Hillary IS related to Angelina Jolie and Madonna. But that's not the point here. While Obama continues his daily (it seems) flip flopping ("I'll take money from NASA!" "I'm NOT Taking Money From NASA!" "I'll Meet John McCain for Town Hall Forums!" "I WON'T Meet John McCain for Town Hall Forums!"), I was reminded again of, how shall I put this charitably, unwise the SuperDelegates are being, along with the DNC, in their desire to foist this untested, arrogant (there I go again being racist!), inexperienced, unqualified, flip flopping, patronizing, liar on us.

But what does this have to do with Christina Applegate and Hillary Clinton? You can add in there Sheryl Crow, Virginia Clinton, my aunt, my cousin, and a growing number of women: breast cancer. Yes, I saw today that Christina Applegate has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Again, what the sam hill does this have to do with Hillary Clinton? Well, a couple of months ago, when Hillary Clinton was on The Ellen Degeneres Show, she said that, if she becomes president, she wants to ERADICATE breast cancer within a decade. A DECADE!!! Ten years, for those of you who may not have had caffeine yet! AND, she wants to fund research to find out what the causes of breast cancer are. Oh, and to fund UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE so women who cannot afford treatment stop DYING. Clinton would do this. She would not flip and flop this way and that trying to appease first one group and then the other. Why? Because she cares about us, the people, the citizens of this country. She is not out to amass more and more power to feed her bottomless pit of an ego. (And yes, I know she's a politician, and as such, certainly does have an ego, as we all do. But I have never seen her policies to be EGO-driven.) Heck, even her willingness to drop out before the Convention, an UNPRECEDENTED move, speaks to her desire to do what is best for the country and Party, misguided though that decision was, IMHO. I have absolutely NO DOUBT she was strong-armed into it, because honestly, she would do far more good for this country than Obama can ever dream of doing, but she also did not want to be the perceived catalyst for the disunity of the Party, thus losing the White House and an opportunity to change some of Bush's disastrous policies. She wants to be able to do work in the Senate, if not elected, and that meant, as she was forced out, to be gracious about it. Something else Mr. Ego could learn from her (and he cannot be counted on to change ANY of Bush's policies, as we have already seen, especially if it will give him more power). But I digress (hey, I'm a Southerner - that's how we tell stories).

Should the Superdelegates somehow put aside their OWN egos, and clear the path to wisdom, thus voting for Clinton, the following is a glimpse to what we can look forward. Damn, I miss this woman (the part on breast cancer is a few minutes in, but just enjoy watching her!):

Oh, in case you are interested, I lost my aunt to complications from breast cancer. Despite a double mastectomy, her cancer recurred, first in the scar tissue from the mastectomies, then in her bones. My cousin, her daughter, is a survivor. I hope, and pray, that continues to be HER path - surviving the disease that claimed her mother.

But this is not just for those whom I know personally, or stars I like. This is for ALL the women out there - and breast cancer affects a huge number of women a year. If we can get Hillary Clinton into the White House, we will FINALLY have an advocate who cares about OUR health issues, and will work to eradicate this killer.

Get busy, SuperD's - look at the fiasco the DNC is pushing on us! Choose the GROWN UP already!! Choose the one who CREATES the policies, not steals them!! Choose the one who works for US, the American PEOPLE, not themselves. You might try that, too. For my cousin, for Christina Applegate, Sheryl Crow, the sisters, mothers, aunts, daughters, nieces, and granddaughters - pick the one who cares about US!


Lordlokipv said...

I Voted for Hillary Clinton, I will not ever in my life vote for Barack Obama,, I do think America ready for a Black president, Just not Barack Obama,, thru this whole campaign he lied flip flopped back and fouth,, went from Left to right to middle,,, He is going to screw this country so bad,, once he becomes president, I will say I will not be part of it, but I will not throw my vote away!!!!, I always voted Democrat, this will be the first time I vote republican, I will vote for McCain like alot of other Democratic are doing,, I will not blind VOte For Obama because CNN or MSnbc told me to,, with there unfair bias, not only that,,Now all barack Obama doing now he is the one starting with the Race Card,,,,,,Barack Obama don't even care about his own people that is why they protested him at his last appearance,,,,,,

grinningwolf said...

I am greatly saddened that supporters of Senator Hillary Clinton would even think of voting for Senator McBush. All the things you are saying about Senator Obamma applying to Senator McBush multiplied by a million. He is adored by the MSM - hardly a negative comment even as he mangles facts, flipflops, lies, says what his audience wants to hear. He is far from what Senator Clinton stands for. At a minimum you should not vote. Don't vote for McBush. Vote for Senator Obama, encourage Senator Clinto to push him to do the right thing, and after 4 years (when he does such a bad job based on your beliefs) then vote for Hillary Clinton! I don't want another 4 or 8 or more years of a Republican administration. Sounds like you do.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Thanks for your comments, Lordlokipv - I appreciate it. At this point, I still cannot vote for McCain, but the way Obama has been flip flopping of late, having people from his campaign crash sites that are opposed to his candidacy, the way he fought to steal actual votes from voters to have given to himself, so that he can now claim he WANTS Fl and MI seated, along with the FISA action, etc., etc., etc., seems to me he IS another Bush, GRINNINGWOLF. There is so little difference between BUSH and OBAMA at this point as to be meaningless. Oh, no wait - amazingly, even though we all bitched abt this at the TIME, BUSH was far more qualified then than Obama is NOW!! Obama's underhanded Chicago-style dirty politics, and stepping on the throsts of others, is the only way he has gotten where he is today. His level of secrecy has surpassed Bush's: where is his REAL birth certificate? Why does he have his college records and thesis sealed? Why will he not allow the release of his grad records??

WHY ARE PROGRESSIVES SUPPORTING THIS GUY???? He has reneged on EVERY single promise he made, and still, there you are, Grinningwo;f! Really?? You ant THIS guy?? Who knows what he will actually do when he gets in office?? He scares the crap out of me. There is no way in HELL I will ever vote for that sexist, duplicitous, arrogant, sleazy, back-stabbing, backtracking, superficial, power hungry thug. No way.

Mary Ellen said...


All the things you are saying about Senator Obamma applying to Senator McBush multiplied by a million.

That's a broad and exaggerated statement with no facts. When Hillary supporters discuss the issues regarding Obama, they are careful to put out facts, figures, vote records, and show both sides of his flip-flops.

He is adored by the MSM - hardly a negative comment even as he mangles facts, flipflops, lies, says what his audience wants to hear.

You just described Obama to a tee.

This is exactly what the media has done with Obama when he was running against Hillary. In fact they continue to spread his propaganda, refuse to report the news when he contradicts himself, and often perpetuate his lies, such as continuing to push the idea that Hillary and Bill Clinton are racists. So please...take off your Obama rose colored glasses, the man is a fraud.

He is far from what Senator Clinton stands for.

Hillary and John McCain have worked on a number of bills together in the Senate. They've often found the middle ground in order to go beyond the partisanship in the Senate. On the other hand, Obama has often voted AGAINST the best interest of the Democratic party and the country. Let's not forget his FISA vote...the one Hillary didn't vote for, nor did McCain (who I admit did not vote at all). The difference between Obama and McCain...Obama lied to his supporters in order to get their vote and said that he would do everything he could in order to strip the telecom immunity from the bill. Guess who didn't show up to vote on those amendments? Yeah...Mr. Bamboozle, himself. Then he turned around and told you guys that "you just weren't listening" to him. Nothing like a stab in the back, eh? Hillary was honest. She said she wouldn't vote for the bill and she didn't. Honesty and integrity vs. Moral bankruptcy and Lies. Guess which one is got it, the second one. Hillary is the first and SHOULD STILL BE THE FIRST!

If you want four or eight more years of Obama, because he sides with Bush (now that he's the presumptuous nominee) more than the Democrats. And lets not forget...who was it that voted yes on Cheney's energy bill? Oh yeah...Obama. He's more like Bush than you can even imagine.

Try looking at the facts for a change.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Oh, YES! Well said, Mary Ellen!! LOVE your comments!!

Do you remember when my credit card got phished and I started getting all of this crap delivered to my house? Well, I discovered another thing they sent here ("Entertainment Weekly," anyone?!). Again, why I think someone was harassing me. Couldn't be one of those even-keeled, fact-based Obamabots, could it?? ;-)

Thanks for the AWESOME comment!