Friday, August 1, 2008

Hillary and The Ballot

Will Bower of sent out the link to this video today. It is Hillary Clinton at an informal function discussing whether or not she should be on the ballot. Here it is:

Now, to me, this raised MORE questions than it answers, frankly. You'll see what I mean when you watch it, but specifically: 1. Why DID Hilary endorse Obama so soon; 2. why is is even a question that her name will be on the ballot; and 3. why does she seem willing to accept the unethical decision of the RBC/DNC in stealing votes from her? AND, violating their own rules by taking Uncommitted votes and giving them to a candidate NOT On the ballot?

Honestly, I just feel like she is really being strong armed. Same with John Edwards (now we know - mistress and love child). I guess the NEW Politics is taking CHICAGO-style politics National! Now that's some change I could do without!!


LindaA1 said...

Hey Amy,

This one is a mind-bender. I've been moving reluctantly toward the belief that this might not be Hillary's year and this YouTube clip kinda - dare I say it? - moves me more that way.

Somehow, when I think past the convention, I can't see how she could unify the party and beat back the GOP at the same time - all within two months of general election campaigning.

If Hillary somehow got the nomination (short of an Obama implosion that totally turned liberals and blacks against him), we gotta know Obama supporters are going to be just about as angry as we Hillary supporters are and have been. And there are waaaay more of them than us.

So maybe Hillary has calculated this election is not hers to win and she's positioning herself with the Obama supporters for 2012.

Wow! What a razor's edge this woman has to walk! She's gotta be totally in the tank for Obama while not disappointing her absolutely passionate PUMA supporters. How the hell is she going to pull that off at the convention?

She's cornered into an Al Gore presidential wimp-out moment. Nooo!

If Obama does get the nomination, I'm sure Hillary will stump for him but I'm guessing she - no...let's just say BILL...will be pulling hard for a McCain win.

All that said, I think PUMAs and other Hillary supporters should move full steam ahead to get the 300 delegate signatures it takes to qualify her to be nominated at the convention - just in case.

Meanwhile I'm still pulling for a major Obama implosion that shatters HIS BASE into about "18 million cracks."

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey Linda -

Well, I am not sure there are more Obama people than Hillary people, I just think they are more vocal, and more vitriolic, than we are. Just a thought.

And, I do think she could pull it together in two months. Heck, McCain is beating Obama in FL after Obama has spent $5 mil, and McCain NOTHING. Just like in the primary, Obama spent BOATLOADS of money, and Hillary kept winning!! I think people are finally waking up to him. One can only hope for that implosion of which you wrote!!

ut you are quite right - she DOES have to walk a tightrope - the same one women have had to walk for eons. Stand for yourself, but make sure to suppport the man more (or make the appearance regadless of personal feelings). Blech.

Thanks for coming by!