Monday, August 4, 2008

Bill Clinton, "I Am Not A Racist"

Well, thanks Obama and Jim Clyburn. Without you two, this man who has worked his HEART out for the African American community his entire adult life, who has his Clinton Foundation Office in HARLEM, is being questioned on whether he is a RACIST or not. SHAME on you both!!! That was simply despicable behavior on their part (aided and abetted by Jesse Jackson, Jr., who also painted Hillary as a racist - don't get me started on him.).

I can tell you this: I will NEVER vote for Jim Clyburn again (he is my representative). He engaged in WILLFUL race-baiting, and completely manipulated what Bill Clinton said about Obama's "fairy-tale" Iraqi War stance. I will never forgive him for the way he acted toward President Clinton.

And I will never forgive Obama for demeaning our only two term Democratic President in four decades, a president who brought this country into fiscal responsibility, and prosperity. For whatever his faults (and they PALE in comparison to Bush's, ir even Pretender Obama), Clinton cared about the people of this country. He DID hear us, and acted accordingly.

Here is the video of President Clinton on GMA.

(H/T to TalkLeft for the video link. Big Tent Democrat had a GREAT peice on this yesterday. The link is HERE.)

It just makes me ill that this man, this great president, has been reduced by the likes of Obama and Axelrove, to defending himself against charges of racism. Bush really has made this the un-reality based community. It is nothing short of reprehensible on the part of the Obama campaign. Yet another reason for which I have no respect for Obama. That is another reason why he, too, will never get my vote, which I own.

And on that note, PLEASE go fill out the survey for the Democratic Platform at I Own My It is critically important that they hear from ALL of us on what WE want. Thank you!

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