Sunday, August 31, 2008


Gustav is bearing down on the Gulf Coast, looking pretty much like Katrina. Gustav has already sent over a million people fleeing from New Orleans under a mandatory evacuation yesterday by Mayor Ray Nagin. And, it has only been three years since Katrina hit the Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana coasta, with Mississippi and Louisiana bearing the brunt of it. Many folks displaced by Katrina are STILL displaced. That is to say, those areas are just really getting back to some semblance of normalcy. Louisiana and Mississippi look to be in for hard times.

Joe Biden says we should all pray that the levees hold. Well, yes, we should. That would be good. Obama said that he hopes we have learned our lesson from Katrina, and doesn't want us to repeat the mistakes made during that massive hurricane. Well, okey dokey. I hope so, too.

McCain and Palin have gone to Mississippi at the request of Governor Barbour. McCain said that should Gustav make land fall during the Republican Convention, they would suspend it. He said,
"It just wouldn't be appropriate to have a festive occasion while a near tragedy or a terrible challenge is presented in the form of a ntural disaster."

I agree. It would be inappropriate. So, the RNC is keeping an eye on the weather, too.

Oh, and Tropical Storm Hannah has the potential to bear down on my part of the world. These are just the kinds of issues with which a president has to contend. Despite Don Fowler saying that Gustav would be helping the Democrats (I am not kidding - he said it), it shouldn't help EITHER party. People's lives and livelihoods are at stake here. Friends and family members of mine, as well as many of you, I am sure. For once, wouldn't it be nice if dealing with an impending disaster wasn't a partisan issue, but an AMERICAN issue?? How about we give that a try - no making hay off of this potential disaster. Just address it as Americans, with compassion, and a desire to help. Let's just give that a shot, Don, Joe, Barack, John, and Sarah. Don't worry about the photo op (talking to YOU, Barack), worry about the people, their pets, their homes, their jobs. Let's worry about the human element, and the affect on our environment (again, one of the reasons Louisiana gets hit so hard is that it's coastal wetlands are largely dead due to human shortsightedness. Without the wetlands to act as a buffer, the hurricane just slams into the coast, with a clear path.).

This is more important than any political campaign. People first, country first, then you can worry about your campaigns later.


Cathy said...

thanks for including "pets" too...its a dreadful thing to have to think about.......

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Absolutely. We know, though, from Katrina, what a HUGE issue it was. So many people lost their pets - as in, were separated from them - and lost them...I know a lot were trucked out all over the country. Sure hope that doesn't have to happen again...

Mary Ellen said...

Hi Amy- I'll tell ya, kiddo, the Democrats are looking worse by the day. It's not just this issue, but the hate that's flying around the so-called Progressive Obamabot blogosphere is sounding more and more like a bunch of Karl Rove wannabe's. They are complaining that McCain is "using" New Orleans and a possible massive hurricane for political fodder...while their Messiah is busy twiddling his royal thumbs and thinking about himself.

Think about it, coming off a massive Obama crowning with a Greek stage setting and fireworks, showing the elite Michelle and Barry Obama in all their royal glory...and then we have the GOP who is willing to suspend their convention to show respect for those who are in the midst of evacuating their homes and fearing for their future. Who looks more like a candidate who cares about the welfare of Americans? McCain.

Sheesh....what happened to our party? Oh yeah...Obama.

Nellie said...

Hi Amy,

I hope your family is okay. Coward that I am, I have not turned on the news this morning, so I do not know yet what is happening.

You thoughts are well done and I am in complete agreement.

I am Nellie, who has been a "blog' friend of Susan Hu's for years and I have done some research for Larry.

If I can figure out how to get this message to you, I have some what I believe good news on how you can be instrumental in beating your nemisis Clyburn.

Please email me at

Thanks from a UU without a church.


Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, ME!

I agree completely, ME - the hate is just amazing. I cannot believe the way the Dems have turned on each other this primary. It most DEFINITELY is the result of Obama and his people - I have never, ever seen anything like this in my entire life. He encouraged it with his minions, no doubt abt it, in his speeches and behavior.

And it is OBSCENE for Obama's thugs to claim McCain is doing what he is doing for political reasons. NO WAY would Obama EVER cancel the convention like McCain did. No way in hell. And McCain said what was just right - we are AMERICANS first, and need to address this hurricane issue as Americans, not partisans. Frankly, it says a lot abt McCain's leadership and his priorities. Obama? Not so much...

Obama has ruined this party - just RUINED it. Sheesh.

Hey, Nellie -

Thanks for the nice words - I appreciate it! And I appreciate your coming by my site.

Btw, there is the Church of the Larger Community for UUs without churches. If you go to, you can get more info.

Ihate to ask this, but could you please write to me care of Susan at NQ? This is absolutely nothing personal, but I have had people try to get my personal email address, and sadly, in these times, I have to protect it. She will definitely forward it to me.

Thanks, Nellie!