Friday, August 29, 2008

"No Animosity"

So, last night was the Big Speech, in the Greek Temple, by the ONE. What did he do? He decided to channel Hillary Clinton. Oh, and Aaron Sorkin. One of the lines he is getting so much press on is a variation on a line from the movie, The American President. It was the line that the pundits labeled “excellent,” of course. And that was when he said McCain’s problem was “that he just didn’t get it.” I recognized it as soon as I saw it. Wow, I am so surprised that he wasn't the least bit original. Hahaha! Good one, right? Here's the thing, I don't want a poor copy of Hillary Clinton. Someone who doesn't have the passion, compassion, conviction, and intellect of Hillary Clinton. The one who can mouth her words, but not be able to DISCUSS them because he neither wrote them nor cares what the words say. He is a sham candidate, foisted upon us by a sham party. Way to go, DNC.

And one of the people who foisted Obama on us, who backed him but claimed he wasn't until the beginning of June, is none other than my representative, and House Whip, Jim Clyburn. And he did it by demeaning Bill Clinton. You know, Bill Clinton, the one who spoke the other night so eloquently, as only he can? The first "black president"? The one under whom our economy was so good? That one? Let me refresh your memory on what Jim Clyburn said about Bill Clinton, on our "friend," Keith Olbermann's show:

Oh, and Rep. Clyburn? The "WILL OF THE PEOPLE" WAS overturned by the SuperDelegates when they supported OBAMA, not Clinton! So many of the counties, districts, and STATES she won had the SDs go to Obama in clear contravention to the will of the people. So, how do all of those folks who wrote you feel about this NOW, or do they not care as long as THEIR candidate won? DO they not care HOW he got it as long as HE got it?

Oh - and Keith was right - there WAS "traitorous" acts - and they were perpetrated by the RBC of the DNC, and the Obama campaign with caucuses. Whatever. As long as it's not Hillary, right?

Anywho, so during the primary, Clyburn had some tough stuff to say about Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton who has done more for the African American community than ANY other president. That one. After President Clinton's outstanding speech the other night, Jim Clyburn was interviewed by Judy Woodruff. Here is the transcript from that interview in an article, Delegates Rate Speech "Outstanding":
JIM LEHRER: Let's go now to Judy Woodruff, who's on the floor there among the -- the Clinton reaction, Judy?

JUDY WOODRUFF: Jim, I am here on the floor with the third-ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives, Representative Jim Clyburn of the state of South Carolina.

What did you think of the president's speech?

REP. JIM CLYBURN (D), South Carolina: A great speech, outstanding. As I said earlier today, I expect for Bill to be Bill. And he was Bill tonight. I really believe that he teed it up well for Barack Obama, and I think tomorrow night we'll -- he'll do what he has to do tomorrow night.

JUDY WOODRUFF: There were some differences between you and some others with President Clinton with some of the language he used during the tough primary battle between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the question of whether he injected race into the campaign at a couple of points. Is all forgiven on that front?

REP. JIM CLYBURN: Well, I never had a problem. I made it very clear. I admire and respect Bill Clinton. I think he was a great president. I was pleased to be in the Congress to help with that, so I never had a problem.

I do believe, though, that a lot of things that got said could have had more than one meaning. And it got carried in more than one way.

And so I still think that he is an outstanding person, and I have no animosity toward him at all.

JUDY WOODRUFF: How much will his support -- how much difference will his support make in this general election campaign?

REP. JIM CLYBURN: I think it means a great amount of difference, especially to our base supporters out there. These people love and admire the Clintons. And they really needed to hear what they heard last night and what we've heard tonight.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Congressman Jim Clyburn, the House majority whip, thank you very much.

REP. JIM CLYBURN: Thank you.

Well, golly gee, Jim. YOU may not have any animosity toward Bill Clinton, but I imagine he might just have some toward YOU for disparaging him, for demeaning him, for implying (at the very least) that he was a RACIST. Yeah, he might not be too keen on YOU right about now. You tried to ruin his reputation, and YOU have no animosity toward HIm. That's rich. Really rich.

But here's the thing about BIll Clinton: he has class. He may have grown up dirt poor, but the man has class. And integrity. You and your candidate could sure take a lesson or a thousand from Bill AND Hillary on class and graciousness.

You know, now that it is official that Obama is The One, I have said I would vote downticket. But that means voting for Jim Clyburn. Frankly, there is no way in HELL I'm going to support that man after what he did to Hillary and Bill. Hmmm. Looks like I might not even be going to the polls for the first time in my adult life this time around (and before you tell me that I MUST vote for McCain, I assure you - I will give it serious consideration as a way to make clear to the DNC that I will not support a Party that lies, cheats, and steals. I am not there yet. As a lifelong Democrat, that is a hard, hard place for me to go. So can we just leave it at that, that I'll think about it? Great. Thanks.).

The DNC is broken. People like Jim Clyburn helped break it. I can think of no better reward for him than to lose his seat. Or at least being the Whip. Hey, here's a thought - how about Dennis Kucinich being the Whip? He hasn't trashed the Clintons, or painted them as racist. He holds all of the positions Progressives hold dear. Sounds like a good option to me! Maybe he should push for THAT position!! Oh, that would be FUN to watch, wouldn't it? Whoever, however, it would sure be nice for Clyburn to lose that power position he holds, wouldn't it? I think so. Couldn't happen to a more deserving guy, IMHO.

Jim, you may not have animosity toward President Clinton, but I sure have animosity toward you for what you did. To quote another line from The American President: "You have bigger problems...You just lost my vote."

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