Friday, August 15, 2008

"Another One Bites the Dust"

Or two, or three - kinda hard to keep up with Obama and all of the people he throws under the bus on a daily basis. Whew! The latest one is the Mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick, the one who is having some legal trouble in Detroit (a little perjury here, a little assault there...). He's a big buddy of Obama's, and was worried he could not make the Democratic National Convention because of his pesky little ankle bracelet keeping him around home. Oh, but WAIT! He got a judge to "modify" his bond to allow him to go! Yippee for him!! No doubt, he was very happy about that (the prosecution not so much - they planned to fight it). Now he gets to go see his good buddy, the Presumptuous Nominee, speak before his adoring Kool Aide drinking throngs!! Lucky guy!

Until...Obama decided he does not WANT his good buddy there! Sorry, Kwame! The Obama Camp is afraid Kilpatrick might be a "distraction" at the Convention. Move over Grandma, Wright, Rezko, Ayers - oh, crap - I do not have time to write everyone's name out - here comes Kilpatrick, the man once considered a potential VP candidate! Yet another exampe of Obama's GREAT judgment!!! Might as well go put that pretty little bracelet back on - you're not going ANYWHERE!!

Kilpatrick is not the ONLY one to go under the bus. Nope, you can add Rep. Charlie Rangel under there, too. Now, I know that Rangel was a big Hillary supporter - she is a senator from New York, after all. But, hey, he quickly threw HER under the bus, demanding that she concede, so that should get him some points with His Majesty, right? Oh, and he is the a big muckety muck in the House of Representatives, so you would think that would give him some importance to the Obama Camp, right? A distinguished representative who has served for many years surely should have a voice in the Democratic National Convention! Um, no. No, he won't. One of Rangel's aides said:
“It’s crazy. … This man [Rangel] controls tax policy in the United States [Rangel is Chairman of Ways and Means]. He’s a lot bigger than just a regular member of Congress. He deserves more respect than this,” said a Rangel confidant. “Basically they have told us they can’t help us, that there are too many Obama supporters ahead of Charlie on the line.”

The Obamites are mighty pissy that he chose the qualified candidate, and not Obama, so they are making him pay and pay and pay. I admit, there is just just dessert the way he spoke about Hillary Clinton when he wanted her to concede, so yeah - kinda serves him right. BUT - this level of vindictiveness the Obam camp has demonstrated time and time again makes Bush look like a freakin' BOY SCOUT!!! For someone who brings so little to the table to be so vengeful and vindictive paints a clear picture of Obama, and to what we will have to look forward should he actually maneuver his way into the White House. (And we have already seen this behavior from him before - just ask the New Yorker!!)

So, that asphalt under the bus is filling up! I wonder who's next?? Time will tell, I reckon. I would bet good money that there WILL be more before the Convention is done (okay, okay - the Clintons don't count - that would be too easy, like taking candy from a baby for that money). Any guesses?


Mary Ellen said...

I can't tell you how many times I've seen McCain referred to as "McSame" on the blogs. I think we should start referring to Obama as O'Bush. Because really...he's one in the same, corrupt, inept, inexperienced (to say the least), a liar, elitist, and a slacker. Seems to fit, don't you think?

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

ROTFLMAO - that is PERFECT, ME!! I love it! Oh, I am going to have to start using that!!

Well, these O'Bushits must be running scared because they are coming out in DROVES. They are leaving assholic comments everywhere, attacking sites, just the typical O'Bushit thuggery.

Dear goddess, can you just IMAGINE what would happen to this country if he steals, I mean, wins, the GE??? Yikes...

Connie said...

Great idea, but since Obama doesn't have an apostrophe, maybe Obush shouldn't either.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Good point, Connie! From now on, Obush it is, and his folllowers are Obushits!! :-D

Diamond Tiger said...


Because I love your blog and you!

Thank sistah mary ellen

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

WOW, DT!! Thanks so much! I really appreciate that!

And you know I love you and your blog right back!!

Hey, ME - see what you started?!?! :-D Woohoo!!

kid said...
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Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Kid -

Racist attacks are not tolerated here. Your comments will be deleted EVERY SINGLE TIME if they contain ad hominem attacks, racist attacks, etc. That is, everything that is not substantive discussion. I don't have to agree with you, but I will not tolerate you attacking me, or others who comment here.