Monday, August 18, 2008

"Constitutional Mandates"

I have written a few times about my Representative, Jim Clyburn. You know, the one who stabbed the Clintons in the back repeatedly? The one who encouraged the race-baiting around Bill Clinton saying that for Obama to claim that he has done anything different on Iraq from Senator Clinton was a "fairy tale"? Here's a reminder for you:

(Geez, I miss the Big Dawg. What an eloquent, passionate, brilliant man he is!)

And then, there was Representative Clyburn who claimed to be "neutral" - you know, the same type of "neutral" that Donna Brazile was. Anyway, this is what Clyburn said about Bil Clinton:

Nice, huh? Never mind that President Clinton has worked TIRELESSLY for the African American community, and has stood with them for years. Nice payback, ESPECIALLY when Clinton did not DO what Clyburn accused him of doing. Yep, real nice, Jim.

Anywho - besides Clyburn clearly being in the tank for Obama, which he finally admitted in June, he is also known in the state of SC for his propensity toward earmarks. This is a subject on which I have written before ("Such Associates..."). Well, just hold onto your seats while you watch the following statement by Representative Clyburn at a forum in March of this year. It will blow you away!

See?? It's a "Constitutional Mandate" for congresspeople to build pork into the budget for their family and friends! What's the big to-do about, anyway?? Now, I hasten to add, I do not share the videographer's political statements, and I am no fan of Senator DeMint, but he DID make a good point in this clip. And that point would be that Clyburn has a, um, well, let's just say, UNIQUE understanding of the Constitution! Hey! Maybe THAT'S one of the reasons he supports Obama! They both seem to have a document with which I am not familiar to which they refer as "The Constitution!" Maybe they made their own. Ahem. So, yes - who the heck knew this was a "Constitutional MANDATE?"

I suppose that explains the following excerpts from article about Clyburn (highlights in bold are mine), Clyburn Quits Museum Board:
Hopes To Sidestep Conflict of Interest:
Clyburn, who tucked an $800,000 earmark for the museum into the federal budget approved late last year, said he decided to resign from the board after learning Friday that his nephew, Derrick Ballard, works for one of the two architectural firms recently hired to design the $70-$80 million museum.

This is by no means the first time issues have arisen regarding Clyburn's propensity for earmarks:
In 2006, Clyburn was scrutinized by The (Myrtle Beach) Sun News for setting aside federal money for the Five Rivers community development organization, which hired the same nephew to design a building and reportedly paid the firm nearly $70,000 for initial work, though the building was never completed.

Five Rivers also employed Clyburn's brother, Charles Clyburn.

Clyburn said the federal money he earmarked for Five Rivers was never appropriated, and he didn't know of his relatives' involvement with the organization, but he said that's just the sort of appearance of impropriety he's trying to avoid with the International African American Museum.

"There was no substance to it, but a lot of headlines," he said.

Ballard works for Antoine Predock of Albuquerque, N.M., a nationally recognized architectural firm that teamed up with Moody Nolan of Columbus, Ohio, the nation's largest black-owned architectural firm, to win the contract to design the International African American Museum. He could not be reached for comment Monday afternoon.

Rita Scott, vice chairwoman of the museum's board, said board members were unaware the Predock firm employed a relative of Clyburn's when the firm was selected.

Really? They had NO idea that the nephew of an incredibly POWERFUL Congerssional Representative from THIS DISTRICT worked for this particular architectural firm?? Well, of course not! The vice chairwoman continued:
"None of us knew," Scott said. "It was a firm that we unanimously felt was the right firm."


Not that the architectural firm is not a good one, it is:
Predock won the American Institute of Architects' national gold medal in 2006, and Moody Nolan principal Curt Moody won the AIA Ohio gold medal in 2007.

The museum's architect selection committee, which includes Charleston Mayor Joe Riley, unanimously picked the Moody/Predock team in February after interviewing three other finalists.

It is just a tad unbelievable that NO ONE KNEW, especially after the Five Rivers situation. It never occurred to ANYONE to consider that maybe, just maybe, the same nephew from the Five Rivers project, an ARCHITECT, might just have something to do with this other MAJOR project that received a huge earmark? Seriously?? I mean, I know we're here in South Cackalacki with its really, really low academic rating (I'm kinda joking, but sadly too serious abt how far down SC is in terms of education in the country), but still - you would think SOMEONE would have thought to ask the question! Just sayin' and all - you'd think the question would come up.

But, no. The question didn't come up. And now we know that Rep. Clyburn, one of Obama's big cheerleaders, and the HOUSE WHIP, no less, thinks it is his CONSTITUTIONAL MANDATE to push pork into the Federal Budget for his district. Wow. You know, come to think of it, maybe it should never have been a surprise that Clyburn would back Obama, and try to tear down both Bill and Hillary along the way. The more I learn about him and how he operates, he seems like the perfect Obama supporter, don't you think?


Mary Ellen said...

I guess we had better get used to a very corrupt administration if Obama is elected (heaven forbid). I wouldn't put it past him to select Tony Rezko to be in charge of the Housing Administration. I know a lot of black politicians that I would bend over backwards to support, but I can guarantee you, anyone who Obama associates with or does business with is rotten to the core.

OT: I put up a post about Obama on my blog today (couldn't hold back on a political post after being slammed on two different blogs because I didn't support the Messiah). I sure could use some love over there, I hate to see it sit with only one or two comments--which would only please my Obama loving regular bloggers to no end. Any chance you could plug this post with a few of your friends? None of it is anything that others haven't said already, but my Obama supporting bloggers never read those blogs. Any help would be appreciated...I really hate asking, it's not something I would normally do. Thanks.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, ME!

Oh, no doubt abt it. If someone surrounds themselves with crooks now, why in the world would anyone think they wouldn't do so after they get into the WH??

I think this primary season has really shone a bright light on how easily our elected officials are paid off. I mean, we probably all thought so from time to time, but heck - now they almost do so with GLEE!

WHAT happened to the DNC??

Your post is great, ME! And I have no problems sharing it. I;m glad you asked!! Please don't worry one bit abt asking! :-)