Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Dear Goddess, I am SO pissed off today. Why you might ask? Well, take a look at this. I'll wait: The 2008 Convention: Tuesday, August 26th – Renewing America's Promise

Okay - what did you see? As promised, Hillary Clinton will be speaking - among 274 other people. Okay - not really that many, but now she is one of TEN - 10 - speakers. Oh, yes - all kinds of people are thrown in there. I guess this way, they can try and (micro)manage her impact on the Convention crowd. But get THIS: SHE is not the Keynote Speaker. Oh, no - that honor goes to FORMER Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Mark Warner. Who, you say?? Yeah. See, I know him because I lived in Virginia when he was governor. But really - seriously - honestly - out of ALL the people Obama could have picked (and HE is the one who sets the schedule), he picked Mark Warner. Yep.

Oh, but wait. It gets even better than this. The candidate Planned Parenthood and NARAL picked, Planned Parenthood for the second time EVER with a presidential candidate, that one? Barack Obama? Guess who he picked to speak that night? Bob Casey of Pennsylvania. No, I am not kidding! He DID! On the anniversary of Women's Suffrage, not only did he not pick a WOMAN for Keynote Speaker, but he picked an ANTI-CHOICE Senator to speak on the anniversary of Women's Suffrage!! Can you just IMAGINE - just IMAGINE, the hew and cry if it was ANY OTHER MAJOR GROUP, and someone who was opposed to their ability to CHOOSE their own course in life, was picked to speak?? You know people would be going NUTS. Rightly so. What a slap in the face.

And if this is not enough to get your blood boiling (just consider this a cardiovascular workout, courtesy of Barack Obama - he's such a giver), there are only FIVE - 5 - speakers on Monday night, August 25th. No, I am not kidding. Senator Clinton gets squeezed like a lemon, but MICHELLE OBAMA will kick everything off, being introduced by her BROTHER. And Obama's sister, the one who has his same BIRTH CERTIFICATE NAME, Soetoro, will be there, too. So, it's Family Night at the DNC Convention. Oh, and Claire McCaskill and Nancy Pelosi will round out that evening. I am sure you are ALL dying to see THAT. Hahahahaha!!!! Yeah, me neither.

So, here it is - a BIG F-U to women in general, and Hillary in particular, courtesy of Barack Obama, the Big Uniter. Oh, he's a uniter alright - uniting us in hatred of him and the DNC. And the DNC bears HUGE responsibility for not just shoring up, but PICKING the most unqualified, inexperienced, arrogant, narcissisitc, sexist candidate I have seen in my entire life. The one who, having mostly his family speak on August 25th, has almost completed the DNC becoming the BOC. Yes, the transformation is almost complete. Thanks, Howard, Nancy, Donna, Ted, John, John, Claire, et. al., for propping up the worst candidate EVER. And for stabbing in the back one of the BEST candidates ever, while also twisting the blade in for all women. That takes some doing, but somehow you managed it. What pieces of work, the whole lot of them...

So, yes - "Babylon" it is.


LindaA1 said...

If that ain't a kick in the head! Make that a bunch of kicks in the head.

And did you notice that all the names of convention speakers in the press release were in bold type - EXCEPT FOR HILLARY CLINTON!

The Obama campaign's and the DNC's delusional concept of political reality is so far out there that it is beginning to scare me. Do they really believe all this "flick off" attitude toward Hillary Clinton and her supporters is going to sublimely morph into "yes darling" by convention time? Is this why they continue to step on our faces with total disregard?

No woman speaker on the anniversary of Women's Suffrage? BOB 'FLICK YOU NARAL' CASEY?

GOOD! I say Reaaaally Good for Obama, Pelosi, Dean and Brazil! I think they have just guaranteed themselves anything but unity at the 2008 National Democratic Con...

I think ending it there is about right.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, Linda -

I think Clinton will actually be speaking that night, but she will be one of a number of speakers, and will not have the limelight. That is going to a man who has made a number of sexist comments ON AIR instead. Never mind that she has won more popular votes than any candidate ever, or that she has devoted her entire adult life to working for women - why should SHE be the primary speaker on the Anniversary of Women's Suffrage?