Saturday, August 2, 2008

Another Day, Another FLIP!!!

Oh, dear. Obama's firm stand against off-shore drilling? *POOF* GONE!!! Yep. What a guy! What a man of his word - NOT!! It was just a little over a month ago when Obama "Assailed" McCain on this very topic! Yes he did. I reckon "Backtrack Barack" is just going to flip or flop on every single position that got him to where he is now - the PRESUMPTIVE candidate. If he keeps this up, he's going to get confused and end up at the REPUBLICAN National Convention!! So, thanks tons, all of you Obamabots, for all of your abusive, thuggish behavior, for locking out Clinton supporters from caucuses, getting signatures outside of the caucuses, harassing Clinton supporters online, setting up inside polling booths, and the RBC ones who STOLE VOTES ot push Obama over the top. Thanks so very, very much. This Bush III transformation is just about COMPLETE!! Way to go.

Just as a reminder, this is the one you SHOVED aside, treated like no other Democratic candidate in our history, on lo, this very subject (and yes, I had this in recently, but frankly, it bears repeating):

And just for fun, in my paper today was an article about John Edwards. Specifically, it was about the birth certificate of his alleged "Love Child," and how the name of the father was left off. But what was INTERESTING, and by that I mean, a great set-up, was the accompanying photo of John Edwards. The original belongs to the AP, and we know how pissy they can be, but it was similar to the one below, except they were shaking hands:

Interesting, right? The way the paper laid it out, implicating Edwards as the Baby Daddy, and connecting Obama all at the same time! Kinda makes you think, right? And that was the point. Just like many of us think this was the EXACT reason Edwards endorsed Obama - he was being strong-armed. That seems to be the modus operandi of the Obama Bloc. Oh, yeah.

So, in one day, in one paper, we have Obama flipflopping on Offshore Drilling. And, Obama and Edwards together as Edwards "Love Child" is discussed. What a guy. What a candidate. Another George W. Bush. Great job, SuperDelegates. Regroup - even if you are embarrassed that you ever even endorsed this sham of a candidate, do NOT let pride get in your way. Or money. Give us the BEST candidate for the Democratic Party. Give us HILLARY!!!!

And one more fun video along those lines (thank you, Sophie!):


Diamond Tiger said...


Have you seen this?

Gumby is getting from all sides now.

It's time to write even more letters to the SDs.

Thanks for the post! :)

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, thanks, DT!

Of course, all I can say is, why the hell did they buy all of his crap in the first place??? There was NO REASON for them to believe he was telling the truth! In fact, had any of them BOTHERED to look at how he got to where he is today, they would ha ve KNOWN that the "Chaneg" he was bringing was making Chicago-style politics NATIONAL!! Everywhere he has gotten has been at the expense of someone else. His level of secrecy abt his academic records, IL Senate schedules, etc. make Bush look like a friggin' open BOOK!! But they believed everything he spewed because three young white guys wrote a couple of good speeches (and the media did NOT report the speeches he gave that were boring - I kid you not. There was barely ever a reference when they bombed - just s sentence, maybe, but that was it. THen they went on to excuse his poor performance. No one else has gotten so far on so little or propped up as much as this guy. So if those folks at The Nation are starting to have a little remorse (and I stopped reading it when it became "All Barack, All the Time", well, maybe they should have actually done some JOURNALISM early on!!

Ahem. :-)

And thank you for the compliment!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that letter from The Nation is the most pathetic thing I've ever seen. These are the same people who criticized Democrats for their "sternly worded letters" to Bush, and now..well, they've written their own. Except that it wasn't even sternly worded. They basically told Obama that they "hoped" he would keep his promises (what promises???), but even if he didn't, they'd vote for him any way.

Mary Ellen said...

That's the same old line from every Obamabot, "We aren't happy about your vote for FISA and we hope when you are President that you'll go back to your progressive stance, and we'll vote for you anyway because what choice do we have?"

It's the same thing every time he flips. I was reading an Obamabot blog (I like to see the morons squirm) and they were talking about the flip on the oil drilling. Out of all the comments,only one said he caved. The rest of them made excuses for him by saying that he was just "readjusting" his message, or he's just saying that so he'll get voted in, and then he'll change back to the promises he made us.

They are actually excusing his lies as a means to an end. They have no morals...none.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

bluelyon and Mary Ellen, no kidding. Just what is it they "hope" he will do, stop throwing them under the bus?? How many times has he done it? Heck, just since I wrote that piece yesterday, he has also gone back on something he said abt NASA, AND that he would NOT meet John McCain in a Town Hall forum. WHY are they still giving him chances?? "Here's a kinda sorta not really forceful letter asking you please, pretty please, to stop throwing us all under the bus. But even if you do, I'll still vote for you!"

These are the EXACT SAME PEOPLE who ridiculed Bush's followers for their refusal to see that the Emperor Had No Clothes, and now they are JUST like them. It is really shocking. Wow...

Thanks for the great comments, you two!