Thursday, November 20, 2008

You Got That Right, Dee Dee...

Yes, this is dated insofar as the election had not yet happened when this speech was given, but much of what Dee Dee Myers has to say is quite relevant today. As Senator Clinton is "vetted" (just spare me already about the whole vetting thing. I have one word to say about this: Daschle), she continues to be held to a different standard than men are. If we learned anything this year (and we should have, because it was blatantly obvious), misogyny was simmering just below the surface. It is not simmering any longer. It has boiled over. And continues to do so.

Here's what Dee Dee Myers had to say about the primary season and expectations for men v. women:

As Bud White had in his excellent piece, "The Sexism Continues," when a sitting US Senator is dismissed by major cable networks by headlines like, "(President) Clinton To Help Wife Get Job" as MSNBC had, there is no longer even an attempt to disguise it. This woman has more accomplishments in a year than many people do their entire lives, and certainly has more than the President (S)Elect, but her husband is going to help her get a job? She already HAS one, you misogynistic MSNBC *&@#$#! You can just bite me. This woman was a star even before she met Bill Clinton, thank you so much, or did you forget she was the first student EVER to give the address at Wellesley for her graduating class?? (Oh - and here's a little heads up - you actually KNOW something about what SHE did in college. How about your man crush, Obama? What the hell do you know about his time at Occidental or Columbia, huh??? Tools.) Her husband is going to help her get a job? Please.

Just as a little reminder of the esteem with which GROWN UPS are capable of holding Senator Clinton, here she is as the Guest of Honor at the Marine Corps Sunset Parade:

Do you think she was the guest of honor because of her husband, or because as a US Senator, she has worked tirelessly for our men and women in uniform, especially veterans? Yeah. Her work, not who her husband is. Jagoffs.

Well, I was wrong. I guess Obama did unite some people after all. Men against women. Again. Out in the open, with no remorse. From our "news" channels. Great. What a uniter.

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