Monday, November 10, 2008

A Day To Honor

In case you missed it, Tuesday, November 11th is Veteran's Day, a day to honor those who have sacrificed their time, their energies, too often their health, and some the ultimate sacrifice of giving their lives, in service to this country. It is a day to stop for a moment, and realize that even though the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq moved to the back burner during the election, they are very real, and on-going, churning out veterans every single day, most often through injury. Our military are there right now, far away from home and family, serving the United States. Whether you agree with these wars or not, it does not diminish the level of sacrifice our service members have made now, and throughout the years.

Here is one couple's way of acknowledging the contribution our veterans have made:

Obviously, most of us cannot put a bunch of veterans up at lavish hotels. But we can thank them for their service, give to Paralyzed Veterans, SLDN, or other worthy organizations that serve them (suggestions welcome), give them a call, or send a note of thanks. And we can call out the names of those whom we know:

My dad, Tom, now deceased - Navy; my uncle, Jerry, now deceased - Merchant Marines, Marines, and Army; my uncle, John - Marines; my uncle, Nick - Marines; my nephew - Marines; my dear friend, Mac - Navy (served in the same fleet as Jack Kennedy during WWII); my former sister-in-law, Liz - Navy; her husband, Kenn - Navy; and my partner's father, a retired 3 Star Army General.

To all of our veterans, I say thank you. Thank you for your service, your commitment, your courage, and your valor.

You are welcome to list family or friends who have served our country in uniform.

Today is also the 233rd Anniversary of the US Marine Corps. TO celebrate that anniversary, I give you this video:


TypewriterStreaming said...

Bravo to this beautiful post. Bravo to our courageous men and women in uniform. You make me so darn proud every single day.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

You are too kind, Type! Thank you!

When my ex-sister-in-law was still my sister in law, she wanted me to join the Navy, too, but I have had bad knees for a LONG time, so there was no way. And it was kinda funny that she joined since she was a pacifist involved in an Eastern religion! But she was assured she would go into intelligence (she did), and that was something for which her university studies prepared her well.

Anywho - what I do is easy as pie compared to the sacrifice that our military members make all the time. Another nephew of mine just returned from Iraq - he has FOUR young children he left at him with my niece. That kind of sacrifice is hard to imagine - especially when going to someplace like Iraq. Wow.

My mom was talking the other day abt the sacrifices people made during WWII, when they would be gone for years, and didn't have internet service, or cell phones...Letters were all there was, and who knew how often those in the field would receive them? That was sure a different day, but to be separated from loved ones is hard no matter what...

Thanks for your support!