Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Where Do I Start?

First of all, once again, Happy Veterans Day. We should remember to honor our veterans far more often than one day a year. Thank you all for your service to this country.

As seems to be the norm these days, the bailout talk continues. Now, Obama wants to bailout Detroit. What he wants to bailout, though, is the Union. Specifically, he wants to help bailout their pension funds. Now, why should Ford and GM get THEIR pension plans bailed out? At what point are companies held accountable for their own fiscal malfeasance? I mean, really. Other car manufacturers in this country are doing well - and especially Japanese car makers. So, if people don't want to buy their cars, maybe that is a bit of a clue that they need to reconsider their product. I don't know why, though, that means we have to foot the bill for it. Again, when are executives held accountable for their own decisions?

Now, I am not anti-union, by any means. But, really - when does the responsibility for fulfilling union contracts stop belonging to the INDUSTRY that made the contract, and gets foisted on taxpayers?? Not that I am at all surprised that Obama would want to help out Detroit in particular - you know with his BFF Kwame Kilpatrick and all. Good grief. And this is just the beginning with Obama. He isn't even in the White House yet. Wow.

And on the "Mixed Blessing" front, Howard Dean is not going to seek another terms as the DNC, or should I say, "ONC," chairman. Well, YAY, but way too little too late. I mean, I am GLAD he will not be the Chiarman anymore after his deafening silence toward the massive misogyny we have witnessed this year against first Hillary Clinton, and then against Sarah Palin. And he oversaw the destruction of the Democratic Party as we know it, ignoring the will of the people with callous disregard. I do not recognize the party as it stands now, for all of the reaons a whole bunch of us have noted over the past year.

But here's the thing that scares me: who will replace him? Will it be someone even more in the tank for Obama than Dean was (if that is even possible)? Will that chairman (oh, face it - it will not be a woman, not with this misogynistic crowd) attend to the numerous issues regarding the caucus system? Hahahaha. "In other words," as Bush would say, I don't hold out a whole lot of hope that whoever replaces Dean with Obama in the White House is going to do much to change what the ONC has become. And women will still be treated like shit.

Blech. All of this just makes me ill. Obama is already kowtowing to his special interest groups in Detroit, Dean destroyed the Party to select a candidate, and people really do seem to think Obama is the Messiah, judging from the crowd that already wants to make a HOLIDAY to him...What the hell is the matter with people???

Sorry - I'm tired and just don't feel like mincing words. These people are freakin' nuts. What else is there to say?

I know what else I want to say - even though I had a tribute yesterday to our Veterans, frankly, they do not get honored enough for all they do. Below is a video that honors our veterans, in particular, our wounded veterans, and their families. So, I leave you with this, and again, my deepest appreciation for the sacrifices made by our men and women in uniform:

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