Sunday, November 2, 2008

"How Low Will He Go..."

Aren't you glad I mentioned that song? Now you can have it stuck in your head all day long like I have! Ahem. Of course, I am talking about the ever-changing figure from Obama and his spokespeople on where he draws the line on being rich. First it was $250,000 (though the WSJ said it was really more like $164,500, though Obama never acknowledged that), then it was $200,000, then $150,000 (via Biden), and Bill Richardson, who said $120,000 was rich. Huh - I wonder what it will really end up being should he steal the election? (And you know damn well with ACORN and Project Vote, there will be shenanigans going on because THERE ALREADY ARE!) Now, I realize that to many people, $120,000 sounds like a lot of money. But if you live in a place like Boston, or NYC, or Chicago, or LA (or anywhere in CA, for that matter), it is not a lot of money. It's all about context. And, in my neck of the woods, ALL of the businesses are small businesses, many family - owned ones. But hey - don't take my word for it. Here's a video for you:

Sigh - if only the DNC had not stolen the nomination from Hillary. But I digress...

It is impossible to give 95% of Americans a tax break when 40% of Americans do not pay taxes. There goes that Obama Logic again...

Here's Joe Biden - i she once again making a gaffe by actually speaking hte truth?

But get this - Obama is now claiming that people who do NOT want to be taxed more are selfish. No, I am not kidding:

Okay - it is selfish to not want more than half of your income to go to taxes. Now, let me just say right up front that I am not someone who is anti-tax. I know that we NEED taxes to pave our roads, employ our firefighters and police officers, educate our children, and care for those in need. BUT - I do not think that it one group of people should disproportionately carry another group of people. And it is absurd to even TALK about raising ANYONE'S taxes in the midst of economic difficulties. That is not new thinking - that has been accepted wisdom for decades now. How about actually collecting taxes from people and businesses who owe it? Or close loopholes for the freakin' OIL companies?? If Exxon was having record breaking profits every single quarter for years, why should they have gotten an breaks? They sure weren't giving US any! The point is - obviously we need tax revenue, but to burden an already burdened group of people is not the solution. There are other options available, including growing jobs, which also grows tax revenue, if you think about it.

Bottom line is that I know Obama got used to the line moving all of the time when he was running against Clinton. The media made damn sure of that. But he needs to stop moving the line, or having his surrogates do it for him. Even better, let's make sure we don't have to DEAL with Obama's ever-changing tax ideas by not electing him president.

Or by allowing Obama and his minions to take the election through voter fraud. Once again, if you see any kind of fraudulent or suspicious behavior at your poling place, people wearing political buttons into the polling place, or machines flipping votes, or whatever, the McCain/Palin Team has set up a HOTLINE for suspicious voting activity. Here is the number: 866-976-VOTE. Take your cell phone with you, if you have one. Take photos if you can. Again, 866-976-VOTE. Because we don't want to find out how low he will go with who is in the middle class (in terms of taxes - we already know how low Obama will go with sexism, FISA, promises made and broken, GLBT rights, etc., etc.)...


TypewriterStreaming said...

How low will he go? The bowels of Middle Earth low from whence he came. Great post.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Oh, from your keyboard to the Universe, Typewriterstreaming!! :-)

Thanks - I have to say, though, it seems that no matter how much comes out abt this man, his apologists will do just that - dismiss any fact or associate or secrecy or unimpressive record as a "Republican attack." I've never been a Rep. in my LIFE, but I'm also not blind. They are acting just like the Bushits we decried. How did this happen??

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