Saturday, November 1, 2008

"Uh-Oh, Ohio!"

WOW. Okay, the DNC really needs to take that "D" off of its name after this year and its involvement with Obama, ACORN, Project Vote, and Vote From Home. Seriously.

Once again, should you encounter any shenanigans while trying to vote, McCain/Palin have set up a HOTLINE number for you to call: 866-976-VOTE. ALL people should have the right to vote in a manner that is fair, free, without fear of intimidation or threats of violence, or have the vote offset by fraudulent votes. Our votes MUST COUNT.


Diamond Tiger said...


Thanks for the phone number. I have been looking for it.

Once again, all your posts are right on the money!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, thanks, DT! LOVED the video you had up yesterday. Very funny!