Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Obama Bumper Sticker

My aunt sent this to me yesterday:

This was the best laugh I had all day, until one of the creative readers at No Quarter, Obama Is A Fraud, posted this:

Please join us for this historical Inaugural Celebration for President Barrack Hussein Obama. It will be a day of great events for all!

8:15 AM - Reverend Wright delivers the God Damn America sermon on the White House Lawn

8:45 AM - Billy Ayers steps on and burns the American Flag

9:30 AM - Professor Rashid Khaldi panel discussion on why Israel should be blown off the planet

10:30 AM - Khalid Al Monsour discusses financing radical Islamic Extremist Youth scholarships to Harvard

11:30 AM - Tony Rezko live via sattelite from Joliette Federal Prison “How to make a killing as a Slumlord”

12:30 PM - Lunch with distinguished Anti-America Father Pfleger saying grace

2:30 PM - Michelle Obama discusses how to buy earrings for $600 or less

3:30 PM - Senator Hillary Clinton discusses why women will never be part of politics in a sexist, Obama Presidency

4:30 PM - Senator Bill Clinton discusses why his wife would have been a better President

5:30 PM - FCC Head Kieth Olbermann discusses how to cheat America out of truth in journalism

6:30 PM - Chris Matthews discusses gays in America and how much relief it is to come out of the closet

7:30 PM - Dinner discussion - How much of a moron is Sarah Palin anyway?

8:00 PM - Muslim call to prayer

8:30 PM - Dinner and dancing with Ludacris singing about what a bitch Hillary is and how Senator McCain deserves to be paralyzed in a wheelchair.

Midnight - Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez drink champagne toast to their brother in communism Comrade Obama. Burning of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and fireworks display. Long live the US of Hussein!

Another alert NQ reader, Hillary or Bust, provided this HYSTERICAL video from The Onion:

Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

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