Friday, November 28, 2008

Is the Gates Appointment...

Making your head explode with the continuing hypocrisy that is Obama? You know, Gates, the continuation of Bush's policy in Iraq? Oh, yes - this is where those of us who were shaking our heads incredulously at all the pablum people were willing to swallow just shake our heads some more...

Or how about Obama's appointing Clinon as Secretary of State after deriding her for having LESS foreign policy experience than he did? Yes, indeedy, living in Indonesia from the ages of 6-10, and backpacking through Pakistan for 3 weeks while in college SURELY exceeds visitng 82 - that's EIGHTY-TWO countries, meeting with heads of state, and working on a number of issues. Nice of Obama to finally admit it. But everyone who was taken in by that hooey really shouldn't have. The facts were in evidence - you CHOSE to ignore all of them. After all, Hillary Clinton gave one of the TOP 100 speeches of the 20th century while in CHINA (you know the one, "Women's Rights Are Human Rights"), so if people REALLY believed Obama's BS about her lack of experience, they have only themselves to blame.

Oh, the list goes on and on. So, for those of you frustrated that people didn't see through all of the various and sundry lies, and for those of you who didn't see through the various and sundry lies, I give you the following videos (h/t to Cuz'n Ellen for the first, and Rosie for the second) to take your minds off all of the cognitive dissonance):

Hope it gave you a laugh! And I hope you had a good Thanksgiving!


SFIndiePUMA said...

Thanks for these videos, Reverend Amy! They definitely started my day off right, especially after yesterday. Which was mostly a lovely day spent with friends, except for a bit of Obama-reverence (I, of course, the only non-supporter). I think what finally got to me was realizing, as I offered all my reasons for not being a member of the Obama Reverence Club (which you so eloquently stated a few days ago: arrogant misogynistic lying race-baiter with nefarious associates who tarnished a former president as racist) that it wasn't that these folks didn't know who Obama is or that he had accomplished nothing in his past (one woman acknowledged freely that he hadn't done anything at all in his 7 years as a state legislature), it's that they didn't care!

I was told that he has accomplished the most important thing - he has shifted the energy of the country and given people hope for all that's possible. That was all that mattered. And, when I tried to explain there was a shadow energy as well, I was told that I seemed angry he had won.

And then, everyone turned away and began discussing something else, since I obviously wasn't going to become a member of the O.R.C. and my anger was too annoying to have to deal with.

So, feeling a little down today, watching those two videos just brightened my morning. And now, I'm going to wake my kitty up from his nap and give him a hug!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, SFIndie!

So glad the videos could help your aching head. I think you hit the nail on the head - they don't care abt all of the issues with Obama. He really is like a cult leader - they will find any way possible to dismiss ANYTHING negative abt him (don't get me started) IF they have even listened to anything that isn't glowing and reverential. It is so disturbing - from people who should know better. The exact same ones who, like me, bitched and complained at Bush. Now they have their OWN Bush, and they have become the very people they hated for 8 years. Remarkable, isn't it??

Anyway - I can so understand from where you are coming, and I am glad the videos helped. I am sure your kitty enjoye dthe hug!

In case you didn't see this over at NQ, my cousin had sent me the following video, too. My partner was laughing so hard, she was crying (ok - we had also been traisping all over Disney World and were tired, but still - it is SO catlike!). Enjoy: