Sunday, November 23, 2008

Now This Is A President...

I could support with ease. Especially if CJ Cregg was his VP. Or Vice versa.

That's the whole thing about picking and choosing what parts of the Bible (or Koran, or whatever religious text is important to us). We have seen a whole lot of that picking and choosing on the issue of homosexuality, certainly recently with Prop 8 and Amendment 2. But it is not unique to this year, I'm afraid. The 2004 Election focused on criminalizing homosexuality (for all intents and purposes).

No doubt this kind of fight will be with us as long as we do not have leaders who will stand up against injustice and oppression like Bartlett did. Heaven knows, it will be another four years of wandering in the wilderness with the group assembling in DC (seriously, Tom Daschle? Bush's lapdog on the Iraqi resolution, the passage of which seems to have fallen on just ONE person - Hillary Clinton - that Daschle?? That WEASEL??? So glad Obama is making CHANGE in DC! Hahahahaha!).

We have to continue to fight, though, for the kind of government we want, that represents us, truly represents us, not the lobbyists (oh, yeah - Daschle's wife is a lobbyist, just FYI), not Wall Street, not the US Automakers, not the filthy rich executives, but everyday Americans. Clearly, we are not there yet.

SUNDAY: I'm on my way to Florida for the week, but hope to check in, and have some new posts.

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