Friday, November 14, 2008

Introductions - Updated

I have to run out this morning for an appointment, so I would like to introduce you to one of my animals, my 3 yr old cat, Bug. Bug lives up to his name in three ways: he is as cute as a bug, he scoots like a bug, and he can BE a bug. I love him dearly, of course. This is what he looks like:

And this is what he acts like:

Yep, that's my boy!! He is SUPPOSED to be an indoor cat, though we screened in the porch for all of the cats to be able to go out. But one of our dogs often blocks for Bug when we are coming in the front door. Did I mention that he scoots like a bug? Uh, yeah. (H/t to my sister for sending the video and the one below.)

This is my cat, Punkin'. She was a feral kitten we rescued, along with two of her siblings. They went to a young family who wanted them badly, and we kept her. She thinks I'm her mother. I'm not kidding. She's small - less than 9 lbs.

The following video is a combination of their two behaviors. Punkin' loves to cuddle, and climbs all over me when I am in the midst of writing, or just getting up. If I am standing when she wants to be held, she reaches up to me. It's very sweet, actually.

Bug, when he wants to be fed, wends around my legs, up against any thing he can find, then jumps up on the washer, headbutting me until I give him treats or more food.

What the heck - might as well finish this out. These are my two kittens. The boy likes to play fetch. He even has a special meow for when he wants to play. He loves the flat caps off of gal. water jugs, and will bring them back to me, dropping them at my feet. I kid you not. He can do this for some time - like a Golden Retriever or something. The girl is very sweet, and both love to cuddle:

Isn't this a nice way to take your mind off of the possibility that Senator Clinton might end up being Obama's Secretary of State? Oh, she'll do a BANG-UP job, no doubt about that. Even her detractors (talking to you, Rachel) admit that. She's brilliant, and very experienced. It just seems like another way for Obama to keep cheating off the smart kid, getting her to continue creating the policies he swipes. But that's just my take - I figured he was going to have to do SOMETHING now that he can't just take her work willy-nilly like he did in the Primary/Election. And just another painful reminder of what SHOULD have been had the DNC not become the ONC...

I'll save my dogs for another day!


TypewriterStreaming said...

That is truly wonderful. Ha! Ha! Ha! Even my cats were fascinated by the videos. Your little ones are beautiful. Thank you so much for this. Your home looks incredible. Very nice, peaceful setting. And yes, isn't it haunting that Sen. Clinton might actually wind up carrying more of Obarfy's water? Very mixed feelings about it. It's a miserable way for a female member of the Democratic (not) Party to get anywhere. I don't recall seeing George Bush making Condi. Rice grovel for her position. Scary. George Bush is going to look like a Prince next to Oblowhard.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

LOL abt your cats! I just roared watching those - that guy has NAILED it, hasn't he?

Thank you - yes, it is a very nice, peaceful setting in a marshland and tidal creek area, with egrets, herons, eagles flying around - just beautiful.

YES abt Clinton - I know a bunch of people have already weighed in on this, but I might have to add my two cents, too...You are spot on, Type - George didn't make ANY of the women who served in his Admin. beg. What the hell does THAT say abt where (Un)Democrats are now?? Shocking - I swear, I must have been incredibly naive to never see this...

And thank you so much for your kind words abt my blog, Typewriterstreaming - that is so very nice of you!! I hope it provides a bit of a safe haven for you and your friends in the midst of all this craziness...