Saturday, November 8, 2008

"Just Call Us Cleopatra..."

"We're the Queens of Denial!" That could be the new US slogan - we don't want to hear any more about voter fraud. We don't want to know that Obama supporters voted in droves - more than once. We don't want to find out what the culprits are, much less prosecute them. We don't want to acknowledge that results are still coming in, and as I write this, Indiana has flipped to McCain (H/T to Pumatiza), but the MSM doesn't want to report things like that. Oh, no - we cannot do or say or investigate ANYTHING that might not reflect well on The One - you know, The One who stole/cheated his way to the nomination, then had his citizen army, ACORN, commit massive, documented fraud all across this great land. Like, say, over 200,000 documented, fraudulent registrations in Ohio. ACORN, currently being investigated in 16 states, and connected to the Obama campaign.

Or how about Georgia where the fraud looks to have involved over 100,000 people. Yes, ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND PEOPLE. Registered to vote in Georgia, as well as FL or OH.

But hey, let's not talk about this stuff anymore, okay? That would be a real downer, a killjoy, a buzzkill, and just plain racist. So, let's just not mention it, shall we? It is only our democracy at stake, but no worries - we have our first biracial president, so all is right with our world!

Oh, no, instead the MSM will spend countless hours talking about what kind of puppy the Obama girls are going to get, and about Obama meeting with the Actual President (which I say that way since so many of the Obamaborg seem to think he is instantly president - does NO ONE take Civics classes anymore?), and his getting his national security briefings. How could I forget? His choosing his cabinet. Oh, yes - that is a fun one - and this is a little shout out to all of my female university teaching family - how about that Lawrence Summers as possible Treasury Secretary? Remember him? The one who had to leave the presidency at Harvard because of his SEXIST TREATMENT OF WOMEN???? Just more of the same from Obama.

Oh, there are a few women's names bandied around for his cabinet positions, but not as many as the men, that's for sure. I guess Dr. Lynette Long was right on target when she reported this:
"I want gender parity. I want Obama to go on National television and announce the he will select a female running mate and that half of his cabinet will be women." He was silent for a second and then sheepishly replied, "We can't do that?" "Why not?" I asked. "We are over half the population?" "We can't do that! What if there isn't a competent woman?" I was stunned. "There are 300 million people in this country, and you can't find a handful of competent women for the cabinet?" I chided. "You want affirmative action. I don't believe in affirmative action." "That's my offer, take it or leave it." He left it and guess what, he hasn't called me any more.

Obama doesn't believe in supporting women. I'll use a recent NYT article as evidence. It cited that Obama has 300 foreign policy advisers. The times posted pictures of the top twenty-one of them. Two were women. That's less than ten percent. So much for parity. So much for the politics of change.

Yeah, and I haven't heard any woman's name floated for any part of Obama's cabinet, have you?

Here's why I am so damn cranky today, besides all of the ranting above: the Democrats are acting EXACTLY like the Republicans did in 2000. EXACTLY. Ignoring all of the fraud, claiming the "losers" need to get over it, Obama is a Uniter and a Healer, and will make America proud again. Blech. What a crock. This man has not even served a full term in the Senate, and the vast majority of his time there has been spent CAMPAIGNING! Since when is that sufficient experience for the highest office in the land? Even assuming there was no caucus fraud, or Convention fraud, or RBC fraud, or voter fraud, even assuming ALL of that, Obama is WOEFULLY inexperienced, unqualified, and unprepared. Not to mention homophobic and misogynistic. Oh, and ARROGANT as all hell. What a guy.

I understand that many African Americans are ecstatic that "one of their own" is now the President-Elect. But as Patsy from the "Our View - withPatsy and Sugar" on NoQuarter Radio said last night, Obama did NOT grow up like the vast majority of African Americans in this country, he did not grow up in their community. I guess it really doesn't matter that he is bi-racial, and raised by the white side of the family. Why let facts inform the fantasy? Shut up already! Ahem.

Finally, there is the whole "the voting was of RECORD proportions!" meme being spread far and wide by the Obama Propaganda News. How else to say this? Well, it's a crock of hooey. The difference between this election and the last one? One percentage point more! Oh, dear goddess, He really IS the Messiah! WOWIE ZOWIE!!!!! Uh, yeah, no, not really. It is not a record turnout, as it turns out. Just one more notch in the "reality" surrounding the candidate, uh, President-Elect, who has rewritten his history whenever it suits. Unfortunately, it suits him a whole bunch.

See, just like Bush in 2000. Only this time the shoe is on the other foot. The Democrats could care less about the irony of it all, the fraud of it all, as long as they won. It really is upside down world now...And it makes me cranky as hell.


TypewriterStreaming said...

Karl Rove taught his BFF Donna Brazile well. He's been so utterly happy lately since the election - why do I think he had a hand in this? Excellent post, I am so glad someone living on this planet isn't giving all of this a pass. The MSM BS continues. A lot of the blogs, I believe are so numb to being ignored aren't writing about it. The idiots in my office who charge their brains by plugging their butts into the MSNBC TV set daily actually think that voting broke records of all kinds. Don't try and tell them different - they were born with ear plugs on the ends of their fingers. They make me sick. If I didn't have blogs like this to come to I would have cracked.
By the way, the link to the crime writers blog is wonderful. Thank you so much Rev.

TypewriterStreaming said...

OT: I found this over at Ace of Spades - this is a quote from that piece of turd Andrew Sullivan.
"I'm still bemused by the drop in gay support for Obama after Kerry. I'd put it down primarily to the fact that the gay political establishment, with its usual brilliance, fused itself with the Clinton campaign very early on, and there was a real slice of Clintonian anti-Obama hate that wouldn't go away. For much of the campaign, I expressed surprise at how so many gay men and lesbians were indifferent or hostile to Obama. Maybe there was a particular lesbian bond with Clinton, which may have led some lesbians to pick McCain (they're susceptible to a little Alaskan boobage as well). Maybe that goes for some diva-worshipping gay men as well, men who so identified with Hillary that they couldn't reconcile themselves to Obama."
Infuriating. Absolutely infuriating. Just had to share.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, Type!

It is staggering that these people refuse to listen to any kind of facts. You are quite right, there was very little uptick in the number of votes this year, and they aren't even mentioning that Obama got people to vote TWICE. So, if you think abt it, there are even less people voting than 2004!! :-)

Oh, yes, I think Karl is enjoying this all tremendously...

Andrew Sullivan - wow. He really has some nerve, especially because he is ignoring the reality of who Obama is, and with whom Obama has chosen to align himself. And how incredibly insulting abt why lesbians would like Gov. Palin! What a misogynist he is. Why is it someone like him for whom basic logic seems elusive has this job?? I don't get it.

Oh - my sister sent me an article by him not too long ago. I told her that, apparently, she didn't know that Sullivan had attacked ME in one of his "writings." The irony, the irony...

Thanks for coming by, Type - just so you know, I recently added to have comments put in moderation since the Voldemortians continue to be, well, who they are. Sigh.

TypewriterStreaming said...

Say, thanks for going to the trouble of moderating the comments. I really don't like seeing the filth Obama zombies write, so thanks.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

My pleasure - well, kinda. I stil have to read the crap they write, and if it wasn't a constant stream of ad hominem attacks and name calling, I would be willing to engage in dialogue, but you know ow THAT goes...

Anonymous said...

Indiana has flipped to McCain (H/T to Pumatiza), but the MSM doesn't want to report things like that.

uh, no, not true. The Indiana SoS website was behind what the AP had. It has caught up now. Indiana NEVER flipped. Obama won it. Try to stick to facts when you rant.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Thanks for playing Jordania, but you are wrong. I have checked the official Indiana State site several times. It may have changed since they finished counting at 5:29 pm. on Friday, but it most definitely HAD flipped. How abt YOU do a little research before feeling the need to attack? Just a thought.