Saturday, November 15, 2008

As Thanksgiving Approaches...

It is important to count our blessings, yes, but also to keep in mind those who are less fortunate. My good friend at No Quarter, Bronwyn, responded to an email I sent her about one of my favorite causes with a suggestion: that we pick a cause that is especially in need at this time, and tell you about it.

Well, you know I cannot narrow it down to just one, though two are similar in nature. I'll limit it to four, though the other two are also (somewhat) similar to each other. Choice is good.

The email I forwarded to my friend was one that takes in abused and abandoned horses, "People Helping Horses." This small organization, located in Washington State, recently accepted a horse rescued by the county named, "Lucky." According to the PHH newsletter:
Found at a trail head in Skagit County by people out for a trail ride, Lucky and a gelding were taken in by the county who then asked PHH to step in. Lucky, a chestnut Thoroughbred, had been shot in the head above her right eye. The county had the bullet removed and surprisingly she still has vision in the eye though severed tendons in her eyelid have left her with a drooping lid.

Unfortunately, with an economy in a downward spiral, animals often pay the price by being neglected, or worse, killed. Care for horses can be expensive (and though fuel has recently dropped, rate hikes resulted in increased grain/hay hikes, too), and sometimes even good people cannot properly care for a horse any longer. Of course, there are also the cases of abuse, unfortunately. They need and advocate, People Helping Horses steps in to take on horses that fit that bill. They rescue them, rehab them, and put them up for adoption (when appropriate). Horses can be sponsored for as low as $25, though any amount is appreciated. To make a tax-deductible donation (through PayPal, click here and use the Donation button to the right.

Another great horse rescue organization is Castleton Ranch Horse Rescue, located in CA and, like PHH, is a recognized member of the Humane Society and the ASPCA. It, too, is volunteer-run, rescues, rehabs, and puts up horses for adoption. If adoption is not an option (a number of reasons can prohibit adoption, e.g., age, disease, injury), the horses live out the rest of their days at the Castleton Ranch Sanctuary. To make a tax deductible donation (and they do it in cool way, like you can buy a bag of treats, or bale of hay, etc.), click here.

Both of these organizations are nationally recognized for their great work, and in addition to rescue, rehab, adoption, and retirement, they do educational work as well for the horse-owner, and the community.

See, this kind of work is especially meaningful to me since my partner and I have a horse rescued from someone threatening to shoot him in the head. Why? Because she claimed he was having some lameness issues due to advancing age and the type of work he did (hunter/jumper). He is great now - living a life of retirement with supplements that keep his joints relatively pain-free. He even kicks up his heels, uh, hooves, with some of the other horses at the stable now. Here is my big boy, Jordan (that's his witness protection name), with two of his best friends (also rescued, by the woman who owns the stable):

Of course, there are a number of good, worthy organizations out there, and we give regularly to the big name people and animal organizations regularly. No doubt, they would be happy to receive something, anything, from you as well. But if you have a soft spot for horses, these are two good places to support. No amount is too small in this economic climate.

And since we are getting close to Thanksgiving, I have two other organizations to recommend to you, two of whom you may have heard: Feeding America (formerly Second Harvest) and Oxfam America. Right now, Feeding America is having up to $50,000 matched by Tyson Foods, and each dollar feeds 32 meals. To donate, click here.

Oxfam America deals with "Injustice and Poverty" all around the world, and has a program, Hunger Banquet, to teach about issues of hunger, which includes Fast for a World Harvest, and some other events, all designed to highlight world hunger and to raise money.

All four are worthy organizations, to be sure. If you can help and of these organizations, or another one close to your heart, that would be great. No amount is too small in this economic climate.

And if you cannot give money, please consider using as your search engine. You can put in the charity of your choice (after you verify it, or add it if it isn't already there), and every time you do a search, they give money to your cause. It's FREE, and you don't have to use (Obama-supporting) Google. It's a win-win!


TypewriterStreaming said...

Those are great. I particularly like goodsearch. Have never heard of it but will certainly use it from now on. Your horse is a real good looker!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Thanks! I think he is mighty handsome - and TALL. He's 16.2hh. His withers are taller than me!

Goodserach is really awesome - and so easy to use. They have it set up so you can add it to your toolbar, or make it your home page, too.

Hey, aren't those mini horses cute, too? I think it is hysterical that Jordan likes them so much!!