Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Clinton DVD And Debt Repayment

I received this email from the Hillary Clinton campaign on Wednesday:

Dear Amy,

We are living in a very special time in American history, with an election that has redefined the boundaries of possibility and set our nation on a positive path with new leadership.

Things are changing in Washington and we have reason to hope that the next four years will look much different and better than the last eight.

As we look forward to a new era in Washington, there is still one piece of unfinished business where Hillary needs your help.

We need to do all we can to help Hillary by acting now to reduce her remaining debt.

So in case you missed it last time: here is a great way for you to help Hillary once more -- and be a part of one of the most historic campaigns in our history. We've put together a video with some of the best moments from the campaign, including Hillary's speech at the Democratic Convention in Denver.

Watch a quick preview of what you and Hillary did this past year. HERE.




I watched the short preview, and immediately hit the "Donate" button. Not only will it help to defray Senator Clinton's cost (Hello? Senator Obama? What happened to you helping her out after she campaigned so tirelssly for YOU???), but having this dvd, hearing her speeches, and seeing the enthusiastic rallies, is more than worth $50 to me. (* Need to see my receipt? Happy to reproduce it below.)

I hope it is for you, too. Please take a look at the preview and consider getting your own dvd...And if you cannot afford $50, I am sure any amount will be a help.

Despite it all - the actions of the ONC, Obama, and the MSM, this was a historic campaign, and Senator Clinton, with our help, broke records:

If you are able, please consider a donation.


DATE: November 19, 2008 10:30 PM EST
AMOUNT: $50.00


Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

Live from Denver DVD
($50 each)
Quantity: 1

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