Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gone Fishin'

Not really, but will definitely be doing some snorkeling! So, yes, I will be gone all week. It is remotely possible I might end up writing something if I land at an internet cafe (h/t, SusanUnPC!), but most likely not. So, in my absence, again, I recommend these sites to you: No Quarter, The Divine Democrat, Logistics Monster, Bluelyon, and others listed along the side there (Uppity Woman, who can also be found at No Quarter, and Insight Analytical are good ones, too!)

If you are so inclined, and feel like taking a walk down Memory Lane (you know, when Hillary had yet to be forced out of the race), you can check out some of my earlier posts. Or you can just spend more time at your other haunts. In any event, have a good week. See you back here October 5th.

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