Tuesday, September 2, 2008


In today's New York Times, Elisabeth Bumiller has a piece on Sarah Palin, of course. She is the hot topic right now, that's for sure. Here is the title of Bumiller's article: "Disclosures on Palin Raise Questions on Vetting Process." Questions on PALIN are raising concerns about vetting? For real? Oh, yes, because apparently, her husband, not HER, but her HUSBAND, had a DUI 22 yrs ago. Say, WHAAA??? Unbelievable!! That is just shocking - no one has EVER made it into the White House whose spouse has had such a record! Now, we can have PRESIDENTS who have DUIs and admitted cocaine use, but the husband of a Vice Presidential candidate from 22 years ago? For SHAME!!! (Is now when I mention her husband is actually a Democrat? Thought I'd throw that in there just for fun.)

So, yes, George Bush can have his OWN DUI records, and cocaine use. No problem there! I don't recall the NY Times running big ol' articles on HIM! But what is more, is I sure don't recall the NY Times running big articles on how OBAMA has not, was not, is not, vetted. For some reason, his admitted drug and alcohol abuse is off-limits. Apparently, it makes you a racist if you actually point out Obama's drug/alcohol use. Who knew? See, I always thought it was racist to judge someone by the color of their skin alone. Part of that is also not holding someone to the same standards as everyone else, in terms of their accomplishments or lack thereof. So someone who hasn't achieved as much as his competitors gets the nod because of his skin color is just as racist as NOT getting the nod when just as accomplished because of skin color. IMHO, that is. But hey - what do I know? I only did anti-racism work for years...Whatever.

There are some pretty major questions raised about OBAMA, Ms. Bumiller. Perhaps you were not aware of his drug/alcohol use? Or his long-term association with the noted domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers? Or his long-time association with Tony Rezko, who is now awaiting sentencing? Or with the governor of IL who is also being investigated? Or Jeremiah Wright? Or Senator James Meeks? Or his work for ACORN, and I don't mean as a Community Organizer (and I use that terms loosely when it comes to Obama since, by his own admission in his "nonfiction" book, they were already organized, he didn't do much, and they accomplished their goal AFTER he left). I mean his camp apparently funneling money through ACORN. My guess is that all of this is just the tip of the iceberg with Obama. And given his staunch refusal to allow ANY of his academic transcripts to be released, or his passport, or his birth certificate, etc., I think I am standing on some solid ground surmising there is more than we know about him. Judging from his past associations, and HIS incredible lack of vetting by the DNC, the MSM, and the voters.

ANYWHO - so the NY Times is finally bemoaning the lack of vetting going on, but only as it relates to the one woman left in this election season. Yes, she must be held to a TOTALLY different standard than anyone else. So, she is held liable for her husband's DUI, and now, her 17 yr old daughter's pregnancy (and really, if the MSM handled the Bush twins so gingerly when they were off partying, they should lay off this MINOR, too!), and some hooey about her abusive former brother-in-law. Whoa - scary stuff that! Gimme a break already. Oh, and (H/T to Eastan McNeal finding THIS Time article), she considers herself - wait for it - a FEMINIST!!! Oh, you have GOT to be shitting me! How come no one found THAT out before?!?!? She considers herself a FEMINIST!!!!! Shocking!! She is a member of Feminists for Life, which does NOT oppose birth control. And she considers herself a FEMINIST, something many of those young twits who support Obama do not. Given how hard Palin has had to work to get to where she is in a difficult environment (see the Time aricle), she apparently appreciates all the hard work women of my generation did to even get the legislation passed we did. Now we are constantly being threatened that Roe v. Wade could go *POOF* is we do not support Obama. My response is: if you wanted to make absolutely sure Roe v. Wade stands, you should have supported Clinton. That being said, it isn't going anywhere, and this manipulative ploy is just that. It isn't working on those of us who know better. Sarah Palin considers herself a feminist, and holds the highest office in Alaska. Frankly, if it wasn't all that important that George Bush was drinking and driving, and doing massive amounts of drugs, and if it doesn't matter that Obama did a bunch of coke and drank a lot, then why the hell should it matter if TODD Palin had a DUI? I am sure he learned his lesson those 22 years ago!!

My point is that Palin is being investigated in ways Obama never was, and still isn't. The MSM has made excuse after excuse after excuse for him. Plagiarize other's speeches or policies? No big deal - it happens all the time! Emil Jones slapping his name on legislation on which he didn't work? Well, the other people weren't TOO mad, so it's no big deal. Getting everyone thrown off the ballot right before the IL election day? What a clever campaign strategy! Same with releasing SEALED information about his Republican competitor for the US Senate! Brilliant! (Cough, choke) His not bothering to hold any European Affairs Subcommittee meetings? Hey, he was busy drawing in crowds (which he did with the help of rock bands and free food, don't forget - not that the MSM would bother mentioning that). Jeremiah Wright? Well, yeah, they were close once for a little while, only 20 years or so, but not so much once the videos came out. And he really does like gay people - just ask Donnie McClurkin or IL Senator James Meeks! How about all of his "crossing the aisle" to work with the other side, like he claimed he did time after time? Well, heck - they just have to ask Senator John McCain about that, and his letter of 2/6/06 to Barack Obama. You know the one, about apologizing for taking Obama at his word? Yep, that one.

All of this stuff on Obama has been well-documented at a number of online sites. But the MSM has failed to do its due diligence on Obama. Instead, it is focusing on everyone else BUT him as a way to protect him. That is simply unacceptable. Again, I am not a Palin apologist, but I am damn tired of women being treated so disparately in this election, and it is happening all over again. Evidently, there have been no lessons learned from how the MSM treated Hillary Clinton. They seem to think there will be no comeuppance for doing it to Sarah Palin, too. I hope we can show them how very wrong they are.

So, Ms. Bumiller, how about this: instead of attacking Sarah Palin for things she has not even done herself, why don't you and your little rag take a good, hard look at the Man Who Would Be King, Barack Obama? You didn't vet George Bush properly, either, and look where we are as a result. This is your BIG CHANCE to have a do-over. Give it a shot. Try doing some honest-to-goodness impartial investigative journalism for a change? Just a thought.


Mary Ellen said...

Excellent post, Amy. I could tell how passionately you feel about this and I'm so proud of you for speaking out. Those who claim that she was not vetted, while sitting on their laurels as Obama got away with one lie after another, all his papers missing from Illinois, and getting the nod because he is claimed to do only one thing, a "community organizer", are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites.

Oh...and those so-called bastions of virtue, the Obamabots, are out there smearing innocent kids because they can't defend the policies of their own candidate. I wrote a post today about how stupid they are for the hit job on Palin and apparently John Kass, a well known columnist in the Chicago Tribune pointed out the same thing. He really slammed Daily Kos!

If you think NQ would be interested in the piece let me know. I wasn't so sure if they would because it may come off as preachy.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, ME!

Send it on, friend! This is a big deal, if you ask me, and there can't be TOO many of us speaking out on this blatant hypocrisy. It is LUDICROUS that they would make this charge!

Oh, and how abt Obama saying he was more prepared for handling a natural disaster than PALIN because he's run his big campaign staff??? Can you BELIEVE that crap?

Here's a little newsflash for ya, Oama - you're running against MCCAIN!


But I guess he's gotten so used to beating up on women that it's just so much easier to go after Sarah. Or her 17 yr old daughter. Grrr.

Thanks for the compliment! Send me your post! :-D