Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oh, Dick...

Morris, that is. Media Matters reports a segment Dick Morris did the other day comparing Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton. Now, that would have been an interesting comparison, except that he used a false premise for his jumping off point. Oh, the false premise involved Hillary, not Sarah. Big surprise these days, I know, when everyone is concocting falsehood regarding Gov. Palin. No, this was kicking it old school, going back to rag on Hillary by twisting what happened in NH way back in January as a way to demean Hillary and promote Sarah. Now, I am not one to attack Gov. Palin for no cause or based on flat out lies, rumor, or innuendo. But don't use that same ploy with my Hillary, dammit!! (Along the lines of a comparison, Larry Johnson had a good one today, "Sarah Palin, Hillary Like, Not Hillary Lite."

Just in case you don't know who Dick Morris is, he used to work in the Clinton administration until 1996. It was at that time that his long-standing relationship with "call girl," Sherry Rowlands, came out right before President Clinton gave his acceptance speech for the Democratic nomination. And I mean HOURS before. Oh, and he's married, just in case you're keeping score. He seems to have a bit of a personal vendetta against the Clintons - it just makes sense that he would blame THEM for his sordid affair, but hey - I guess that's just Washington politics. Now that we are on the same page, this is what happened with Ol' Dick on Fox News Monday, September 15, 2008:

Except that's not what happened in NH, Morris, you windbag:

At no time, in any way, did she EVER complain about sexism during this moving, patriotic moment. (And honest to pete - tell the truth - did YOU get teary eyed watching and listening to her just now? I know I did. Oh, my - what an awesome opportunity the DNC and Superdelegates squandered...)

She COULD have, mind you. As many of us have said, and has been demonstrated up one side and down the other, there was not just sexism, but downright misogyny addressed to Senator Clinton, and all women. But that was not why she got emotional. She got emotional because she loves this country. She is a devoted, committed public servant, who fought HARD for us - for all 18,000,000 of us, Dick. Now this is, in no way, any kind of indictment against Gov. Palin. She just happened to be the tool by which the tool, Dick Morris, swatted at Sen. Clinton.

No, Senator Clinton barely said a word about the sexism in this campaign, and how she was targeted by the media. We wanted her to, but knew if she did, they would label it whining, complaining, dare I say, BITCHING about it. So, she let it roll off her shoulders, dealing with brutal assaults on her not just because she was a Clinton, but because she was a woman. And she had to let a lot roll. If, by some chance, you need a reminder, here's a short one:

Uh, yeah. What the hell does SHE have to complain about, I ask you?!?! Ahem.

And then there is Barack Obama. Obama has STILL to be vetted because no one wanted to look like a racist for questioning his record (NEWSFLASH: to treat someone disparately because of the color of their skin, for good or ill, is racist). The articles are just POURING out claiming if Obama loses, it will be racism, pure and simple (Lisa B. just had an excellent article on this topic at No Quarter). That is preposterous -if he loses, it will be because of his incredible lack of experience, his shady associates, and his thin resume. To vote for him simply because of his skin color is racist, no doubt about it. He should be held to all the same standards as anyone else in his position. But no. I think we all know more about Governor Palin at this point than we do about Obama because SHE has been open about her life. Obama? Not so much. Still waiting on those records, Barack, still waiting...

Anywho - so Dick Morris continues to bash Clinton, but he also misses the point by so doing: Governor Palin may not have complained about sexist treatment by the media, but that does NOT mean she, like Hillary, has not been the recipient of it. In just a few weeks, the media, and so-called liberals, have already engaged in a great deal of sexism against her. Since I began with Media Matters, I will close with this video from them of talking heads at CNN after McCain announced Palin. So, Dick, the bottom line is that neither one of these women complained about sexism, though Clinton had to deal with about 23 more months of it than Palin has thus far. But make no mistake - she's dealing with it, too. Which means all women are dealing with it (gee, can a woman have a family AND a job in the 21st century? It would sure seem not, judging by the reaction of Democrats and the MSM). Check it out:

And Governor Palin, just so you know - a lot of us may not agree with many of your policies, but we are damn sick and tired of people saying crap to women for being women, so we will speak up, and speak out. Oh, and Dick? Maybe you should stop speaking already.


Mary Ellen said...

I was in the car running errands yesterday and I flipped on the radio to Air American (I know, what was I thinking?!) Anywho...Ed Schultz was on and he was at some townhall meeting in Alaska discussing Palin and "Troopergate". I didn't hear the whole thing, but there was some guy up that was going over the facts in the case. Well, ol' Ed kept trying to get him to say that Sarah Palin had something to do with the guy getting fired and the facts just weren't there. He (the guy...not Ed)said very politely that there may be more information that comes out later, but he didn't want to speculate on rumors. Well, the crowd went nuts! They were screaming and yelling at the guy, calling him a lousy politician, etc. Then they were screaming that Palin was a liar and guilty as charged. Honestly, Amy, I was almost expecting to hear them yell, "She's a witch, burn her at the stake!" It was frightening and Ed Schultz was doing everything he could to fuel that hate with the way he was wording the questions in his interview. It made me sick...just sick.

This crowd of Obamabots are so hateful, I fear that if Obama's minions continue with this, some nut case is going to try and shoot her or something. If she had walked in on that meeting, she surely would have been harmed, I have no doubt.

I can't stand Ed Schultz and his ilk, they did the same thing to Hillary during the Primary. Now they are doing it to Palin.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, ME -

That is really disturbing, but I know EXACTLY what you mean. That has been my take on it, too. ALl sense of decency and fair play seem to have been completely lost with these people.

Ed Schultz is such a tool - he didn't use to be so bad, but so many of those Air America people have become such hate mongerers. I used to listen to Stephanie Miller until she became such a shill for Obama. Listening to her show became one long commercial for him. It was disgusting.

As for Palin, from everything I have heard abt this guy whom Palin fired, she was WELL within her right to do so. He WAS being insubordinate, and was trying to go around her to get stuff he wanted. It had next to nothing to do with her former brother-in-law. But hey - why whould they let the actual facts determine the outcome??


And yes - absolutely they are doing the same thing to Palin as they did to Hillary. Hell - they got away with it before, so why wouldn't they do it NOW??


Texas said...


I just couldn't resist responding to Obama's latest e-mail. So I posted it at FR.

You'll get a kick out of the responses.


P.S. I must have missed your article in August at NQ about "We Will Not Be Silenced." I just read it today when I was searching for the latest on the video. My aunt, Peniel, participated in it. I was one of the 200 in Texas that signed affidavits with the Clinton campaign. Peniel was key to my getting involved in Hillary's campaign. I was "elected" as a delegate at my precinct. I wouldn't have gone to the caucus at all if she hadn't absolutely insisted! (I'm glad I went, but not so glad about the experiences.)

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Wow, TX - that's amazing abt your Aunt Peniel! And YOU! I can only imagine how traumatic that whole experience was. I have to be honest, after I watched the 30 minute preview, I just could not get it out of my head. It was SO disturbing, disheartening, maddening...That was MY response - to actually have been INVOLVED in it must have been something - words fail...

I'll go take a look at Free Republic!

Btw, TX - if you sent the info you had abt Obama and the Harvard Law Review, SusanUnPC never got it, just so you know...

Texas said...

I wonder what happened with the email. I'll try to send it again.

Unfortunately, a chunk of what I had was published by someone else at

I have a bit more that might still make a good article. I'll send it.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Thanks, Texas. I'll go check out the link.

ANd for some reason, maybe it was too busy, but I haven't been able to get to the Free Republic piece yet I'll keep trying!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, Tex - if you're still around, try emailing the info to: Thanks!

Mitchell said...

Hello there,

I saw your post on another blog about wanting to have someone run against Clyburn. Well let me tell you, there is someone, and someone VERY, VERY VIABLE. It is a Woman as well, Nancy Harrelson. YOu may not agree with her positions, but you can agree that it is time for someone to put aside partisan politics and work for the people for once. Please check out her site and spread the word.


Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Thanks, Mitchell, I'll check it out (and I am working on another Clyburn piece, btw)...

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

OK - Mitchell - I checked her out, and this from her website is enough for me NOT to support her against Clyburn,"However, we must condemn the behavior of gays. I strongly believe that gay marriage has no place in our society. "

Um, no. But thanks for playing!

Mitchell said...

I think it was the wording that may have been offensive. She is saying that she is against gay marriage, not gays. I just heard her speaking on the Rocky D Radio Show talking about not caring if your black, white, gay or straight. I believe she means to condemn gay marriage, not gays in general. I don't know anything else about her position, however, I do encourage you not to give up on her completely. Any alternative is good.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, Mitchell -

Thanks for the comment. From her website, it seems that she has the view that GLBT are "sinners, " as in the old adage, "Hate the sin, love the sinner!" But I hear ya, and appreciate the input!

Mitchell said...

I believe she only brought up that specific "sin" because it was involved with that particular topic. But I happen to know that she would agree with me and my position that Liars, people that steal something from a friend and don't give it back, and those that want something someone else has, are equal. I have done all three of those and I'm sure she has. She in no way is stating that she is better than, or only manipulating that particular characteristic to get on gays. It is just the mere fact it is involved with the issue. Thank you for being so kind in your responses, though we differ in party alignment, I appreciate the way you look at things.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Well, I'll be damned, Mitchell - I swear, I think Nancy has changed her website on the issue of Gay marriage! I kid you not! Huh - interesting!

A little strong on the whole abortion thing, though. Still, I am fairly confidant that Roe v. Wade will be around for some time - it is Constitutional, after all.

I appreciate your coming by, too, Mitchell. I am all to happy to engage in real dialogue with people - I don't have to agree on everything to appreciate someone else's point of view. And thanks for the compliment!

Mitchell said...

Regardless of the differentiating views democrats like yourself and others in the district have, we have a common problem. We elect leaders to act on our behalf and to be statesmen/stateswomen not activists for their own causes. Unfortunately, we have been betrayed by our Congressman and the special interests he dreams about at night. Regardless if democrats' views differ from Nancy's views, we are not electing her as a democrat, independent, or republican. We need her as a statesperson and representative, the one thing she has PROMISED to do. NO one's voice will be unheard, and everyone, democrat, republican, gay, straight, black, white, hispanic has a voice with her. She says it in all of her speeches. We need some common sense, and I actually believe she brings that breath of fresh air for democrats and republicans alike, regardless of her positions; she's to serve the constituents not the republican party. If I can be of assistance to you in any way, or if you want more information, please feel free to e-mail me. You can find my contact information on Nancy's site under contact. Please consider this change. Thanks,

Mitchell B.