Thursday, September 4, 2008


Another one bites the dust. Obama's good buddy, Kwane Kilpatrick, the mayor of Detroit, has now accepted a plea in his CORRUPTION case to step down as mayor, and pay a $1 million dollar fine.

Oh, and here is another little fun fact - Obama and Kilpatrick are ALSO connected by - wait for it - JEREMIAH WRIGHT!!! Remember that Kilpatrick had Wright come speak to the NAACP dinner? Oh, yeah.

But don't you fear - Obama had already kicked Kilpatrick under the curb, telling him not to bother coming to the Convention.

Yet another close friend of Obama's - tell me again, WHY did the DNC shove THIS guy down our throats???


Mary Ellen said...

LOL! Obama is going to have to invest in a whole new fleet of buses if this continues! Maybe we should accuse Obama for being a racist because he disavowed a black guy. Wouldn't that be rich?

Mary Ellen said...

Amy---I have an announcement to make. THE DIVINE DEMOCRAT IS UP AND RUNNING AGAIN! Check out my first post. The blog will be under construction for awhile, I need to get my sidebar together and a blogroll going....tell me what you think of the first post, it features PUMA.

I will be continuing Bad Habit for awhile, I lost so many of my regulars because of my fight for Sarah Palin. I'll see if it's worth it to keep it going. I'm not even going to mention that my old blog is up to them. I'll get the word out to those who I think will be interested.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

No kidding, huh? Just amazing that he has all of these sordid associates, yet people I now and love are rushing to support him. WTH??!?!

EXCELLENT abt Divine Dem! I did just leave a comment at your other place, but I will change the blog roll to reflect this.

And I am sorry that people are being so stupid. What has happened with people?!?! I hope you know that people have your back!

Mary Ellen said...

I appreciate that, Amy. I'm going to continue with Bad Habit, but I'm going to post my political views on The Divine Democrat. There's just too much that is going on that I can't leave unsaid. I hope I can get my viewership up there again. It's not going to be easy. Bad Habit will be reserved for basic posts about observations in daily life and other stories in the news. Hopefully that will make everyone happy.

BTW, I send in that request to be invited to NQ. I'm still kind of confused on the whole thing. I don't know how to get my posts sent in, etc. I'll take a better look at it later this evening when I have time. I'm not sure if I've been accepted into the group yet.

NN said...

Just curious. Do you think community organizing is a stupid profession?

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...


No, I don't. Don't know where you got that idea. But OBAMA'S Community Organizing experience, by his own admission, was hardly a success. And certainly not enough on which to base an entire preisdential campaign (oh, wait - he is also using that he is running a presidential campaign as part of his resume to be president). Many community organizers do great work, and they are committed TO their work. Obama has demonstrated quite the opposite. Given that hsi constituents were living in dilapidated houseing courtesy of his great buddy, Rezko, I daresay Obama didn't care all that much abt his populace. But that's just me.

If you have read my posts before, then you will know that I actually worked for ACORN, too, back in 19886, actually.

And I don't know what the heck this has to do with Kilpatrick, Obama's close friend, and his legal troubles..