Thursday, September 4, 2008


"Stop It - You're being MEAN to me!"

That was the response, in essence, of the Obama campaign to Governor Sarah Palin's speech last night. It was laughable that the man who viciously attacked members of his own PARTY, tainting the best president we have had in years with false claims of being a racist, demeaning and belittling his opponent who is light years above him, to cry foul that a REPUBLICAN VP candidate would speak as a Republican. As if you, Obama, didn't engage in divisive rhetoric against the Republicans. If you did it to your own party members, to try and act like you never said a negative word against McCain in your speech is just hooey. You really do think we are a bunch of morons. Here's a little newsflash for you - not all of us are. Some of us can process information, and actually remember from one week to the next.

Not only did Palin speak as the running mate of the Republican presidential nominee, she also called him out on all of his BS comparisons between himself and her. And, she called him out on his derogatory comments towards small towns, and their occupants. Of course, the comparisons are out of bounds anyway since she is not at the top of the ticket, and Obama is. But whatever - he seems to relish (figuratively) beating up on the women in the race instead of taking on the men. I guess he thought he'd get his ass beaten by the men. Well, here's a little newsflash for you, Barry - you just got your ass beat by a GIRL (please read all of the dripping, snarky sarcasm you can into the inflection on "girl"). Oh, yeah - she whomped up on you good, as we say down South. Along with this Southern expression, she smacked you up side your fool head. Governor Palin took all of the assholic comparisons you made between the two of you, and showed your complete lack of understanding, humor, and grace. Moreover, she exposed your complete and utter lack of experience in governing, your arrogance, and your condescending attitudes. Oh, yeah - she nailed it. And you, Obama. She sees you for who you are - a propped up, puffed up, patronizing empty suit with no real accomplishments to your name. She's got your number. And it's making you mad because you can't shut her up with threats of party disunity like you did Hillary. Hillary Clinton is faithful to the Party (despite their lack of faithfulness to her), and she was not willing to have it implode. Governor Palin doesn't have to worry about that. And anyway, you're making it implode enough all by your own self.

I loved when she said being a "mayor was like being a Community Organizer, only with responsibilities." Hysterical.

She convicted you when she claimed McCain says the same thing to people across the country, not one thing to Scranton and another to San Francisco. Ouch - truth hurts, doesn't it??

But my favorite line had to be her quip about them taking back the "Styrofoam Greek columns to the studio lot." Thank the goddess for DVR-capability. I had to pause then because we were laughing so hard. And then I re-wound it. Twice. That was priceless.

There were definitely more funny moments in her speech, but her speech did what it was supposed to do - introduce her to the people. Frankly, she hit a grand slam. That probably pisses Obama off, too. She can give a great speech - and she even lost use of her teleprompter in there - bet you didn't notice, did you? Neither did I. I heard about it this morning. Oh, hell - you KNOW what would have happened if Obama had that problem: "Uh, ah, um, well, uh, I, I, I, I, uh..." She also made clear that she DOES have experience in governing - that's what being a governor is all about, isn't it? It's kinda inherent in the title. Just sayin'. And I think she addressed the sexism heaped upon her by the Obama camp and the MSM. (Oh, you have NO idea the depths to which the MSM have sunk. I thought they had peaked with their horrific treatment of Senator Clinton. How wrong I was!)

Overall, while I don't agree with all of Governor Palin's policies, she handled herself with tremendous calm under pressure, good humor, strength, and intelligence. No doubt, she has assuaged fears on the Republican side about choosing her, and energized that Party tremendously. She showed clearly why Senator McCain chose her. It is looking more and more like a brilliant move on his part. And she introduced herself to all of us, as well. Like I said, she hit a grand slam out of the park.

NOTE: To all of you Obamabots who are going to start with these crapola talking points today, let's be clear: Palin was not in an Alaskan Independence Group. That was debunked by Alaskan state officials. So, stop with the whole "Anti-American" crap. If you wish to attack her for mentioning nuclear energy last night (something about which I am not crazy), I hasten to remind you that Obama has said the same thing in the Democratic debates. There are real differences that can be discussed - let's stick with those instead of the made up allegations.

And one last note before I forget - I keep getting emails sent to me about how McCain does not favor gay marriage, including one from HRC yesterday (it was forwarded to me by a family member - I terminated my membership with them once they endorsed Obama). Here's the thing for all of you people who keep saying McCain is SO much worse on this than Obama: He is not. Obama is NOT in favor of gay marriage. He has made that PERFECTLY clear. NEITHER ONE OF THEM is good for the GLBT community. The best choice was Elizabeth Edwards. I mean, Wes Clark. No, no, Carol Moseley Braun. Seriously, it was Hillary Clinton, as most of us know, though those mentioned above stated clearly and emphatically that it was a Civil Rights issue, and they were all for it. So, stop trying to manipulate me, and others, with this straw man argument. Obama is not going to do jack more for our community, should he get elected. Stick to the facts, not the fallacies.


Mary Ellen said...

Holy cow, you're cranking these posts out faster than I can keep up today. You're on a roll, kiddo!

Isn't it always the way when men can dish it out but they can't take it. The Obamabots are whining like there's no tomorrow. Sheesh.

I think the comment she made about Obama's so-called community service was the best...and the Greek column one had me rolling on the floor! It was so much fun, I think I'll watch it again tonight.

Oh...I posted a change on my Bad Habit blog today in a new post. I'm switching all my political posts to The Divine Democrat, the other stuff is staying on Bad Habit. I won't get back the ones I lost, but at least I won't have to second guess every post I write for fear of offending someone. I'll see how that goes for awhile.

Diamond Tiger said...

I second Mary Ellen's comment.

Way to much information - I'm going into overload.

I linked you up but your post makes some amazing points.


Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...


I'm actually watching John McCain right now - never thought I'd be doing THAT. Palin brought down the house last night, though - she was funny as crap.

And did you see some of the horrible comments coming from the Obama camp?? "She did what they wanted her to do." Like she was some trained poodle who went out there and performed her tricks. She CO-WROTE that speech! Such arrogant patronizing jerks. They are like petulant little children.

I swear - it has become upside down world. I was thinking today that Obama and Bush have done more to divide this country, friends from friends, family from family, than at any other time I can remember. They have completely transformed the term, "Unity." Now it's definition is DIVIDE! What the hell happened??

That's to both you AND Diamond Tiger! :-D

And ME, I want for you the space to write what you feel in your heart. Without people attacking you relentlessly. It is just ridiculous that the people who have screamde and yelled abt speech being curtailed by the Bush Admin are the SAME ONES who are trying to shut US up. We are democrats, dammit - with a small d, perhaps now, but we believe in true democracy. And hell, if the DNC ever returns to democratic principles, I'll return to them.

Oh, SNAP - John McCain just said that Sarah Palin doesn't let anyone tell her to sit down. Damn!! Why weren't the DEMS saying this kind of thing abt HILLARY??? No, they MADE her sit down. Grrrr.

Anywho - ME, I am glad you resurrected Divine Dem. And you have kiced it off BEAUTIFULLY!!

DT!! So nice to have you come by! And thanks for the compliment. Means a lot coming from you!

Hill Force One said...

You can find Palin's speech and transcript for download here:
(it didn't fit in my Hillary blog, of course, but amazing that I got to the point to care about it)

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Thanks, Hill Force One!