Saturday, September 13, 2008


By now, you have probably heard about the latest Obama ad. To be honest, I don't want to give it any more play than it has gotten - you can find it on YouTube. In it, though, Obama attacks McCain for being in office since 1982, thus implying he's been around too long. Apparently, he forgot that his own running mate has been in since 1973. No matter. That's not the worst part, it's just stupid. No, the worst part is when the ad mocks - yes, MOCKS - McCain for not being able to use a keyboard and send email, apparently trying to keep his youthful base. Well, that's also kinda stupid insofar as some senior citizens might take offense, but that's not the biggest issue with it. Ready? Here is it:


This is all pretty well known, which is what makes Obama's latest ad not just offensive, but cruel and heartless. How dare he mock this man who almost died in service to this country for not being able to do "hip" activities like use a keyboard when the man cannot even comb his hair!!! What the hell is the MATTER with Obama??? This is so reminiscent of Saxby Chambliss attacking Max Cleland as being unpatriotic, except that Chambliss was not running to be COMMANDER IN CHIEF!!! If this is how Obama treats this war hero, how can any of our returning wounded veterans expect him to take their issues, their physical limitations, seriously??

There are many who are writing on this issue, and better than I, so I refer you to my favorite haunt, No Quarter, to see some of those pieces. But I saw a piece on this ad today that just stymied me. The title is: "Obama Gets Tough, Shoots Self in Head." True that, but it was THIS sentence from that piece that really hit me:
"I've always thought that Barack Obama is unqualified for the office of President—he isn't qualified to be a Senator, either—but I've never thought he was particularly mean-spirited. Until now."

I'm sorry, WHAT? You never thought Obama was mean-spirited (though I applaud you for recognizing that he is not fit to hold elected office)? I have long thought he was, and he has shown it in any NUMBER of ways. Here are just a few: remember the "Harry and Louise" ads in which he completely misrepresented Hillary Clinton's Universal Health Care message, as well as NAFTA, and how he dismissed her when she spoke out about the ads? Here's a refresher:
ABC News' Sunlen Miller reports: After two of Sen. Barack Obama's mailers, one on NAFTA and the other on health care, prompted Sen. Hillary Clinton to say, "Shame on you, Barack Obama," Obama told reporters Clinton got “exercised this morning,” and that the notion that “somehow we are engaging in nefarious tactics, I think, is hard to swallow.”

Uh, no, no it isn't.

Okay, that was mild, but still, shows his character. How about this one?

Or this:

Or how about this:

Don't you just LOVE his mealy mouth attempts to claim this didn't happen?? Claire McCaskill's mouth does not look like she is saying a damn thing, Obama. And pictures don't lie.

How about the ever-growing number of people he has thrown under the bus whenever it was politically expedient to do so, INCLUDING HIS OWN GRANDMOTHER? That doesn't strike anyone as being mean-spirited?

Hell, I could go on and on and on, sadly. I just cannot believe that people are just NOW seeing how mean-spirited he IS. He has demonstrated it time and time again, but I guess since his minions were laughing, others thought maybe it was suppsoed to be funny.

Yeah, well, that freakin' offensive as all-get-out ad was SUPPOSED to be funny - if he wasn't making fun of someone for activities lost to him because of TORTURE!!!

Again, here is the one the DNC shoved down our throat. This mean-spirited, egotistical, arrogant, narcissistic, unqualified, inexperienced blowhard. Well done, DNC. You really know how to pick 'em.


Mary Ellen said...

Hi Amy- I know why his supporters can't see their chosen ONE as mean spirited, because they are just like him and they revel in their own hate.

On TDD, the post I had written, "Truth", I received a comment this morning which is typical of Obamabot attacks. This blogger, FranIAM, had come previously to the other blog, Bad Habit, and attacked and insulted me...then called me a bully. Then she came to TDD and did the exact same thing. So, she attacks me..then points the finger at me and calls me the bully. This is EXACTLY what Obama does (his minions learned his tactics and lessons well). Oh...and why did FranIAM , attack me? Because I dared to speak up against the smears of Sarah Palin's children and the lies and smears about Sarah. (BTW,if you notice her "IAM" in her name, that's in reference to God--pretty high opinion of herself, don't ya think?) In that crowd, if you don't agree with them, you are the enemy, pure and simple.

I used to wonder how Fascism in Germany could have spread so quickly in the days of Hitler, and now I see it first hand. It starts with a message of hope and change, sprinkled with a little hate for those who disagree and vile remarks for even the children of those who disagree.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Oh, I remember FranIAm - she's the one in div school or something? And YEAH, I'd say she has a high opinion of herself...

And yes, I can sure see NOW how Hitler made inroads. I never could understand that before, but it has become blatantly obvious to me now. It is really frigtening.

And I TOTALLY understand abt the heat from just wanting people to be ACCURATE in their attacks on people, particularly Sarah Palin. THey are just BOUND and DETERMINED to use these debunked rumors abt her. I got an email a little while ago from my brother with a piece by Eve Ensler, with ALL those same smears against her. I responded that it was a staggering number of inaccuracies in her piece, and that Ensler should know better - it just weakens her argument.

I continued that Obama with his "women who are feeling blue" shouldn't consider abortions is NO BETTER for women. Or Obama with his, "mental distress does not qualify" for having an abortion - I haven't met a woman YET who wasn't in "Mental distress" at having to have an abortion is no better! Obama, with his numerous votes of "present" on a number of issues related to women and choice in IL is NOT any better for women. Obama who pays his women staffers less than his men staffers (McCain does the opposite), while chastising America for not paying women more is no better for women.

And I finished it off with for Obama to mock McCain for not being able to use a keyboard or email in his latest ad is simply reprehesible. McCain can't use a keyboard, that's true, for all the reasons I am sure you know. Let's just say, he didn't take my response well...

I hope your family is safe and sound, friend, and not in the flood waters!

Mike J. said...

I have a growing suspicion the Obama campaign is run by a bunch of narcissistic, trust-funded Gen-X'er or Millennial kids. Certainly whoever creates and approves these ads seems to belong in that category, given that McCain and Palin are essentially being portrayed as "uncool" squares: McCain is old, can't use a computer, believes in the idea of serving one's country, while Palin is a hunter, wears a lot of make-up, has a lot of children, believes in God, comes from a small town, and she's a GIRL.

The problem, of course, is that a lot of the Democratic Party base fits into these categories too. It seems like they have yet to produce an ad that does not, however obliquely, insult some key Democratic demographic.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, Mike!

Oh, you are absolutely right - the target audience for these ads seems so small to me. You KNOW that the Obama people will say this is just abt AGEISM (!!), not attacking McCain's physical limitations from the 5 1/2 yrs of torture. Hey - they got away with all of that sexism all the time, so why shouldn't they get away with ageism?

Anywho - yes, they are definitely trying to depict McCain and Palin as unhip squares, not realizing, I guess, that a whole bunch of people believe in service to country, religion ("gimme that old timey kind" they say), and other basic American ways of life. Obama doesn't care, though - he has a niche, the group that most worships and idolizes him. That's his target base. Everyone else be damned.

Wow, I hope this comes back to bite him. No one deserves thar more than he does!

Great observations - thanks!

Texas said...

Let's put his mean-spiritedness into a little bit of context that almost anyone in American can understand, especially those who would vote for Obama based solely on his race.

Obama voted for the Bridge to Nowhere. We know that already. When Americans found out about the egregious sum of money, the Bridge to Nowhere became very unpopular politically. We know that already.

What most people don't know is that Obama was given given a second chance to vote on the Bridge to Nowhere when a Republican Senator proposed an amendment to divert the bridge funding to help victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Obama voted against that amendment. Let me repeat that in another way, Obama voted NOT to help victims of Hurricane Katrina.

African Americans were the race most affected by Hurricane Katrina. Their beloved Presidential Nominee, whom they support primarily based on his race, voted NOT to help them.

How's that for a kick in the teeth?

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Holy Cow, Texas - that is unbelievable! I'll have to take a look into that...You mean, after Jesse Jackson, Jr. SMEARED Clinton when she got emotional saying she cried no tears fro the victims of Katrina, Obama voted NOT to help them? What a stand-up guy. Ahem.

I did know he voted for the Bridge to Nowhere twice (and good that Gov. Palin said, you know, there IS actually a community there,w ith an airport and everything...), yet is now hammering HER for earmarks. What are his up to these days? I think it's over $900Million. Swell guy - just the kind you do NOT want with his hand in the cookie jar...