Friday, September 5, 2008

Swiftboating Redux?

Now this is just ironic. Some of you may recall that not too long ago, Andrew Sullivan attacked yours truly. My sister sent me a link to Andrew's latest drivel, more attack on Sarah Palin (if you feel you must read his piece, here is the LINK). For him to use an undocumented comment by someone who CLAIMS to be from Alaska and to know all of these players involved is poor journalism at best, and tabloid at worst. In general, not just on this issue, that is. But that is Andrew's problem. He isn't a real journalist, he just poses as one.

In case anyone missed it, this is what Larry Johnson wrote to him at No Quarter after Andrew started the rumors about Bristol Palin being the mother of Trig:

Fuck You Andrew Sullivan

You piece of human scum. Pick the time and date. I will kick your ass. You are despicable. There is one indisputable fact–Sarah Palin gave life to a baby boy who has Down’s Syndrome. And you dare to suggest that this was an illegitimate birth by her daughter. You have no sense of decency or honor. You deserve to be beaten in every manner conceivable. You and your cohorts spread this vicious lie. You are a spineless coward. There is only one truth. Sarah Palin’s Down’s Syndrome baby has more humanity and intelligence than you will ever achieve in your pathetic life. You are a synonym for asshole. I will fight you with one arm tied behind my back and destroy you. Please, accept the challenge.

In other words, Sullivan's a tool.

Here's the thing - by spreading rumors, and posting unsubstantiated "comments" of Palin's time in Wasilla (I have seen other comments that were more favorable by the people who lived there, as well as in a BIG article about her in, it weakens the argument against her. The amount of time she was governor is a slippery slope for Democrats since Obama has spent very little time in the Senate - he has missed almost HALF of the Senate votes, and started campaigning almost as soon as he got in. So, Democrats need to be mighty careful on that one - especially since she is not at the top of the ticket and Obama is. It just sets them up, is my point. I have tried to find independent, reliable verification of this story, but have not been able to do so. Huffington Post is the main source for this story, and they are notoriously slanted. Oh, and Palin has the highest approval rating of any governor in the COUNTRY. Which is why I say those who want to slam her must have documentation to support their claims against her.

Along those lines - NO ONE in the Obama camp should follow up on Palin allegedly "biting the hand" that got her where she is given what he did to Alice Palmer, and the NUMEROUS people he has now thrown under the bus. (By the way, did you know that Bill Ayers lives about 1 1/2 blocks away from Obama? And the Farrakhan compound is right up the street from Ayers? H/T to Truthteller for this info! Coincidence?? Hahahahaha.) So, yeah - I'd let that one lie if I was him...

Even more than that,though, the Obama people should NEVER chastise anyone else for not being "vetted." Obama has NEVER been fully vetted, certainly not by the MSM. Had he, he would not be the nominee now. He has too many shady associates (add Kilpatrick to that list), too few legislative accomplishments, too little experience, and no paper trail at ALL. NONE. (How can that be? Hell, I have a paper trail, and I'm not running for president! I have old date books - I even know where they are! I have files, for cryin' out loud!! With papers in them! Really! And Obama doesn't?? Uh, sure.)

Frankly, this is the kind of thing Bush supporters did to Al Gore and John Kerry. It is disturbing to me that the Left Wing has started acting so much like the Right Wing in its actions. Perhaps it learned too well from the Bushits. But this is not the Democratic Party I knew - maybe I was/am naive, but I expect my Party to act ethically and with integrity. It has lost out on both counts in a major way this year. I don't recognize it any more - well, not as Democratic anyway. And bear in mind, I was clinging to the far left corner of the DNC before this. Not a centrist am I. The sexism and misogyny ALONE this year has been nothing but shocking and unprecedented. Women are the BACKBONE of the DNC, and it has treated us like pure shit. Now, it is starting on Palin. I never thought I'd see this day. I am truly dismayed by this. McCain came out FORCEFULLY against the media and DEMOCRATS attacking Palin for not staying home and taking care of her babies! What is this - 1958??? The DEMOCRATS are saying this, and the REPUBLICANS are the ones standing up for women! I feel like I am living in upside-down world. Bush and Obama claim to be Uniters, and both have divided this country more than anyone else I can remember. Friends end friendships, families are fighting - what the hell is going ON???? I guess "Uniter" is supposed to be defined as "divider" now...

Bottom line is this - go after Palin's POLICY positions, and there are certainly ones that are 180 degrees from many Progressives. But the Swift-Boating will backfire, I think. It infuriated us when it happened to our candidate because it was based on lies and innuendo. I hardly think we should be using the same tactics now.

Sigh. I am passionate about this, as you see. I am sad, sad that the DNC has acted so immorally, so unethically, and engaged in flat out fraud. Maybe this kind of thing has been going on for years and I just didn't see it or know it, but if so, it sure wasn't this blatant. Not by half. I cannot stand to see the Democrats engaging in such sleazy politics. And I am furious at the way they are treating women. What does it say when the RNC and McCain come out guns BLAZING about the sexist treatment of Sarah Palin, when Obama ENGAGED in sexist treatment of Clinton, and the DNC supported it, said nothing, and its leaders engaged in it. Now they are turning it on Palin. That is simply unacceptable to me. Completely, and utterly unacceptable. I will not condone that kind of treatment of women. And let me say this - if this is how Obama is treating Clinton and Palin now, you cannot claim he will watch out for women if president. If he treats women like this, over half the population, what hope do members of the GLBT community have? And so it goes down the line. How incredibly, disturbingly, sad...


InsightAnalytical--GRL said...

Yes, it is a Rovian campaign, through and through. It completely undermines Obama's claim about offering a "different kind of politics."

Here's my take...

“If You Don’t Take Care of Women in Your Party (and Don’t Respect Those in the Other Party), How Can You Be Trusted with Issues Affecting Women–Or Anything Else, For That Matter? (It’s the Loss of Credibility, Stupid!)”

This post is a personal reflection on the folly of the Democratic Party and Barack Obama. Makes you wonder what the hell happened that we should have ENFORCERS at a Convention…but for our own people, not just protestors!
There is a great line from The Best Man (Gore Vidal) that ends the piece…sums up the situation PERFECTLY…..

Mary Ellen said...

Everytime I think the Dems hit an all time low, they go lower.

This ridiculous charge of Palin not being vetted just burns me up. While cleaning up my dinner dishes last night the TV was on and the convention was being broadcast. I wasn't listening to it that closely and then two of the commentators were talking (have no idea who, I didn't look up at the TV), I heard one say something to the effect that "Now is the chance to vett Sarah Palin, it's time to dig deep into her record, see what she's done in the past..."

I just about broke a glass in my sink! When the hell are they going to vet Obama? When are they going to report on HIS past, especially concerning his strong links to Ayers and Rezko? When are we going to hear about all the legislation they added his name to at the last minute to pad his resume before he ran for US Senator? When are we going to hear from these clowns all that Obama and THEY have been sitting on?

Ugh...these people who call themselves journalist should have their names and credentials kicked into the gutter where they belong.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Great point, Insight. And I agree completely. Since Obama always likes to show off his biblical knowledge (oh, who cares if he gets it wrong?? Ahem.), "what you do to the least of these" says a whole helluva lot abt someone's character. I think we have seen plenty enough of Obama's character to know just what he would do. Just send in another bus!!

ME - I know. It is sheer, unadulturated hypocrisy the way they are talking abt Palin. I would love for any one of those journalists (besides Bonnie Ere, who is one of the VERY few who is looking into Obama), especially tv journalists to actually do some damn work already on him. It is just such shoddy work in which they have engaged. They have made a mockery of their profession.

Just so you know, if you watch these things on C-Span, you don't have to listen to ANY of these people. It is FANTASTIC!!!

Btw, McCain's story last night was truly remarkable. I have heard the general overlay before, but to see both the video, and hear McCain talk abt it, was really powerful. This is a man who has more courage in his little finger than Obama does in his entire body. Even before this election, I had a grudging admiration and respect for McCain. He has been through a lot, and he has come out the other side all the stronger for it. Don't agree with many of his policies, but he does seem to genuinely care for the country and its citizens. Can't say that abt Obama!

Mary Ellen said...

Hi Amy--this is OT, but check out the new video at The Divine Dem...not sure if you saw it already, but I think you'd get a kick out of it. ;-)

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Absolutely! I was just there, and te new site is AWESOME!!!

Mike J. said...

I think the charge that Palin was not vetted was an effort to stampede McCain into dropping Palin from the ticket. It was clear right from the start she represented a major threat to Obama. I simply cannot believe that people who had no problem with Obama's experience suddenly developed this concern for the qualifications of the GOP VP nominee.

It wasn't gonna work! Loyalty is one of McCain's trademarks, and besides if he dropped Palin he'd be toast. And now that she demonstrated what a formidable candidate she is, all the talk of vetting disappeared.


Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Mike J, I think you are absolutely right. There has been a concerted effort to compare her to Eagleton, the VP choice who was dropped from the ticket once it came out he had some mental health treatment. So, yes, they were DEFINITELY trying to get her off the ticket.

And what does it say abt Obama, his JUDGMENT that keeps being touted, and his experience that he is consistently going after the VP, and not McCain? It highlights how incredibly weak he is as a candidate. And is reinforcing EVERYTHING Clinton supporters said abt him.

Palin is showing at every step that she is not going to back down, and that she is very smart. Obama and his people are not going to intimidate her. Like I said, he can't hold the whole Party "unity" meme over her head, either. So, he is fumbling - badly.

Not like any of us couldn't predict that this was EXACTLY what was going to happen. The DNC and their "Selection" have screwed the Democratic Party. Clinton STIL polls higher than McCain. Obama, spending his millions, is tied. Way to go, DNC!!