Friday, September 12, 2008

Targeting Clinton Democrats

Yesterday, I received an "Action Alert" from the ClintonDems organization. It is a shout out to all Clinton Democrats to help Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, a major Clinton supporter. It seems Jesse Jackson, Jr. is making good on his threats to target representatives who did not toe the line for Obama. Of course, he's target ting representatives who SWITCHED, too, but he seems to have it in for ANYONE who did not support Obama from the get-go. What a great guy. And the DCCC wonders why I won't give them any more money - he is one of the major reasons (along with Cohen and PELOSI) with his bullying, threatening, intimidation of ANYONE who supported Clinton. I guess because it looked bad for his candidate if anyone dared to not support the Emperor 100 percent. Hmmm - sounds like a banana republic to me! But I digress. Below is the email from the Clinton Dems. If you can help, even just a little, that would be great. We cannot allow these bullies to drum out these fine representatives!

Calling all Clinton Dems!

Hillary will be attending a reception for Sheila Jackson Lee on September 21st in Houston Texas and they need your help! This is no ordinary fundraiser...

There appears to be an all out effort on to oust representatives that supported Hillary from their congressional seats. Sheila is one of them.

Big money players are supporting Sheila's opponent and really putting the heat on. The "politics of personal destruction" is their game. The smear campaign is in full swing.

Sheila stood with Hillary though her entire primary run and received threats, intimidation and name calling just for supporting her. This kind of behavior can not be rewarded! Please come to her defense by attending this Houston fundraiser.

If you can't be there, please consider donating to her campaign.


Invitation (Please RSVP):

In the Message box, please type "HOST: ANN MacNAUGHTON".

Donate To Sheila Jackson Lee's Campaign

It is important that Hillary keeps as many of her friends as possible in office to help carry out her work for the American!

Please support Sheila if you can.

Clinton Dems

Keep Fighting!


Mary Ellen said...

I think besides Jessie Jackson, Obama is behind all this, too. He wants to be sure if he's elected President, the House will be filled with his kool aide drinking buddies so he can get his agenda (which I'm sure is scary as hell) passed.

I got a letter from Obama looking for money today. I answered it on my blog...Blue Clue's style.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

I imagine you're right - how else could Jackson have the CLOUT to do these things? He sure couldn't do it on his own, but as the big muckety muck of the Obama campaign, wellI'd say he's getting some major support from somewhere...

LOVED your piece!!

Faye said...

This does not surprise me. Both you, Amy and Mary Ellen are right. B.O. wants to consolidate his power base and that excludes the Clintons (except to use them to help him get elected).
I know that Hillary will continue to help all the democrats that are running for congress. This will set a good foundation for her to challenge Reid for senate majority leader, an excellent place of power, not to be used for revenge but to progress her policies.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Thanks, Faye - and you are rigt abt Clinton. Despite the lack of support SHE got, she will continue to give it, as Bill did with Obama.

Well, it would be NICE if Clinton was Senate Majority Leader - most people don't know that Harry Reid is anti-choice, even as they go NUTS abt Sarah Palin (there are plenty more anti-choice Dems in Congress). But, I wouldn't put it past McCain to put her in his administration - he seems to genuinely like her, has respect for her, and said he wanted a bi-partisan cabinet. We'll see!

Faye said...

I believe that any Democrat who accepts a cabinet post with McCain at this time of vitriol between the two parties maybe signing on for the death of his\her political career. Liberman is safe as an indy, Ben Nelson, from the great state of Nebraska-GO Huskers!- is also safe. We love Ben here and will reelect him back to the senate if he chooses to go back. I still think that Hillary will be in an unique position as majority leader to bring some healing into Washington and help McCain from that position of power to bring reform to the mess that is there.