Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Here We Go Again...

Round Two of the Sexism/Misogyny Palooza, courtesy of the Media and Blogosphere. Great. Just great. Like many of us are not still reeling from the HORRIBLE treatment of Senator Clinton. Yep. Just yesterday, Daily Kos and "journalists" went after Palin primarily because she is a woman, plain and simple. Check out this video(H/T to Roseeriter for a link to Alegre's Corner which had this video):

Well, golly gee - at least Mike Barnacle is trying to PRETEND like he didn't say completely assholic things about Senator Clinton when she was running. But, hey, Mike - there's this little thing called VIDEO!!! If someone actually DOES go back after the past 20 yrs, Mike, you'll be in there, too. GeekLove caught what you, and others of your ilk, said in this video, which really, says it all. I think this is exactly what we can expect with Gov. Palin from the media (no, you don't have to watch the whole thing again - it is an outstanding video, though, and I think will be mighty prescient for the upcoming campaign season. Especially the first part, though. Now, you can just hear all of these so-called "journalists" saying she should be at home with her babies where a woman belongs, dammit!):

And for even more crapola the "journalists" are about to unload is this little story from Stephen Hayes, "The Media Descend To A New Low":
Time's Mark Halperin has posted an advance copy of the cover of US Weekly magazine, the tabloid published by Rolling Stone's Jann Wenner. That cover shows a smiling Sarah Palin, holding her youngest son Trig. The screaming headline: "Babies, Lies and Scandal: John McCain's Vice President."

Wenner has contributed $5300 to Obama's campaign since 2007.

The cover was sent to select news organizations by Mark Neschis, the head of corporate communications for Wenner Media and former director of television in the Clinton White House. An email from Neschis that accompanied the cover read: "Thought I would send over our Us Weekly/Sarah Palin cover story, on stands Friday, if helpful in your coverage. Might be useful as an illustration of how the news is playing out. (Us Weekly has 12 million, mostly female readers)"

"How the news is playing out." That's an interesting way of putting it. In one sense, it's accurate. The mainstream media have been focused on pseudo-scandals about McCain's running mate. Does it really matter at all that Palin's husband, Todd, had a DUI in 1986? Who cares? And yet I've seen and heard news organizations mention -- even discuss -- the issue several times over the past couple of days.

The "news is playing out" that way because irresponsible journalists publish cover stories promoting "Babies, Lies and Scandal," without any evidence of an actual "scandal." Maybe US Weekly will publish news of an actual "scandal" by Friday, when the magazine is scheduled to hit the newsstands. But the three it mentions on its cover are not scandals. ("Under attack, admits daughter, 17, is pregnant" and "Investigated for firing of sister's ex-husband" and "Mom of Five: New embarrassing surprises.")

There are legitimate questions about how Palin was vetted. But many news organizations are using the vetting issue as an excuse to make insinuations about Palin's family and her role as a mother. Instead of asking whether McCain knew that Palin wanted "an exit plan" from Iraq in December of 2006, for example, reporters are obsessing about Bristol Palin's fiancé and whether Sarah Palin can serve as vice president and be a good mother.

It's ironic, of course, that the same establishment news organizations consumed by such tabloid issues not long ago refused to investigate reports that John Edwards was having an affair and had a child out of wedlock. Why? The story was originally broken by the National Enquirer and deemed too tawdry to touch. And, perhaps as important, Edwards was running for the Democratic nomination for president, with an agenda favored by the liberal media establishment. (RRRA here - I do not believe the media is "liberal," given their kid glove treatment of Bush since 2000. I do think they have shown tremendous bias FOR Obama, though.)

Stephen F. Hayes is a senior writer at THE WEEKLY STANDARD.

Holy cow. What in the hell is the MATTER with these people?

But as low as the media has sunk, it is NOTHING compared to this article by Erick Erickson that came out last night: "Democrats Release Sarah Palin's Social Security Number." I kid you not. Here it is, along with an update:
The Politico has received an opposition research file from the Alaska Democrats. You can read it in PDF here (the page has moved, and is not available right now).

In the file, the Democrats have released Sarah Palin's social security number minus the last four digits. Also tied to the information are her various home addresses.

Back in 2005, Democrats used Michael Steele's social security number to get his credit record.

It is atrocious that the Democrats would not only seek out Sarah Palin's social security number, but release it in opposition research to the press.

We need to know who did this. We also need to know what happened. We also need to know if it was used to bolster the Democrats' opposition research.

When it happened to Michael Steele, it turns out the Democrats knew about it and did nothing.

They cannot not take action now.


The Alaska Democratic Party says it did not release the information. From Ben Smith, at the Politico, I got this:

Our story doesn't say that "Alaska Democrats" gave us that document. It was a document prepared for Tony Knowles two years ago. We haven't revealed our source.

You should also note that it's a partially REDACTED social security number. That seems relevant. If less sensational. It's missing four digits.

Here is the key take away: Yes, the SSN is redacted and people can pay for themselves.

Now, here are additional points:

If the AK-Dems didn't do this, who did? Obama? The DNC? Who? They're releasing the whole thing now and letting the media make hay of it.

Why didn't the SSN get fully redacted?

It's ironic the party that thinks only Republicans invade privacy, invaded the privacy of Sarah Palin enough to learn her social security number and distribute it to the media.

HOLY SHIT. Could this POSSIBLY be Democrats doing this kind of thing?? Am I really that naive that this has been their MO all this time and I just did not see it? Is this the New Party of which Donna Brazile spoke, one that emulates Chicago Politics on a National Scale?? Like I said before, I am not an apologist for Sarah Palin, and I have voted the Democratic straight-ticket every single time I have voted, and that has been every single time there was an election, but this - this is so wrong on so may levels I am ALMOST speechless about it. Almost. For those who say it isn't that big of a deal, it would be EASY to get her full social security number - EASY. It wouldn't even TAKE that long, either. These thugs, these miscreants who would put out this information are the lowest form of pondscum. They need their comeuppance and NOW. The DNC and Obama must speak out on this.

I'm not holding my breath, though. This is now the Democratic Party that steals votes from one candidate to give to another in broad daylight, so why should I think they would feel an OUNCE of shock about this? All it does is show how completely terrified they are of Sarah Palin; how incredibly sexist they are; how much they devalue women (you should SEE all of the stories out about her - many of them focus on how she should take care of her family instead of doing what she's doing. Funny, I don't remember these people saying the same thing to Mitt Romney with his huge brood or ANY other MALE candidate, including OBAMA, who has children. Nope - only the women get this kind of detestable punditry.); and how thuggish they have become from top to bottom. It is disturbing beyond belief.

By the way, Senators Clinton, Murray, Cantwell, Boxer, et. al, Rep. Pelosi, et. al, and Governor Gregoire - you need to speak out against this rampant sexism directed at Sarah Palin, and you need to do it NOW. The DNC and the media are taking women back 40 years with these blatant attacks on women. The DNC used to be the party for women. Now, it has become the Party that attacks women - for being women. I never thought I would see this kind of treatment at this point in my life, but unfortunately, I was sadly mistaken. All I can say is I have to hope that when Obama loses this November, there will be a full-fledged housecleaning of the DNC and some of the Congressional Democrats who were the worst offenders this season.

In the meantime, whoever exposed Governor Palin's SSN, whether it be anyone affiliated with the Demcorats or not, has sunk to a low I never thought possible. The media has sunk to a new low in terms of women. The DNC is going right along with it. And they need to stop. Now. NOW.


InsightAnalytical--GRL said...

I'm wondering if the same crew who messed with Obama's State Dept. records (remember, they were from his camp?) are also involved in leaking her SS#...Maybe not the same people, but from the same bunch who sends out Obama operatives to do the dirty work...

Want to really be nauseous? Read this:

“What Makes Obama Run?” from The Chicago Reader, December 1995

This real-time story from the time Obama just started out in politics gives a picture of his reputation back then…Change? Yeah…not so much message, but as a person who has obviously allowed himself to be swallowed up…The story has a “glow” to it even then (it sanitizes his job on Alice Palmer, his mentor), but the actual quotes from Obama are something that are worth reading…

You’ll see some of his “change” by reading them and seeing what’s going on now…if he ever believed what he was saying then…actually, he even doubts his “approach” will work….

Gotta read this!

Mary Ellen said...

Wow- If this stuff works it's way back and it's discovered it came from Obama and his thugs, I hope his head will roll. Oh wait...I forgot, he's the King! He'll just take some low life go-fer in the party and throw her (we know he wouldn't do it to a "he") under the bus. Just like Bush who promised to fire any one who leaked Plame's name. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Obama-O'Bush/ he's more like him everyday.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Wow, IAG - what a story that was!! Unbelievable...

ME, I hadn't thought of that. That would indeed be something if it was the same people. Certainly it is the same KIND of people, that's for sure.

I agree completely - he is just like Bush, only less qualified and more secretive!!!

What a bunch of unethical, immoral punks the DNC elite has become...

Mary Ellen said...

I hope you're writing a post about Palin's speech. I just saw it and I can't stop smiling.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

LOL - you know I will be! And YOU?

I thought she was hysterical. And spot on.