Thursday, September 18, 2008

If You Don't Think...

THIS has had an impact:

Then you didn't see this:

Wow. I might add, note that Jeremiah Wright is READING from a text. He is not just getting "caught up" in the moment. He also seems confused on Obama's history - not brought up by a single mother, and most definitely not poor. Wright himself is not poor. No, both of them are pretty darn rich by ANY standard (multi-millionaires still count as rich, right?). And as I said recently, Obama would STILL be going to that church had Wright not made some public statements that forced Obama to "renounce" his spiritual mentor, his "uncle," his friend. Otherwise, he would still be going to TUCC.

Now, I'm no big flag-waving conservative, and I have protested this country's policies on a NUMBER of occasions in my youth (okay, middle age, too), but that does not mean I'm not patriotic. In fact, I think that DOES make me patriotic. Even with my crappy knees, I stand for the National Anthem. There is a line. There IS a line. And if THIS is the kind of thing toward which we can look forward if Obama becomes president, NO freakin' thank you.


Faye said...

There is an article over at "count us" by Lisa Mossie from the Times titled " Obama still not right on Wright". The interesting part is that Lisa includes parts of an article that Obama wrote for the Hyde Park Herald on Sept 19, 2001. It clearly showed that B.O. was not sleeping during Wright's sermons.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Oh, thanks, Faye! I'll have to get over there and check that out.

The hypocrisy of the Dems between OBAMA's church and PALIN's is staggering. I cannot so many people are just GLOSSING over his church, his relationship to the church, and with Jer. Wright. WTH?? If that was ANYONE else, don't you KNOW they would be all over it?? Sheesh.

Thanks again!

Faye said...

Yes, they would be all over it.From my observation the Black Liberation Theology seems to dovetail somewhat with the extreme Islamic Jihad in worshiping a "god" of hate. The MSM will not critique the BLT nor the extremist Islamic Jihad but will unleash their venom onto any part of Christianity that is not in lock step with them.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

It is so ironic because, even though very, very different from my personal beliefs, Sarah Palin's beliefs are FAR more mainstream than those on the left are admitting. And Obama's church views are not at ALL mainstream.

I assume they are afraid of being called racists if they say anything abt BLT (btw, Jim Cone was one of my seminary professors).

Texas said...


I sat for an hour rewriting a three sentence comment to post at NQ about this article. With every press of DELETE and BACKSPACE my keyboard screamed "RACIST!" at me.

I finally had to get up and have a damn glass of chocolate milk. I feel better now - maybe I'll have another one.

I'm just exhausted by the separatist attitude of these militant thugs.

Get on the bus or get off the bus, I care not anymore. Watch your step - I'm closing the door and pulling away.

Sit wherever you like. Every seat is the same price. You'll arrive at the same time as everyone else.

Texas, Tex, TexBuck, TB and occasionally - beotch. :)

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, Tex!

Hmmm - a glass of chocolate milk - that sounds good! Glad it helped you to calm down. I saw that clip last night right before I went to bed, and could not BELIEVE this guy. It seemed like he had been sitting in the pews with Obama! I just couldn't believe he was saying that stuff!

It also really concerns me - it makes me wonder if this message is more widespread than I thought. Yikes...