Sunday, October 5, 2008

So, What...

Did I miss while out of the country, anything?? Everything has just been humming along while I was out snorkeling with the fish in Grand Cayman, I assume - no big Congressional issues, or Must See tv??

Ok, yes, I do know there was a little thing going on with the economy. Hey, as long as ACORN, and the other two organizations Obama wanted to fund with your taxpaying dollars did NOT get listed as receiving 20% of the bailout repayment, I'm happy it happened. Uh, ACORN DIDN'T get it, right???

And then there was something else I think happened on Thursday night - hmm, what could that possibly have been? Oh, yes, I remember now - Sarah took on Joe in the debate. Now, I will tell you right upfront that I did NOT watch it all - I only caught a few snippets here and there (I was on vacation, after all - no need to have my blood boiling while I'm looking out at the Caribbean Sea!). But there was one part I DID see, and found interesting. Especially since I keep getting emails from my sister on how DANGEROUS McCain/Palin will be on gay rights. Yes, I just so happened to see the piece in which Palin was asked about gay rights and same sex marriage. Here's the video:

While I obviously DO NOT agree with her, or Biden, in any way shape or form, she was MASTERFUL in framing her response the way she did. Why? Because it made Biden say CLEARLY that OBAMA AND BIDEN DO NOT SUPPORT SAME SEX MARRIAGE. Ahem. Sorry, but I am sick and tired of getting email after email from organizations (and forwards from "concerned" family members) about how HORRIBLE it will all be for the GLBT community should McCain/Palin get in the White House. Their positions are virtually IDENTICAL, with the exception of Obama's numerous anti-gay activist associates. So, for these organizations to engage in this fear mongering/anger inciting tact is disingenuous at BEST. Frankly, it is dishonest, manipulative, and low, not what I expect from organizations like Think Progress, for instance (they are the latest to do this, but certainly not the only ones to do so).

I might also add that for someone who has not been in politics for 36 yrs, from what I did see, Sarah more than held her own. I guess maybe that's the difference between having to actually make the hard decisions on a regular basis for an entire state, and just yak, as Obama said senators do.

And while I am on that, SusanUnPC from No Quarter alerted me to the orchestrated attacks on Sarah Palin by lesbians via Our Chart. If you are unfamiliar with Our Chart, it is an online community started by a concept of the same title on "The L Word." Anyway, an alert reader sent Susan a link from Our Chart in which Palin is being targeted. Apparently, people are not paying attention to the facts about Obama and the GLBT community, or they don't want to BELIEVE where he really stands (ah, denial, such a lovely place), but are all too ready to believe whatever rumor comes down the pike about Palin (and/or McCain). What the hey?? While I have always, always, always been incredibly liberal, I did not know that the ONLY women allowed to be self-actualized are LIBERAL women, not ALL women. Who the hell knew THAT?? Anywho, back to lesbians attacking Palin - the lack of critical thinking by this community (heck - anyone who is voting for him) is staggering. But for women-identified-women to attack another woman so ruthlessly is disturbing, to say the least. I reckon they don't really care that they have more rights under Palin in Alaska than in many other states in the Union. Or maybe they don't understand that when Obama says HE doesn't support same-sex marriage, that is no different from when Palin says she doesn't. See, even though Logic was required for me as a Philosophy major, I just don't think that's a big logical leap requiring additional coursework, but that's just me. But people are clearly buying the lies being spread in this election. The lies are about who Obama is, and for what he stands, as well as who his opponents are. So much for truth, justice, and the American way. I guess that's just passe for this generation of young people. And for too many others, as well. Win at all and any costs seems to be the NEW American slogan. I'd kinda like to get back to the old one, myself.

Ah, well, just another month of this foolishness. Until then, it is critical that we keep doing what we can to combat the lies spread by Obama and his surrogates. Let him win or lose fair and square - that would be new and different for him, wouldn't it?? No time like the first time for that to happen, and I certainly hope this is the year he learns all about losing (do you think he will cry to Pelosi or Dean or Reid that they PROMISED him he would win like Dubya did to his brother about Florida??). It couldn't happen to a more deserving guy, if you ask me.

Glad to be back - so tell me what else I missed!


Diamond Tiger said...

Welcome back, missed you and your posts immensely. Takes me back to the very first time I visited your site and told you that you could never take another vacation, do ya listen? HA!
Didn't miss anything we haven't seen abizillion times in the last year. MSM in the tank, woman bashing, lies, oh the list goes know the drill.

Welcome Back!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, DT!

Yes, I do remember you telling me that back in June. It was when Obama took the DNC lock, stock, and barrel to Chicago and no one missed a beat. Still boggles the mind. And now, yes, more of the same lies, deception, manipulations...

Anyway - thanks for coming by, DT - good to hear from you!