Friday, October 17, 2008

Amen, Hillary!

Yes, that Hillary. You know, the one who inspired millions of us to support her in this recent primary. We were successful, too - in any other country, she would now be the nominee. But not in the United-Obama-Rezko-Ayers-Wright-Odinga 57 States of America! Nope - in this country, at least one party dismisses the actual results and puts in who they want. I believe there's a term for that...Oh, yes - that's right. Banana Republic. I suppose it is racist to mention banana anywhere in the same paragraph as Obama. Heck, you can't even mention the guy's middle name anymore in the land of the "free." Nosirree Bob - you'll get the NAACP and the ACLU breathing down your neck. For mentioning his middle name. Nothing else, just his middle name in the context of saying his full name. Yeah, Okay. (I'm thinking of taking a page from Soldier4Hillary, and calling McCain and Obama by their middle names.) Wow - he really must be The One to make everyone capitulate to his every little tantrum.

Anywho - I digress. So, there's a mighty interesting ad out by the PAC, "Our Country Deserves Better." And how. This one is particularly intriguing because it is a series of clips of Hillary Clinton at her rallies. Oh, what she said was good, as you'll see in the video below (MAJOR H/T to SusanUnPC at No Quarter for providing this to me). It just highlights what a travesty has occurred in this country by the DNC selecting Obama, and Clinton not just getting back to work,putting all of this behind her. No, she has been (forced to) stump for Obama more than any of the other front runners over the past 40 years combined (according to her husband when he appeared on The Daily Show recently). Yep. I know, I know - she has to do it to have any chance of getting anything accomplished for her state, and the people of this country (has the Senate always been a glorified junior high school?? I mean, really - where else do you have that kind of vindictiveness? Ok, high school, too.), and you know I love Hillary Clinton. But seeing this ad is a double-edged sword: she is the one who won this nomination, not only by the popular vote, but surely would have by delegates had Obama not committed caucus fraud (and you know he did - it has been widely documented - 2,000 cases in Texas ALONE). Had she not had her votes stolen by the DNC - wait, I mean the ODNC, she would be the one running for president right now. But, no. (And this isn't sour grapes - it is flat out anger at the DNC for betraying 18,000,000 of us, dammit!)

So, without further ado, here is the video:

Good, isn't it? I bet ol' Barack will throw a hissy fit about it, too: "Stop showing her on tv! She's showing me up (again)! Make them stop!!!!" like he always does. You'd sure never catch Johnny Mac making a spectacle of himself over things like this, or claiming that Fox News is being MEAN to him - I mean, really - grow a pair already, Barack. You already have ALL of the other networks behind you - propping you up every time you misspeak (which is, uncannily, as often as Bush), and pushing you across the line. Oh - and would it KILL you to tell the truth - just ONCE???

Ahem. The ad is a good one. Hillary is right on target. And she's funny, too, I might add. Sigh. I sure miss seeing her, but there is some delight in seeing these tidbits resurrected to bring His Holiness down. Oh, yeah. Now that I think about it, this is pretty awesome. Let's have some more, "Our Country Deserves Better!" Bring 'em on! Can I have an "amen"??


Diamond Tiger said...


Rev, I have never seen anything like this. Whining, Attacking, Lying beyond the pale, and I don't think it's going to be over on November 5th. I really don't. And the Supreme Court letting the Ohio SOS off the hook. Do you think they realize how hard they are pushing the American public to a very bad place?

Want a laugh about growing a pair?

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, DT!

I know - it is really astonishing what these people are doing. I have never seen anything like it in my entire life. I mean, really, DT - we thought BUSH was bad, but Obama and his minions are making him look like an elder statesman, aren't they??

I mention the Ohio thing in my post for tomorrow. Wow. 200,000 registrations don't have to be verified. What has HAPPENED to our country???

Thanks for the link, friend!

Ian smith said...

It almost feels inevitable; like this was always going to be the logical denouement of boomer deconstruction. Deconstruct the electoral process. It will be fine when deconstruct the presidency.
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Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Good point, Ian. It does seem inevitable, doesn't it?