Sunday, October 19, 2008

BREAKING STORY! Rezko and Obama's Land Deal

My good friend, Truthteller, had this Breaking Story at No Quarter, "Obama Land Deal With Rezko And Mutual Bank Subject of New Court Complaint." This is a BIG deal, and highlights the "truthiness" of Obama, as well as the closeness of his association with Tony Rezko, convicted felon.

Here is the beginning of this important piece:
No Quarter introduced readers to the Mutual Bank in Chicago after a Chicago Sun-Times columnist mentioned how a certain financial institution in Chicago would become the subject of a federal probe to be conducted by Fitzgerald’s prosecutors in relation to the conviction of Antoin “Tony” Rezko. Although I cautioned I did not have conclusive evidence when I argued Mutual Bank is most probably the financial institution in question, it now appears I may have been correct.

For according to a Washington Times exclusive printed today, a Real Estate and Commercial Credit Analyst of Mutual Bank has assumed whistleblower status and filed complaint against his former employer.

The subject of his complaint is the Mutual Bank and its potentially fraudulent reappraisal of the lot on which Obama’s home sits.

Obama, we recall, was only able to purchase the mansion he could not afford in June 2005 as a result of Rita Rezko’s ability to secure a mortgage for the lot on which the home sits from Mutual Bank.

And yes, Obama is involved in this complaint, for his decision to purchase a 10 foot strip of the lot on which his home sits from Rita Rezko in January 2006 was, according to the complaint, the reason why these potentially fraudulent reappraisals of the Rita Rezko lot were drafted.

For the rest of the story, please click HERE. This is powerful stuff, and Truthteller does an outstanding job of laying it all out there.

CHANGE OF TOPIC: If you have not yet seen Sarah Palin On Saturday Night Live last night, you are missing something FUNNY. Here's the beginning of the show LINK. And here she is on "Weekend Update" .HERE Pretty funny all the way around, if you ask me. And Palin's a mighty good sport - and funny, to boot (as are Tina Fey and Amy Poehlers, but that just goes without saying).


Anonymous said...

So Rev. Amy, I'm you plan to vote for any one of the third-party candidates like Bob Barr, Cynthia McKinney, Ralph Nader or (gag) Chuck Baldwin instead?

I'll confess that Barr's videos and stated goals on his website sound extremely tempting, but he's still a former Republican and former CIA spook and former culture warrior who stood for a lot of things that Unitarians don't like.

Baldwin must be entirely too evangelical for words; he's the Constitution Party candidate, and we all know how anti-gay they are.

I don't know much about McKinney.

And Nader...well, I used to work for FLPIRG and he's kinda spacey. But a very good consumer advocate.

What do you think?

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, Tracie the Red!

Nice to hear from you - it's been a while!

Oh, boy - I dunno, Tracie - I agree with your assessment of the third party candidates. See, my problem is with the DNC and the ways in which they orchestrated the whole Obama nomination, from turning a blind eye to the numerous instances of voter fraud to flat out stealing from votes from Clinton to give to Obama. I simply cannot condone with my vote those kinds of activities, or else it will be a tacit acceptance of voter fraud, voter theft, and voter disenfranchisement. To me, that is anathema to the democratic system and the Democratic party. At this point, I know that Obama will never get my vote (and he wouldn't anyway since he has run a campaign USING caucus fraud, misogyny, and race baiting).

To be honest, I have never been in this position before - of so not wanting to vote for the Dem candidate. I didn't like Kerry, but voted for him - good Dem that I was. But to not dislike the Dem nominee (and the DNC, for that matter) so much is very new to me...

How abt you? What are you planning to do, or have you decided yet?

Anonymous said...

Well, y'see, my partner Joe and I have been talking about this. He doesn't like Obama either but he plans to vote for him to contribute to a wall of votes that stands between John McCain and the White House. It's ugly politics, but he's used to that; he lived in Chicago for a while.

Me, I'm going to crunch some numbers in terms of electoral votes and see; I'm wondering how much it will hurt if one person wrote in Dennis Kucinich. I'm still seriously considering that.

Anonymous said...

PS: Mike Gravel is a UU who was running this year; maybe some might want to write him in too.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Interesting! I didn't know Gravel was a UU! That sure explains a lot abt his policies.

See, the thing is that the DNC, and Obama, have engaged in SO much misogyny this year that I cannot vote for them under any circumstances. Their current attacks on Palin aren't because she's a Republican, but because she
s a woman. They are doing the EXACT same thing to her that they did to Hillary. I refuse to support that tactic, as well as the preponderance of race-baiting. As Charles Krauthammer said recently, to paint Bill Clinton, someone who has worked tirelessly for the AA community since his college days, as a racist and make it STICK is pretty amazing. And reprehensible, IMHO. I resent that anyone who does not like Obama for all of the VALID reasons not to like/support him are called racists. It minimizes REAL racism by "crying wolf" like this all the time.

Anywho - I appreciate your perspective!