Saturday, October 18, 2008

There Will Be Riots In The Streets!

That's the big "hint" to what James Carville says will happen if Obama doesn't "win" the election. Nothing like a little threat of violence to try to skew , are I say, dictate, things to go a certain way. This was a topic of conversation last night on the excellent "Patsy and Sugar" show on No Quarter Radio (Thurs. nights at 9:00 pm). We have heard this before - that's what was going to happen at the DNC Convention, too, had they not broken all of their roll-call rules. Remind me again how this is Democratic?? Because, frankly, I resent being threatened with violence if I do not vote for a particular candidate, ANY candidate. And what does it say about Obama and his minions that this is an ACCEPTABLE tactic?? Like so many other of Obama's tactics, this is despicable.

One of the other tactics being employed to garner Obama the win is voter fraud. Nope, not voter REGISTRATION fraud (or should I just say, ACORN??), but actual fraud. It seems some college kids involved in "Vote From Home" have committed fraud by voting in OH, even though they are not residents of OH. The laws are quite clear on this: people who do not actually live in OH, who are there for a short time, or are on vacation, are NOT allowed to vote. But there is a group of young people who rented a house with the sole purpose of engaging in voter fraud. Yep. Here's the report:

Oh, dear. This is but the tip of the iceberg, though. Wait until you see THIS video:

I guess this goes right along with voting for someone who is no longer with us. As in, they have passed away. Dead. Yes, imagine the surprise when Linda Hill's family found out she was still voting - two years after her death.

Then there is ACORN, the voter registration arm of the Obama Campaign. The number of investigations into ACORN, for example, are widening, now in 14 states. You may notice that I have never mentioned them being here in SC. There is a reason for that. Two years ago, ACORN was faced with attention from State Law Enforcement Division (SLED):
opened an investigation into its registration efforts in the Columbia area two years ago.
That investigation is ongoing, a SLED official said, declining further comment.

Yeppers. So, it isn't that ACORN has not tried its creative (!!!) registration here in the state of SC this year, it is that it DID try, and flags went up immediately. Two years ago. Wowie zowie.

Kinda makes me wonder what took these other states so long to catch on, you know?

Hopefully, those other states have caught on in time, though that might not help in Ohio. It seems the Supreme Court decided it was A-Okay for Ohio to NOT have to verify almost 200,000 new registrations. Almost a THIRD of the new registrations for that state are considered fraudulent, but they don't have to verify them, courtesy of the Supreme Court. What, are they trying to make up for the 2000 Florida fiasco by allowing another in 2008? So much for justice, right, and the American Way, I guess.

Here's the thing. To "win" an election by stealing votes, by voting fraudulently, through the use of falsified voter registration, and/or the threat of violence should a particular candidate not win, is not democratic, not Democratic, not the American Way, and anathema to any moral or ethical person, Republican,Democrat, Independent, or Undecided. If Obama "wins" by voter fraud, Carville might be partially right - there might still be people taking to the street, not to riot, but to protest the diminution of our most sacred right: to lawfully cast (ONE) ballot for the candidate of our choice without fear of tampering, fraud, or theft. Now THAT would be worthy of protest.

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