Monday, October 20, 2008

The Blame Game

That's pretty much what Joe Biden did on The Ellen Show recently. Essentially, he AND Ellen laid the blame for all of the negative campaigning squarely on John McCain, as if Obama was running the most positive, loving campaign ever. Hell, Obama ran a very negative campaign against HILLARY (remember those "Harry and Louise" ads? NAFTA ads?). The issue seems to be "robo-calls" connecting Obama to - wait for it - AYERS!!! How DARE the McCain campaign say something that is TRUE about Obama's history?? Yet, both Biden and Degeneres act as if JOHN MCCAIN, and McCain alone, has changed his entire character. Mr. Hope-y Change-y Unicorn is spreading sweetness and light wherever he goes, apparently, and John McCain has completely morphed into Darth Vader or something. Take a look:

Yeah, okay. I guess he didn't hear Obama claim that supporters at a Palin rally yelled, "Kill him!", a claim debunked by none other than the Secret Service. I don't know about you, but with Obama's problems with "truthiness," I'll take the Secret Service's word over Obama. I guess Biden hasn't watched any of Obama's ads. Or seen the tee shirts worn by the Obama supporters, beginning with the "Bros Before Hos" and escalating to the vulgar Sarah Palin tee shirts. Or his supporters who call a 12 year old girl a racist for wearing a Palin tee shirt. Or the man who had his 2006 Lexus LS 430 scratched with "KKK" on it, and American flag burned on it, and some other damage done to it (just so you know, this model, new, cost close to $70,000. That's a mighty expensive piece of property to "vandalize."). Oh, what prompted this attack? The man had the audacity to have a McCain/Palin sticker on it. How DARE he?!? Apparently, that is what the thugs who trashed his car seemed to think, anyway.

Oh wait - here is one that is McCain specific! Yes - one of McCain's offices, right here in South Cackalacki, was defaced in York County with the claim that "Republican means Slavery." Well, hell, Biden himself has engaged in race baiting as a manipulative ploy.

But McCain has changed? Are we to infer, then, that Obama has always been an arrogant misogynist and liar whose supporters can act anyway they see fit without fear of repercussion? So it would seem, anyway.

Oh, but it gets better. Here is the second part of the interview:

Did you notice the glaring omission here by Biden when Degeneres asked about Proposition 8? When he said he would vote against it and all of that? Well, here's a little reminder:

Despite appearances to the contrary, OBAMA DOES NOT SUPPORT SAME SEX MARRIAGE! It was disingenuous at best to frame it the way BOTH of them did. Degeneres asked about an initiative on which Biden would NOT be voting, so he could say whatever he damn well PLEASED, but did NOT ask him where the Obama Camp stands on same sex marriage. I expected better from Degeneres, at least, because she certainly DID ask John McCain about it.

Anyway - this whole thing of painting McCain as being incredibly negative for looking into Obama's history, and denying the 18 months worth of negative campaigning from the Obama camp, is absurd. I know some of it is just plain politics, but some - a LOT - is how it is reported (or not) in the MSM. Even when reports come out proving Obama is more negative in his campaigning, the MSM turn it around on McCain, and talk CONSTANTLY about his "anger" problem. Wow. So this is the new spin, just to keep you updated - McCain has totally changed his entire character, and Obama is merely trying to do what is best for the country. Got it? You must ignore all facts and evidence to the contrary, and simply accept that Obama will bring a kinder, gentler Administration to the White House. Yeah, right. A little "truthiness" wouldn't hurt right about now from the Obama camp - oh, wait - that's right. Joe Biden DID actually speak a little 'truthiness," much to The One's dismay - claiming that Obama will be tested, and tested early by international factions. Oh, goody - that's JUST what the country needs in the midst of economic hardship - "testing." Well, thanks, Joe, for finally telling the truth about SOMETHING in this campaign. I reckon there's a first time for everything! I take that back - you also acknowledged that Hillary Clinton would be a better VP than you, and was definitely qualified to be President, unlike your running mate, so there was that - have to give credit where credit is due! Ahem. Now, if you will only start telling the truth about your race-baiting, and character assassination of John McCain, we'll be in business...

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