Friday, October 10, 2008

Who Are You Calling a Coward?

Or: Obama is throwing out more smokescreens to obscure his connections with Ayers and ACORN.

Yes, it is true, in the conversation Charlie Gibson of ABC ("American Barack Broadcasting," as my aunt says) with Barack Obama the other day, Obama threw down a challenge to John McCain. In this interview, which was VERY different from the interview with Palin, by the way (this one, they were practically playing Barry White and using mood lighting), Obama said this:

Yeah, right. McCain is afraid to confront Obama face to face. Now, you know damn well what would have happened if McCain HAD brought this up - Obama would have whined and cried that it wasn't the issue they were supposed to be discussing, and besides that, McCain was involved in the Keating 5. And honestly, I think that is the only reason he is making this challenge, so he can throw that in McCain's face. Never mind that McCain was exonerated - we all know facts don't matter to Obama and his minions as his response to Gibson made quite clear. (As to the Ayers component, Larry Johnson had an excellent piece on this exchange, "When It Comes to Ayers, It Is Participation That Matters", which I recommend to you.)

But it is this claim of cowardice with which Obama and his camp are painting McCain that is just startling to me, and it is not confined to a discussion of Ayers. My sister sent me an article recently from Rolling Stone by Tim Dickinson claiming the Bush and McCain families are very much alike. Oh, please, spare me. One of the issues he raised in this article was about the Forrestal Explosion, of which I knew nothing, I have to admit. My sister added this little tidbit when I responded that they were nothing alike:
We're talking about Johnny. Those were NOT "his men" in the POW camp and he DID abandon the men who were fighting the fire that HIS plane caused. Hell, he could at least have used a fire extinquisher (sic)!

I hadn't the FOGGIEST about what she was talking until I saw John McCain's biography on I realized as I watched the ACTUAL footage from the plane to what she must have been referring. It seems that Obama's pawns are spreading this vicious lie all around the Internet community that McCain caused the devastating explosion on the Forrestal aircraft carrier by "wet-starting" his plane, a hot dog stunt to mess around with a flight deck crewman. And that he was such a coward, he didn't even bother to help anyone else on the aircraft carrier, so says the Democratic Underground anyway.

Wow. Aren't these the SAME people who were livid (myself included) about the Swiftboating of John Kerry's military service, and his heroics during the Vietnam war? Aren't these the very same people who decried tactics of blatant lies, of character assassination, and now are engaging in those very same tactics? (Well, and why not - now voter fraud is perfectly acceptable to these folks, too, so why am I surprised??)

So, having seen this, I wrote back to my sister:
The other day, were you talking about when McCain's plane blew up on the flight deck? I just saw the actual footage from that event on tv and realized that must have been about what you were talking. In case it was, what happened was a missile fired accidentally from another plane across the flight deck, and hit McCain's plane in the fuselage right after he had started his pre-flight check. He had started the engine, but once he got hit, he turned it off. He dropped and rolled through the burning jet fuel (over 400 gal)from his plane. He saw the pilot next to him try to do the same thing, but failed. He got up to run to him, and as soon as he stood up, there was another explosion, which knocked him back 10 ft. After that, other missiles started exploding. It was the worst disaster outside of war, with 134 crew dying. It took 36 hrs to get the fire under control. One fire extinguisher was not going to do it, and he was lucky to get out of there alive (as it was, he was hit by shrapnel). It was in no way, shape, or form, his fault, nor was there anything he could do to help anyone, as is clear from the flight video.

She claimed she was being rhetorical (uh huh) about the fire extinguisher, and said the least he could have done was stayed to help instead of watching on closed circuit tv (the claim from the Rolling Stones article). Yeah, what a freaking coward - he jumps from a burning plane into burning jet fuel, tries to help another pilot, gets blown back by an explosion from which he took shrapnel, and the wimp turned tail and ran. How dare he! Obama would NEVER have done anything like that, I am CERTAIN. And I am certain of that because Obama did not spend 22 years of his life in military service to our country, and has not exhibited anything close to the intestinal fortitude that McCain has demonstrated over his long career in service to this country.

Once again, don't take my word for all of this. Here is the actual video footage from the Forrestal aircraft carrier (and this accident completely changed standard operating procedures by the Navy on aircraft carriers). The first thing you should notice is that McCain's jet tail is pointed OVER the deck toward the ocean, thus debunking the whole "wet-start started this whole thing!" claim. Here it is:

Here is eyewitness testimony about the fire on the Forrestal:

Finally, this is one made in response to the vicious smears by Obama supporters on this tragic accident:

Now shut the hell up. Or, as I said to my sister:
It sure would be nice if you bothered to look into the character of Obama, and the FACTS about him, as much as you are willing to listen to innuendo, rumor, and bald-faced lies about McCain and Palin. Obama has a HISTORY of unsavory characters as CLOSE friends/colleagues/bosses in his life, INCLUDING A MAN WHO BOMBED THE PENTAGON AND THE CAPITOL BUILDING, who said after 9/11 he wished they had done MORE!!!!!! How about Tony Rezko (convicted)? Auchi? Blogajevich (under investigation)? Wright? Meeks? Kilpatrick (convicted)? Clark (under investigation)? Farrakhan?? The people who got Obama into Harvard? Being a card-carrying member of the New Party wing of the Dem. Socialist Party, a group that endorsed him for his first run (in which he got EVERYONE thrown off the ballot)? *

And you are going to focus on a bogus claim that McCain didn't do anything after his PLANE got shot by a missile and burst into flame???? A man who gave 22 yrs of his life in military service to this country?? HOLY SHIT.

Obama has done next to NOTHING in his life but be associated with the kinds of people mentioned above, and organizations like ACORN, which is under investigation in TEN (make that thirteen now) states for voter registration fraud. He has funneled money through them, has given them money this year, which his campaign admitted, and tried to get them to receive a HUGE chunk of the bailout repayment (which fortunately the Senate didn't agree to). But hey - don't worry about voter fraud. It's already happened this year and too many people were willing to look the other way.

All I know is if Hillary or John or ANYONE had just ONE of those kinds of associates in their closet that Obama has in plain sight, they would have been drummed out already, but clearly, the FACTS about Obama mean nothing to his followers (I might add, my sister kept bringing up the Keating 5 - I told her that John Glenn was also one of the Keating 5, and is now campaigning for Obama, but that is okay, of course. No matter how many times I told her McCain AND Glenn were exonerated, she continued to maintain McCain was guilty. Sigh.). You'll just listen to his (plagiarized) speeches, stolen policies, and bask in the shine of The One. (Oh - and now he is MAD at McCain for taking Hillary's mortgage policy, and giving her CREDIT for it, because he was going to claim it for his OWN. And since McCain beat him to it, he is now claiming it won't work. Gimme a break - at least McCain gives credit where credit is due - Obama just thinks every idea someone else has is due him and takes it without remorse.)

Whatever. If you care more about attacking other people based on lies rather than actually looking at your candidate, his character, his lack of judgment, his lack of qualifications, and his nefarious friends, there is nothing I can say that will change that.

True that. But it doesn't mean that we can stop fighting the good fight, and getting this information out there. Fight on we must, good people. For our country, for voter rights, to combat voter fraud, and to keep the biggest fraud who has ever run for president out of the White House. To restore our honor and our integrity. Fight on!

* Each of these claims has been covered in full at No Quarter, so I am not going to add in links for every single one. Alert readers alreayd know these facts anyway.


Mike J. said...

The claim that McCain somehow caused the Forrestal fire just doesn't wash. The Navy has always been hypersensitive about whom it allows to fly its aircraft. If the investigation found that McCain was in any way responsible for the fire that endangered the entire ship and its crew he'd have been off flight status instantly and permanently.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Oh, definitely. And all of the hooey abt how he didn't help? Come on - the man just jumped out of a plane hit by a missile into a flight deck soaked with burning jet fuel, which was then rocked by another explosion, with shrapnel flying around??

Not for nothing, but it is my understanding that there are crews assigned to particular tasks, like fire fighting (since fires on a ship are very problematic). TO have people try to help can end up hurting more than helping, especially with time being of the essence.

It just stymies me, Mike j, that So-called Dems would engage in this kind of character assassination, especially given all of his service. What the heck is wrong with them??


Diamond Tiger said...

Rev! I am so glad you are back...this is going to be a long comment.
I did not know about the Forrestal and have some thoughts about your post.

First though; Obama is calling McCain a coward, is that right? (My eyebrows were knitting when I read that). Has anybody told Gumby exactly how MORONIC that statement is; he should retract it post haste and apologize? (or is that what you said?) That would be like calling Einstein a moron.
Second: Do you think Hillary and John are having conference calls since the bailout fiasco? I love that he adopted her idea with credit.

Now, as for Obama and his unsavory associates.
Either he knew what they were and agreed which disqualifies him to be president because his agenda is un-american OR he did not know and is disqualified for being the stupidiest person to run for the presidency (even above and beyond Bush).

What say you?
(I am glad you are back!!)


Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, DT!

Where's the second part?? You're leaving me hanging, girl! :-D

Yes, I agree with you. No matter how you spin it, Obama is a moron - unsavory associates AND trying to paint McCain as a coward. For someone who has blessed LITTLE integrity, he has some freakin' nerve...

And thanks, DT! Glad you came by!