Sunday, October 12, 2008

"The Obama Campaign, Role Models..."

Truthteller has a compelling, painful to see, disturbing post at No Quarter which I recommend to you. The full title is: The Obama Campaign, Role Models, Patterned Violence [UPDATED with Photographs of Misogynistic Obamabots at Palin Protest in Philadelphia].

I warn you - there are some upsetting photographs in this post. As I said in a comment at this article, these are disturbing times, to say the least. These young people pictured in this post have no regard for women, and even more shocking, are the young women participating in this misogyny…

And then there is the vandalism in SC. The smearing of John McCain by Rep. John Lewis. The molotov cocktails thrown at signs on private property...

What has become of our country? How are these people Democrats? How are they AMERICANS??? This is unacceptable, simply unacceptable. And this is EXACTLY why I kept saying to Palin's detractors to attack her policies, but stop the misogynistic attacks on her. Now Obama's supporters are wearing t-shirts using one of the most offensive terms for women I know.

This is the Uniter? This is the one? No. Not even close. Obama has used misogyny, he has used race baiting, he has played people one against another. HE is not fit to be president. He does not DESERVE to be president.

What has happened to us that this is seen as ACCEPTABLE behavior by Obama's supporters? And where is the MSM on this? Oh, that's right. They have been some of the worst offenders. We cannot count on the Fourth Estate to do their jobs any longer. No - they have abdicated their responsibilities, so these kinds of actions are accepted with a nod and a wink by the MSM, the DNC, Obama.

Not by me. This is not the Democratic Party any longer. When it selected its nominee, and allowed these kinds of actions to go unchallenged, when it supported caucus fraud, when it perpetuated divisiveness, it stopped being the Democratic Party.

I cannot believe this is happening. Again. It must stop. It must stop.


Grandma Linda Crone said...

I am appalled by the violence and ugliness displayed by both the Democrats and the Republicans. That said, I am totally committed to making sure that Sarah Palin is never in a position to decide the future of my country. A person who believes that the earth was created 6000 years ago is too narrow minded and naive to be trusted with any meaningful responsibility.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

I appreciate you coming by, but that is a debunked rumor abt Palin. What is more, she has never used her beliefs to legislate. That's important for ANY politician, in my book.

Evidently, though, you are okay with Obama's anti-white religious beliefs, and his funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars to Afro-Centric, Anti-American education through Rev. Wright via the Annenberg Challenge? Interesting. I expect the POTUS to, at the very LEAST, be pro-American (really, that should be a given, don't you think?).

There are a ton of rumors started abt Palin by a member of Obama's PR firm. Perhaps you should check them out:

Facts are our friends.