Friday, October 24, 2008

Obama Is Worried About Texas???

Alert Reader, Texas Buckeye, sent me the following email from the Obama Camp. Wow. Talk about your hubris! This goes right along with Peniel Cronin's results of the Primary v. Caucus piece, "The Numbers Don't Lie (But The DNC Does)." I should amend that to say, "The DNC and OBAMA!!" Take a look:

Dear R:

Spread the truth to neighboring statesDirty tricks designed to mislead Texas voters have been spreading across the state, and many Obama supporters are getting incorrect information about the voting process.

Bogus claims about voting machines are spreading via email chains -- and in one reported case, even broadcast on a Houston radio station -- that could have a huge impact on voter turn out on Election Day.

Here is the truth that every Texan should know: If you vote a straight Democratic Ticket you will cast your ballot for Barack.

But Texans are not alone -- voters in key neighboring battleground states like New Mexico, Colorado, and Missouri are receiving deceitful automated phone messages and mailers from the McCain campaign spreading vile lies about Barack Obama.

We can't let dirty tricks and bad information sway this election. We need Texans to step up and spread the truth to other voters -- not just here at home, but also in our neighboring states.

Will you stand up for the truth and make a short weekend trip to a key battleground state?

No one is certain who's behind this latest attempt to influence the election and scare Obama supporters away from the polls on November 4th. But the intent is clear: to steal votes away from Barack and other great Democratic candidates up and down the ticket.

We can be sure that shameless tactics like these will intensify over the next 16 days.

That's why your help is crucial to making sure that every voter knows the truth about Barack Obama and the change we need in this country.

Forward this email to your friends and family in Texas, then sign up to spread the truth to other voters:

There is so much at stake in this election. Together, we can make sure that everyone casts their vote for change on November 4th.



Juan Sepulveda
Texas State Director
Obama for America

P.S. -- If you've received an email with misinformation about the voting process, report it so that we can make sure that voters across America get the truth about Barack:

Um, Juan? People aren't so worried they won't be ABLE to vote. They are worried that too MANY people will vote. Like all those folks the ACORN people registered, often more than once. Often, more than 10 times. Or that people who don't live there will be able to vote there. And they are worried that the results will actually matter. You know, like how the caucus results did not match after your thugs commandeered the caucus packets early, and signed people up throughout the day. How they changed the numbers they called in. How they stole the caucus from Hillary Clinton, and the voters of Texas. So, yeah, Juan, folks aren't worried that they won't be able to vote, they are worried about things like the following happening again:

Or like this, and not just in Texas, but Indiana, too:

More on the caucus fraud in Texas. And a Civil Rights Activist talks about what she saw in Indiana of voter suppression:

Frankly, listening to the Civil Rights Activist detail how an elderly woman was intimidated from voting stunned me. Someone who wants Obama to win must tell me WHY this kind of fraud, intimidation, and coercion is acceptable to you. Please. Make me understand why voter fraud is alright with you, because it sure as hell isn't okay with me. To hear about the rampant, insidious fraud of the caucus system is shocking. But the image of a Civil Rights activist seeing an elderly woman get turned away by someone in her community from exercising her right to vote for whomever she chose is infuriating, and makes me sad beyond words.

But wait - there is one more part to this documentary. In this one, you'll get a tast of how incredibly vindictive the Obama camp is toward anyone who does not toe the line they have established for them. It is very telling of the Obama camp mindset:

How? How did the Democratic Party get here? How, HOW, do Obama supporters justify this fraud, this theft of the nomination, as we are on the verge of the election? Make me understand, because I sure don't get how any of this makes Obama an acceptable choice, I surely don't.


gwb43not said...

RRR, good story, great facts, I am sad that our country has been hijacked. I am sad that the entire power structure AND the people of this country do not demand more of the media, ourselves and special interests, toward a fair and balanced election, instead of the policy of "He who games the best wins". Thank you for standing up.
Another note, I cannot find NO QUARTER on line today? Whats up? Also The Denver Group is not there either?

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Thanks so much, gwb43not (love the name, btw!). I appreciate that.

Honestly, I was thinking this morning abt sending some of the women in my life the excellent piece Uppity Woman had at No Quarter yesterday on women (and sorry you had trouble getting in - it seems to be working fine now). But I have told them and told them and told them that Obama treats the women on his own staff poorly, and they KNOW he treated Hillary like total crap, which has now been turned on Palin. But for whatever reasons, they are fine with that, and will vote for him anyway. Believe me, I have tried to give them the facts - not my opinion - but FACTS, and they dismiss them. They are happy holding onto the rumors spread by Obama's PR firm abt Palin rather than look at her actual record. Like you, it makes me sad, and angry.

I simply cannot fathom what has happened, ESPECIALLY because Obama and the DNC have cheated their way through this entire primary season. Active church-going members of my family are perfectly fine with this, which shocks me. It's okay to cheat, lie, and steal as long as you win?? Since when did this become acceptable??

Sigh. Again, I was a yellow dog Dem all my life until 5/31 when the DNC made it clear they were going to rig this for Obama. Add to that the horrible treatment of Hillary, ALL women, and it was a done deal. They don't deserve my vote...