Friday, October 31, 2008

Good Bumper Stickers

I have NO idea as to the origin of these bumper stickers, but they are good!

Well, I can certainly agree with that - that's the only reason I am willing to consider McCain: Obama.

I could get rich selling this one. Aw, hell - any one of them...

Seems people are paying attention to Obama's BFF, Jeremiah Wright, after all!! And to McCain's character - I mean, that he has a demonstrable one, and it is GOOD!

PRECISELY!! It defies logic to even make the claim that to question the resume of someone, especially a candidate for the most powerful job in the world is racist!!

Oh, please - do NOT get me started on the Fourth Estate and the depths to which they have sunk this election. Show of hands who thought they sucked in 2000? And how much more do they suck now? Uh, yeah - total. They have failed miserably in their obligation to REPORT and not editorialize, or promote, or belittle, or act as if their sole responsibility is to tell us their OPINION, and not do their level best to report NEWS impartially, not rumors or lies or innuendo, but the actual facts of the story that they spent time RESEARCHING. You know, actually working on stories as opposed to regurgitating press packet info. Oh, damn - I got started after all...

It is our Constitutional Duty to not have leaders who defraud us, as the Democrats did this year. As they have for several years now as they work to deconstruct the Constitution and its protections. And you better believe, with what Obama has already shown us, should he "win" his way into the White House, you ain't seen nothing yet. If state offices are already investigating private citizens without cause, what do you think will happen if Obama ends up as president with a Democratic House and Senate? We saw how they acted this year, especially with the caucuses and the RBC/DNC. We have seen how Obama's "supporters" have acted. Obama hasn't called them off as a candidate, no way will he call them off as president. It will be a new day - and not a bright one.

Amen to that. Love of country, love of the Constitution, love for the Bill of Rights, and love for true democracy - and if that means a revolution is needed, count me in.

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